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  1. Now that I've shown you how witty and charming I am, I am going to introduce myself! :D
    My name is Lea, I am 18 years old and I have been role playing on and off since I was 12. My favorite color is burgundy and my absolute favorite game (at the moment) is Skyrim.
    Random facts about me!
    - I'm in love with Lana del Rey. Lana is love, Lana is life.
    - Song I'm listening to at 2:41 AM on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 is: Put the Radio On by LDR.
    - I make playlists for my characters.
    - I can laugh at almost anything.
    - I'm a little obsessed with music too.
    So, there's a bit of information on me! I can't wait to explore the community. :3
  2. Yay !!! A Lana del Rey Fan !! XD.
    I love you already ha ha ~

    My Favourite song from her now is " Gods and Monsters" ~

    Welcome to the Madness, please enjoy your stay and be part of many interesting stories :3
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  3. Omg Gods and Monsters is one of my favorites! Born to Die was just altogether amazing, like I'm not even sure I could count how many times I've listened to that album. XD Thank you for your warm welcome. :)
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  4. Yes, that one Gods and monsters Is like one of the Best !!@.@
    I love it so much lol ! Besides the other songs obviously ~

    You're welcome :3
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  5. Hi!
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  6. Carmen is another song of hers that I love.:3
    Hi Razilin!
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  7. Another Lea! 8D My first name is Lea. Welcome to the siiiiiite!
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  8. Omg hi Lea!!!!! XD Thanks for the welcome! :D
  9. HEY NEW PERSON! Whoa way to loud. Well hello I am Domeki Sato! It's a pleasure to meet ya. tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif
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  10. Thanks so much! ^^
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  11. Hey lea! If your obsessed with music i know something fun! Writing you a pm right now! :D
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  12. Thank you!!!!! I love this community so far, everyone is so fun and vibrant it seems. :3
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  13. Hello hello
    Soul here, welcome to Hall of Stories ^-^
    By the way on the subject of Lana since she has such amazing music, how did you find out about her??
  14. Thanks for the welcome! I found out about her when I clicked Serial Killer on YouTube, best night of my life.;)
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