-Insert wit here-



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I wanted to be witty. I failed. This is my "Hi" message. So..Hi.
-_- -flumps over in dust, with a Kura on her- This is how it starts.
I meant for the others. -looks around at the people who aren't really present, but are considered present because of the rules of web-browsing-
*looks around as well...* Oh.. they're there. They're there.
I think I know you....



*Squints*...Yes...I remember you from Afta...

Welcome to Iwaku!

In AFta I might have been a lowly newbie! but here I am MYRNODYN: Mod on Trial and PERVERT EXTRA-ORDINAIRE!

so uh...yeah...feel free to check out the C-box when you've posted five times, and make sure you check out IW, one of our mass role-plays, which is tied to Iwaku's past and present, both real and imaginary!
"And now....Let the wild rumpus start!"
I have failed if he doesn't wish he didn't.... or does he?
I think I even have your msn address somewhere...but you must have blocked me >.<
Blocking is for lamefaces. I forgot my password for msn. And the email I have on file for password recovery is an old one.... that I forgot the password to.
Well looks like myrns got this welcome well in hand! I'll just shuffle on....

*get pushed back in by an angry hand*

Hi and welcome, saw you in the cbox a little and if you're into DnD you should look at the tabletop tyrants group.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questoins just ask and we can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Hey Sine! >:D Maybe now you can actually get some roleplay that lives! XD Yaaay!
Join Katrinkas, Drake need more victims... one a night is telling on their numbers.

Hi there :D Welcome to Iwaku :)

I'm Sakura, General Moddie and your first stop for any questions or concerns ;)

If there's anything you need help with, don't hesitate to let me know :D

I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at Iwaku :D
Welcome to the site.
Thanks everybody! It already feels nice and cozy..... until I think of the many many eyes that lurk and wander and watch.
*lurks, wanders and watches*