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  1. Hmm...posted. Was planning on a bigger post, but kind of need your girl's responds, and so I filled my post some with age-debate.....lol.
  2. Colette Fournier | Hospital

    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    I scoff as tears start rolling down Carrie's cheeks, biting down on my bottom lip. I refuse to let her tears get to me, not when she committed such a massive fallacy. In all of my years of lying dormant, I never once dabbled in the possibility of the branding being removed, let alone healing properly. I was completely prepared to live the rest of my life on the run and to never fall in love. To never be loved. All I need is Quinn and the image I crafted her in. Confident, relaxed, free, fearless, daring, cool...everything that I desperately wanted to be.

    I suppose I made her too well because now she has random woman declaring their love for her. Sacre bleu...

    I sigh heavily and pinch my brow. Fuck. I can feel a headache approaching.

    "You are denial," I grumble in annoyance. "And you do not love me! I am not Quinn. I am Colette, scholar and linguistics extraordinaire." I say this with utmost pride. I know that...I'm seen as a failure and waste of space to the Fourniers, but I'm learning to heal from that. I may be a disappointment to them, but my work and intellect will not be overlooked.

    "Trust me. I am not one to be loved, Miss Carrie." I heave another sigh. When I try to look at her, this jagged spike of pain drives through my chest like a dagger. The air leaves me and I seize up, my eyes stinging horribly. What the hell is this? Am I...Is this supposed to be guilt? What for?

    Goddammit, Quinn! Settle down!

    "Go away..." I snarl under my breath while rubbing my temple. The headache is gradually transforming into a damned migraine. Quinn usually isn't this aggressive while dormant--I refuse to believe that it has anything to do with this sniveling woman before me.

    Fighting through the pain, I stop clenching my teeth together long enough to grunt out, "Love h-has lost its luster long ago." Honestly, love is dead. It has been and always will be--for me, anyways. I've come to accept that I am not lovable. Not only am I a failure, but also a psychotic deviant. My "kind"' is far too troublesome to be loved, it is only logical, really. It's a shame that Quinn actually had the audacity of hoping to receive it and I'm quite aware of this...childish crush she's brewing as well. Foolish. A dreamer.

  3. I'm torn between wanting to watch this and far too terrified to tread into this territory...

    And saaaaaaame. Had a freaking field day typing that up lmao! X'D
  4. Oh I highly recommend it. It’s so good.

    Nellie is just too adorable for words. I think Cyrus would have eventually fallen for a lady who knows her way around snacks.

  5. Helen

    I blush as I realize how close I was to admit that I was talking about the two behind their backs. I truly never did like to gossip, but when it came to Cyrus and Nellie, well, they truly were some of the cutest people on earth, especially when they were together. Talk about the cutest dream team that ever was.

    Cyrus comes over to me while Nellie is placing down the books and he balances one of my favorites onto my head, making sure I stand just still enough for it to stay completely immobile upon my head

    “Careful.” He tells me with a grin then seems to fall into complete bliss as Nellie takes his hand to lead him over to where she seems to have hidden all the snacks. Something appears to be different with the two of them now. What could it have possibly been? They both seem much chipper I believe, Cyrus has a full blown smile on his face, despite the fact I saw him furious only minutes ago. Nellie must have been really good at giving him serenity and happy thoughts.

    Surprise bubbles through me as Nellie begins to toss snacks in our direction. The book slides right off my head and I catch it in one hand, before I grab the bag of chips that Demi had managed to miss. Ooo, barbecue. My absolute favorite.

    I attempt to be graceful as I pop open the chip bag, and surely enough I am successful in opening it without too much trouble. It feels like it would have been a lot more difficult than it had been, but I think I got a lucky break. Daintily I manage to steal a few of the little pieces of gold from within the treasure box that is a potato chip bag. Suddenly more books are given to me, as well as snacks. Oh dear. I suppose this was a party. I take a few things, a little fruit snack here and there as well as one of the little cakes she had. I swear, I was going to stuff myself up with all these delectable items. Even if it killed me.

    “Thank you Nellie. I love you.” I tell her with a mouth stuffed full of potatoe chips. I swallow and tilt my head. I did wonder where she got everything, but I decide not to pry.

    “Well however you got it, you are one impressive woman.” Cyrus compliments and pokes Nellies side with his thumb. He picks out a Capri sun and turns it around in his hand like it’s an ancient relic. “This belongs in a museum.” He claims in his best Harrison Ford voice, which suffers immensely from the fact that Cyrus is nothing like Harrison Ford.
  6. Hmmm...mmkay then. I'm a bum senior who shirks off her duties anyways, might as well add it to my growing binge list lol!

