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  1. Hello! As my alias states, you may call me Silent Showers, I can go by anything else one might with to christen me in the near future as well... Unless it has to do with cheese, cheese is sacred and if violated there will not be cheese... For everyone... So then it all came to be, in a glorious tempest of raw power and skittles! Let it be known to all... That the unicorn rebellion has begun and there will be no stopping it today.

    Random rant of greeting aside, I am not in any way new to roleplaying but I must state now that I may be a bit iffy kaniffy with my availability as my military duties are random and often times redundant. I hope to meet everyone willing to say hi and become friend. You can harris me any time you like, I love talking. Anywho! I hope to fit in and blame PinkMoonSugar for any cult like following I begin and for any randomness that ensues with my coming. COC, I read you Lima Charlie, How me? Roger, Over and out.
  2. Cheese, unicorns, and rebellion?! What kind of mixture is that?!

    >w< Anywhos, Welcome to the community. You can call me Vanille! If you have any questions please do not hesitate and ask right away.
  3. It is a combination only Uncle Sheogoreth could tame. Unless he befriends them, I mean who doesn't like new friends?
  4. Only grumpy old people! :C They hate sharing their food >_> Trust me, even the cheese!
  5. [​IMG]

    Sheogorath approves.


    Welcome to Iwaku :D

  6. You look like a fun person, seriously. That intro is gold.

    Anyway, welcome~!
  7. Freaking awesome... You're my new best friend.