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Hello! my Name is Tony but some people like to call me Pony, its a personal preference sort of thing. I am looking for a kind of freelance roleplay partner; someone who won't be upset if I don't always answer in less than thirty minutes yet still someone who is consistant in their writing and is reliable.

My schedule this semester is pretty jam packed, I'm busy most of the day but near the end of my day I find myself sort of swimming in free time. I never really have anything to do past 7-9 pm so I kind of just...go to sleep. Or waste time watching streams and reading fanfictions.
Trust me if I hadn't read every fanfiction in existence, I wouldn't be here. and if my favorite Twitch streamers weren't streaming metal gear solid and other crap games, I wouldn't be here either. But alas, I have and they are. So I have nothing to do.

So I thought to myself (being the brilliant thinker that I am) "why don't I just join one of those online roleplay thingys and find someone cool enough to tolerate me." Wow good thinking skills, me, I should really give me a raise. So here I am.

I take roleplay kind of seriously, especially when it comes to one on one partners, I treat it sort of like a relationship. Because I'm sort of tight for time I'm only accepting a single partner, if it was the summer I'd love to take you all, but even I, as great as I am, can't handle that amount of flexibility. So just read what I have to offer in this short(who am I kidding its pretty long.) upcoming Q&A, see if you like me, then fill out my metaphysical application by direct messaging me. (Bonus points if you're actually reading my quirky filler and start your application with a corny joke and your top three favorite songs.)

Q: What is your writing style? How long does/will it take you to respond?

A: Wow awesome question, me. I write in paragraph form with a minimum of four paragraphs per response unless we're at a slow point. My grammar is intact and I consider my writing better than average. So if blocks of text hurt your eyes or you can't easily supply me with the amount of writing that I supply to you, please turn around my friend; I am not the guy for you.
If I'm online and active I'll usually shoot you a message in a separate DM and let you know I'm back from work and will be responding shortly. It takes me anywhere from 30-50 minutes depending on how much I'm writing and what the current situation is. If you reply and I don't, take account of the time; I live near NY so take that into consideration before you assume I'm ignoring you. I can and probably will fall asleep on you from time to time, if there was a syndrome for sleepiness I would be stage four like there is no cure for me. I'll try to respond when I wake up or whenever I have the time honestly.

Q: will you not be available often?

A: Another great question wow. I know I'm sort of making it seem like I won't be there at all but trust me I will be unless I tell you otherwise. If your my roleplay wife or my roleplay husband I /will/ let you know if there are things going on in my life or if I am just not feeling in the mood and I expect you to do the same for me, talk to me, let me know, do not keep me in the dark. I'm free most afternoons unless I work late and I'm pretty much all yours the weekends if I'm not going out with friends (which is not often.)

Q: Do you do smut? Dominant or Submissive?

A: I don't know if you can tell but I am dominant both in real life and in writing and yes I do smut and I do it quite well if I do say so myself. But I do have one rule when it comes to smut and its that only do smut when smut is called for. If our characters just met, unless this is a Pretty Woman AU and I'm a hooker and I'm on that dick day one, our characters will /not/ be doing the dirty as soon as they lay eyes on each other because that's just not how things work. I like gradually falling into things so unless we're /both/ scratching at our keyboards praying to god that our characters smash within the next response, no such thing will be happening.

Q: What sort of plots or ironies are you willing to write about?

A: I am willing to write about pretty much everything except for Mpreg, beta/omega dynamics, scat, water games, freaky deaky kinks I'm talking about goat porn and bestiality crazy stuff like that.
I really like highschool and university ironies like teacher x student or student x guidance counselor, stuff like that. I also really enjoy work place ironies, like boss x secretary or even something as simple as like a cashier and a customer; we'll figure out the topic of our rp together don't worry about it.

uh I think that's pretty much it for me, if I missed anything hey just feel free to ask me about it in a direct message.

If you like me and think I'm cool (which I am) just answer the very same questions I answered and I'll let you know if I think we'll mesh well together and you can let me know if you think too. Think of this as a mini contest and my undying love and attention is the prize and all you have to do is answer a few measly questions . if you ask me I'm practically giving my love out for free here.

Have a nice day, I'll respond when I can!

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