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  1. Mmmm... where to begin? I'm a rather rusty play-by-post roleplayer who has been a part of many communities and fulfilled various roles, ranging from innocent newcomer to lofty (and rather inept) dungeon master to moderator to administrator to person-who-types-too-much-and-has-been-here-longer-than-the-current-moderators. Speak the word 'fantasy' and lo, I shall appear, especially when it concerns the medieval variety. I enjoy writing in all capacities, as well as music and video games, though I must ask for patience and (if you are so inclined) critique and advice for how to further hone my skills. I have been looking for a new place to call home, and I hope this site will be the place.

    In real life, I am female, am prone to making references to video games and obscure literature and that site about not-cliches that was originally based around television, and am currently a student. I have a Pomeranian named Kodiak. Mutilating the English language is a hobby I subscribe to on a regular basis, along with medieval reenactment, scuba diving, writing novels, and playing the upright bass. I enjoy cooking and baking.

    Have any questions about me? I realize the vagueness of my lackluster introduction. I'm a pretty laid-back person. Ask a question, and you will always receive an answer. Most of the time, it might even be the answer to the question you asked. :P
  2. Hello and welcome! I know it must not do much seeing as I'm still new here as well, but hi anyway! :D
    My introduction was way more vague, haha! I'm sure you'll enjoy the site as much as I am so far.
  3. Hyuuu~ Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been lurking on the site so far. It's what I tend to do, anyway. x3