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  1. Well hello all you beautiful faces on the internet! Thank you for lurking through my search thread. I have obviously come here for a reason /haven't we all?/ and I'm hoping that I will be able to find a few partners who I can mesh with.

    First of all. I do work full time and will be completing college soon. So there can be times when I can't post everyday but if I will be gone for an extended period of time I will let you know. I also expect the same courtesy. I understand that everyone has a life and I won't hold that against you! If I go a long time without replying and you think I've forgotten then please feel free to message me! I won't bite.

    I prefer to roleplay with people who are over 18 since I do enjoy roleplaying more mature scenes. Although don't expect roleplays to be filled to the brim with smut. To me it is something that can't be forced or "planned". I like to see how characters develop together so if it happens, awesome! If not that's alright too.

    Now for the boring part, a list of rules /kind of/.

    • No one liners. Please give me something that I can work with. I typically will respond with 2 to 5 paragraphs. Sometimes more if the situation calls for it. I thrive on details.
    • I prefer the use of proper grammar. I understand some mistakes now and again but if it's constant I will lose interest. On that note, please no chat speak while in character. /so strict i know/
    • Please do not god mod unless it has been discussed and is important to the roleplay in that moment!
    • Please be 18 or over.
    • Communicate. If you're confused about something we're discussing then speak up.

    Since I've gotten all of that out of the way I guess I can post what we're all really here for, eh? I can't say that I don't do fandoms because I haven't really roleplayed a fandom. Well a good fandom. So it's on the table for the moment as long as you're comfortable with the use of original characters. If you wish to use canons that's fine. I just butcher them when I try it ;-;

    Current Cravings: Sense8, Underworld; DC-verse

    Fandom Universes:
    • Mad Max
    • Marvel
    • DC
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Supernatural
    • Lord of the Rings
    • Vikings
    • Crime drama
    • Broken relationships
    • Western
    • Vigilantes and all things hero related
    • Modern fantasy with underground rings of magic and cool stuff
    • Werewolf pack dynamic
    1. The never ending war between vampires and werewolves still wages in secret in a world dominated by humans. Neither side wishes to draw the attention of humans in fear of hunters that almost wiped them out once upon a time, yet neither side is willing to give up the long standing war either. A chance meeting brings the two sides together, an unlikely friendship that would be more than frowned upon by the rival sides. Will this friendship bring the two sides to a mutual peace to end the war? Or will they label these two as traitors and try to wipe out their blasphemy?
    2. A sadistic necromancer is on the loose in a bustling city, claiming supernatural creatures as his victims in an attempt to make a powerful army. Most attempts have failed which has left a trail of dead bodies to his door. With every life he takes he is threatening to tip the natural balance of the world. Will you rise to stop him or will you become his next victim?
    3. An organization responsible for questionable genetic research has come under investigation about reports of a break in. The rumors of a break in covering up the fact that something had managed to actually break out. With the start of a riot the doctors lost control of several mutants and ultimately were helpless as they were released onto the streets of the city. Some proved to be incredibly dangerous to the humans around them while others only wished to exist in peace. The peace ending when a vigilante took it upon themselves to end the rampage of the released mutants, setting their sites on the organization as a whole. Determined to take them down no matter who gets in their way.
    4. Werewolves are on the loose in the old west, bringing havoc along with a growing death toll in their wake as they travel. A group of hunters disguised as US marshals are on their trail. Will they ever catch the wolves and when they do who will win?
    5. A druggie is stuck in an abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart, searching for ways to release herself from her situation. Is it too late to pull her from her drug ridden life or will someone be able to turn her around and get her away from the man that had once claimed to love her through the good and the bad?
    6. It is raiding season once again and the vikings have set sail across the water, landing on the beaches of a kingdom that is none to happy about their arrival. Fighting tooth and nail for their riches as well as the safety of their people yet eventually the small kingdom is overtaken. Gold is reaped and the few prisoners of war are kept as slaves, traveling across the water once again to return home. Will these slaves prove to be unruly and unable to adjust to their new lives? Or will they find some solace in the homes of what they once perceived as blood thirsty heathens.
    Annnyway. If you're interested you can PM me! I prefer to roleplay through PM's as well. Look forward to hearing from somebody ;-;
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  2. Still searching! O:
  3. Will be accepting one more roleplay!
  4. Are you still open to Roleplays? I would love to Roleplay anything of Kingsman.
  5. Updated, willing to accept one or two more roleplays.
  6. I'd be happy to try and do an rp with you. ^_^ Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with sense 8, but if there is anything else you're particularly wanting to do, feel free to let me know.
  7. Updated once again with new cravings as well as plots!
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