    Hahah yeahhhhh Nellie's a cutie. Loved her since the very first post. Idk man, her personality just clicks with me and it's so easy to write for her. And I can see her being that person who actually eats snacks all day everyday, but never gains a single pound and is super lazy (well, in her case, anemic). X'D

    Yeeeep...Colette is a stubborn one. Her hope for happiness is so badly mangled man. It's practically gone. =/
  7. Hehe. I’m also procrastinating which is a horrible idea

    I relate with Nellie a lot actually. I agree with the eating lots, not to mention the fact that I understand what it’s like for your head to go into that weird space where you’ll never see the end of it.

    *deploys mother Carrie to try and solve problem*
  8. "Have a better Idea?"
  9. Astaroth chuckled and pulled her into another kiss.
  10. Omg *vehemently adds this idea to the massive growing list*

    Also, Carrie is destroying me...Like. Bruh. Who has a soul that beautiful and pure and loving? *cries waterfalls* Think Imma bring Quinn back now. *Whoosh!*
  11. Harmony kiss him back more.
  12. Also posted my wall-of-text post in the Game RP not that long ago. Based on my old post in the previous rp of it, but with a lot of changes, and additions. Heheh.
  13. Whenever you get around to reading my wall of text. Let me know if I cause you any issues with some of your ideas for that rp. Since I stated a lot of things about my girl, the game, and even some of about your girls race.
  14. *sneaks on*

    Ah, Luna going to be happy.

    *gets back off to try and actually sleep*
  15. Well you go to sleep then :P
    I'm going to go fix myself some lunch so my next posts wont be for a while anyway.
  16. Winnifred


    "Ah yes! You admit to it." I claim triumphantly with a grin as I wiggle my eyebrows playfully at him. "Finally, I am glad someone admits to their horrendous, teasing behavior." I pucker my lips at him and let my mouth curl out into a smile, teeth and all, before tracing my hand across the fabric of his shirt absentmindedly. "Oh no, I don't mind it I suppose. Again, I am just trying to get used to...well...everything I guess. You can do whatever you'd like, I'd only ask you to stop if you...well I doubt you would go too far for me to actually ask that of you. Again, I am really comfortable around you Saka. You are practically friend shaped. You are like...a puppy...or a capybara, if you know what that is."

    I laugh softly at him and again, get up so I can press the tip of my nose gently to his. "Mm, I am not the tease, but I can be if you want me to." I move my hands up to his his shoulders before I lean in, threatening to kiss his lips. I move back before he has the chance to even think about it, and I press my hand to my lips to prevent a giggle from coming out. "Oh, I am sorry. Just missed the opportunity there Saka."



    "Could you really?" I ask, excited as he offers to train me in the art of ninja hacking. I mean...that would be amazing. It's not like I would really do anything with it, it's not like my full aspirations in life include hacking into some government's main frame and steal all their secrets(but I mean hey...that would be an awesome hobby...), but I do think there may be some good things that could possibly come with it. Do I want to get blackmail for my enemies(heh, like anyone would hate me enough) sure! I guess it doesn't matter, but it may come in handy. Who knows when I could use any of my useless knowledge anyway? This is basically just a fallback, of sorts.

    "Well as long as we don't find an article about how Andre's parents were brutally murdered in one way or another I don't think we need to worry about Violet backing out like Sakamoto did. I think we got this okay, just as long as neither of them have a deep, dark past that we can accidentally stumble upon." I grumble sarcastically. I hope Winnifred was okay, even if that article wasn't about her, but I am fairly certain it is, which breaks my heart. I don't know how that girl can look so bright and cheery every time I see her.

    "There is Carrie..." I suddenly mumble and I immediately scoff at myself. That woman, as Jack had said, appeared to be a nun in disguise. I highly doubt she would agree to go to a smoke shop. But maybe if we convince her its for the good of the house...she really did seem to love this mansion after all...

    Mmhm...let dreamboat bring on the heat Jackie...let him bring it up...Mmmmhmmm....

    Shut up. Stop it stop it stop it.


    Oh...don't...I am not!

    Are too.

    Am not.

    Are too.

    Am not.

    Are tooooooo.....

    "I think we can handle him." I smile at him, reaching up to my cheeks to make sure what Jack says isn't true. I can't really tell, but I do feel heat blister underneath my fingertips.


    "It doesn't hurt badly." I admit, then let shock pass through me as she hugs me. Now I know that my cheeks are inflamed, and I don't know if I can hug her back. Eventually I do wrap my arms around her, nuzzling my uninjured cheek into her shoulder as I listen to her breathe for just a moment or two. I can't believe how nice her embraces are. I don't think I've had an embrace for a long, long time after my big foster sister left the home. She used to give them all the time, and I will admit it, she made me quite the cuddly person. "I...I am glad too. I don't think he would have tried anything worse. He knows better."


