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  1. With the announcement of the new Group System coming in 26/28 August, I have decided to rev this old idea up.

    I've taken interest in all-all crossover roleplays for quite a while now. Years, eons perhaps? I'm well aware that we currently have one such Roleplay Group around, but back in the old days, there were three or four. I want to bring the old times of such back to life. There were also standalone RPs of such nature, but they... kicked the bucket. Shoutout to my metaphorically dead friend GYARA. It was simple, but the only thing that mattered was it was bollocksy fun.

    Like my 'old idea', I plan for things to be in installments, the first being right for a small group.

    The name of the Roleplay... I'm deciding between 'Puzzle Pieces' and 'White Widow'. If you have any suggestions, keep them alliterative. Something cliche like 'The Mega-Multiverse' and 'The Ultimate Crossover' and 'Super Massive Anime Video Game Cartoon TV Show Manga Comic Adventure' won't cut.

    I am very well aware that it will start small, as such, the basal plans are adapted for small groups of 10 or less.
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  2. 'Super Massive Anime Video Game Cartoon TV Show Manga Comic Adventure' is clearly the right choice. I don't think it needs any further debate. :D
  3. Sorry, new to the terms in this format. Is "all-all" similar in meaning to multiverse? I have been wanting to play a couple of characters for more than a year now and never could find the right place.
  4. All-all is something an old friend of mine uses to describe Crossovers that allow all and every series, as opposed to specific two-way or specific crossovers. It does not mean 'Multiverse', but yes, multiversal hijinks will be involved.
  5. That's actually what I thought multiverse meant. So looks like this one is possible. I have been trying to play Keiichi and Belldandy from an anime called Ah! My Goddess!
  6. I do love me some cross genre rp! I got this list of characters I would love to play..
  7. Hmmm, maybe I'll join. but only because I am not active in any RPS as of yet.
  8. I will also express interest in this. Yes.
  9. Since I'm starting fresh and have no need for organization in its early phases, I question...

    Should I commence before the new Group System or after the new group system?
  10. Can't we just transfer or something what we put together? Am I understanding that right? i think starting it before would be good. I mean it's on you and all, so ultimately it's your decision.
  11. I'm kind of anxious to get started, myself. I keep running into too many obstacles.

    It looks like the group system can do some different things with folders, which might be needed if the game is going to be big enough for players to be in multiple places.

    Other than that, why not just get started and then repost whatever would get lost in the transfer.
  12. So here's my list of potential characters I'd like to play. I.. think.. this is all of them. I'm sure I'll come up with more lol. Opinions? I really like the thought of this kind of RP.

    Iron Man
    Alphonse Elric
    Jean Grey
    Samus Aran
    Any of the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
    Goliath (Gargoyles)
    Himura Kenshin
    Silver Surfer (waaaaaaaaay powered down)
    Qui-Gon Jinn
    My Summoner character from Final Fantasy XI
    Asuna Yuki
    Maka Albarn/Soul Evans
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  13. You mentioned Renamon twice. I presume this Renamon is from the Tamers continuity?

    I'm still solidifying a scenario for the first RP. For the time-being, the scenario is intended to be more fun and adventure-based.

    Down the line, there'll be an RP that takes elements from Gotham Academy, so when that time comes, Supergirl's a good idea.
  14. eh.. i mentioned renamon twice because... well i didnt realize i did lol. My bad. And yes, from Tamers.

    Fun/Adventure based sounds really good!
  15. Well, it's the weekend.

    Guess I should have the OoC for the RP up when I get on my comp.

    'White Widow' sounds a little grim so I'll call this 'Puzzle Pieces'.

    This installment will be called 'Kooky Quest Crew'.

    The world our characters will be transported to is not based on any particular series in mind.
  16. I'll try to have a definite decision on my character sometime today
  17. Maybe interested
  18. [Does a small vaudeville softshoe routine into this thread to uptempo music]

    Hey I know some of you guys!

    Anyway I'm always a sucker for these silly crossover things, even though that means now it's time to confront my obnoxious list of characters I desire to play, billy boy
  19. Oh hey Lissamel. Good to see you back.
  20. Were we waiting for the restart or something? Just like to know where we are with this!
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