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  1. *insert stereotypical greeting here*


    Seriously though, *waves* Hello. Name's May, yes like the month though that is not where it came from. I'm new to here but not at all new to roleplaying. Been doing it for about five and half years. I like to keep a nice balance between groups (normally on the smaller end) and one on ones. Typically do fantasy, scifi, darker/gothic, and semi-historical settings. Also typically do romance too (which let me tell you, surprised me haha).

    Aaah what else... I'm Twenty-four, been married for the last five years, moved around between Florida, SoCal, and back to Florida in the last few years. Hopefully here for a while, but we'll see. Dropped out of college, still don't work. Love crafting, writing and reading. And I'm sure there's more but I can't think of it at the moment. But regardless, hello :)
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  2. We have a good amount of things in common May~

    Though I'm not married and am five years your junior we do share a nice amount of hobbies together. I hope we can be good friends and maybe even roleplay partners. You might've read our rules by now but if you haven't then go ahead and look at em'. Hehe.

    Feel free to ask me any questions or PM me if you'd like me to show you the ropes. Though you might already have an idea how roleplay sites work with your experience and all. -w-

    But welcome regardless. And Hapyp Plotting~
  3. Hey! thanks for the warm welcome. :) Perhaps I'll see you around some then.

    I do have some experience with rp sites, but each one is setup differently it seems. I'm still poking about some trying to figure things out.
  4. Nice to meet you, May. I'm October, like the month.

    Hope you find all you're RP needs met here! I think you will.

    Let us know if you need anything : )
  5. Well I'm glad to know I'm not the only 'month' here haha
  6. *pounces!* halloooooooo!

    (it's Dass!)
  7. *is pounced* D:

    Heya, and I kinda figured it was you :)
  8. Yay, me! *claps happily* And since I'm on staff you can ask me for/about stuff!
  9. Yay~ haha