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Insert Witty Tile Which Catches Peoples Attention Here.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Bsb_Sooo, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Why hello there! I see my subliminal messaging have sent ...oh wait...Subliminal messages are supposed to be secret, aren't they? Crap...

    Well anyways, I am the equivalent of a newborn baby on this site, and I'm introducing myself through a string of confusing, incomprehensible phrases!

    To begin, I've never actually done any legitimate Roleplaying, but I consider myself a rather good writer and I possesses an extremely vivid and extensive imagination. I personally enjoy Science Fiction/Dystopian stories over Fantasy, although I definitely enjoy both.

    I prefer not to have a strict schedule, yet do large portions of games at a time. I rather do the latter, though. I will most likely be more active at night (8:00-12:00) than at day.

    I would be much more interested on being the "GameMaster", assuming the RolePlay has one, than any other role. Although once again, I am perfectly capable and intent on being either.

    So if you are interesting in initiating a RolePlay with me, or have me join a current one, contact me!
  2. Hi there Bsbsooooo. >:3 Welcome to the site!
  3. Each role play has a Game Master, silly. The GM is usually the one who initiates the role play, especially in a group setting, or the person who is placed in charge of a role play - especially in a group setting. In a one-on-one setting, it can be either person I suppose, but usually those are collaborative efforts. *shrug*

    On another note: Hi! Welcome to Iwaku. =D