    (...Andre you want to tell the truth or...)


    She leans on me and I gently wrap my arm around her waist as I trace my fingers across her side. "You can certainly stay up with me. I would rather prefer you got a good rest...Um...actually I'd prefer if I could keep my eye on you. I don't want anything to happen and I don't end up knowing about it until later." Hesitantly I press my lips to her head and furrow my brow for a moment. I doubted anything was going to happen but...rather be safe than sorry. "No, I don't think anything is going to happen just yet. My guess is Carrie or Samuel, or maybe even Itzlie will end up staying outside with a gun or something. I remember hearing Scott had one or two in the house...speaking of...I think Scott's going to get back soon. I have a feeling he's not going to be happy, nor is he going to let anything else happen in this house. I think Scott's this crazy ex military man, but I can't be so certain."
  17. Winnifred


    I burst into giggles as he seems speechless. I guess I was better at this than I thought I was. I innocently nudge my cheek against his shoulder in affection as he claims that it was no fair. "It's plenty fair Saka, you tease, therefore I can tease too...go ahead. Tease me back if you can." I challenge him with a wiggle of my brow. I'd like to see him try, besides, this is putting a smile on both of our faces and I believe we are both better off thinking about this, rather than the subject we had discussed before hand.

    "Oh, and a capybara is an adorable, dog sized...uh, how do I say this...rodent?" I shake my head. "Its my guardian's favorite animal. I don't know why..." I roll my eyes and get the blanket back around the both of us snuggly, where I maneuver my feet back underneath so it doesn't dangle coldly off the side of the bed. My shoulders scrunch up in my anticipation that Saka is going to commit some sort of teasing criminal action. I would be ready to defend myself if need be. He may be good, but I know how to be better. I think anyway.

    "You really are a nice little pillow." I comment with a dainty yawn. I suppose it was true. There was something pleasant about cuddling with him. "Just don't turn on me and make me blush." I grumble.



    "...I have no real use for the skill...I just...er..." I grin at him cheekily, brushing hair out of my face, which only puffs it up and makes it a messier mane. "I figure I might need it at some point for...uh...reasons if I ever get into a situation where I need information or just want to screw someone over.' I chuckle softly at my explanation and I wave him off absentmindedly.

    "Oh everyone here has some sort of dark past." I smirk grimly. "It's something I would have expected from a place like this. why else do you offer protection to kids with sorts of abilities like these? I highly doubt that people came from good places. I mean...I most certainly did, and I am sure your uncle loves you a lot too, but we came here because we don't exactly know what the hell we are doing with these...little abnormalities. I am sure a lot of other people don't know what they are doing either, but I have a fear that they can't discover what to do with those abilities outside this house because of...fear of discrimination perhaps? Or even the simple belief that they will end up hurting someone." I hold my hands in front of me and shrug, trying to keep my eyes vacant. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade Jack for the world, but there is something appealing about the idea of not having my abilities. I wouldn't have to live off the energy of other people, but I suppose there was good I could use with the abilities I possess. I remember granting the blood bender energy, although I had selfishly taken the persuader's. I grimace lightly.

    "I am not very good at convincing people. However...if we do make a gamble..." I smirk "I could probably convince her, but if that doesn't happen, you could make a little profit." I tease him, poking his side with my elbow. "But I don't think that'll work."

    "You know...if he doesn't answer our questions, we at least know one thing." My expression lightens. "We are far in over our heads and probably in an even deeper conspiracy. Connect that with the Jenny Clemons case...not to mention the last abductor. We have no idea who that is."


    "I suppose I don't deserve it..." I mumble weakly as I notice she's pulled away. I let my arms drop to my sides and I dare not let my disappointment show. "It's just how its been for the last few..." Weeks almost spills from my lips. This most certainly wasn't weeks, yet it felt like it could have been. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years. My guess is years may turn to grave sight soon if he grows bored of me and my heart sinks. I really am going to die here, aren't I? I bite my lip. "Years. I have gotten used to it." I rub the back of my head.
  18. John

    He closed his eyes and took a breath. Behind him but in front of her, her formed letters out of energy saying 'Wait here and be my eyes in the sky, I'm moving in for a closer look.' He turned back to her for a nod or head shake to acknowledge his plan.
  19. Posted. Mmm.....the world would be fucked if most of the nations went into marital law at the same time...Hmm....

    But that probably would had been better than risking sending a horny dog after a slutty dog, and hoping they do not end up giving birth to little monsters that may wipe out the world instead....