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  1. There is almost nothing that goes on in the crappy small town of Sullivan. All that seems to be filled with is back country people and anyone else who isn't into camo is into getting spray on tans and pretending to be something their not. The reason why your in the back room of some crappy bar is because this man.


    Meet Jimmy Clark. Is 26 years old. He used to have a band and things were going good for him. They were getting gigs regulary, selling off home made tees, cds, and other merch. Until there was a falling out that occured and Jimmy was kicked out of the band.

    Now would of been the time for Jimmy to just give up and setttle for teaching guitar lessons. Screw that. Jimmy sold off about every thing he owns to get some gear and a van. Jimmy is determined to rise again, but to do that he is going to need some new blood.

    So now you see yourself in this dimly lit room after reading a flyer you found. This man is staring at you with a cold gaze, analyzing everything you do. He breaks the silence. "Ok let's see what you got."

    Age:(between 16-19)
    Instrument: (if vocalist then just a Mic stand)
    Music style:

    Intro: what do you do in this opening situation
  2. Name: Chace Manley
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Instrument: Bass guitar/Backing vocals
    Music style: Punk
    Bio: (I'll edit this later okay?)
  3. Work In Progress

    Name: Rich Kennedy
    Gender: Male
    Instrument: Mic Stand
    Music style: Soft Rock/Alternative
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  4. [​IMG]

    Nikolai D. Karakova



    Nikolai is tall, standing at a whopping six foot one. He possessed a toned, athletic build with lean muscles. His skin is lightly tanned with a mop of dark wavy hair and stormy grey eyes. He developed a habit of keeping a light stubble on his face, making his appearance more rugged. His palms are slender with long fingertips, resembling hands of a pianist. Due to his controlled expressions and reserved nature, Nikolai is often described as mysterious.


    .:Music Style:.
    A mixture of variant rock styles, mainly classic, alternative, and punk.

  5. 0.jpeg

    Name: Zena Anders

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Zena has died blue hair and blue eyes. She usually wears cloths that she has customed on her own. This usually includes t-shirts or tank-tops, skinny jeans or skirts and stockings or leggings. She always adds in little things to her outfit like a tu-tu over her jeans and a lot of different kinds of jewelry.

    Instrument: Electric guitar (can play acoustic but prefers electric) occasionally vocals if wants or needed.

    Music style: Heavy metal, hard rock, symphonic and power metal

    Bio: Zena grew up with music in the family, always listening to music constantly and spent a lot of time working to perfect her guitar playing which her parents supported. They took the time to give her lessons and spent a lot of money on buying her guitars and amps as well as a way to record her playing. She was always a rebellious child and enjoyed doing whatever she wanted, which no one could ever stop her from doing but it wasn’t like her parents did much to stop her either. Some could say they weren’t very good a disciplining their daughter which led her to be the outspoken rebel she is.​
  6. Ok we got our band. I'll post the IC thread. All I ask is that everyone try to post at least once a day and wait so nobody gets left behind. If people go silent for too long without explanation they have officially dropped out and will be written off where a new person can join the band.
  7. Found this thread a tad too late! Darnit XD May I stay in this thread even if I couldn't join anymore? Haha
  8. @Sadicoatl

    Sure. If you want to join you can. We need a lead singer. If I didn't find anyone to do it I was going to do it. So you could be our vocalist if you want.
  9. Whu.. Really?! 8D I haven't tried playing as the vocalist in RPs ever, but I'll be glad to let this be my first! ^_^ Let me fix up a profile then.. Thank you so much!

    Oh, by the way.. Just a quick and personal question.. Are you by any chance a fan of Synyster Gates?
  10. Congratulations you are considered awsome in my book. Yes I'm a huge fan of A7X Gates is one of the musicians who inspired me to play guitar. That and Tom morello
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  11. Aww I'm a tad late as well. But good luck on this rp!
  12. Actually if more people get interested I'll make a second one. I've been looking ro do a couple of these.

  13. Aha! Well then my friend, I like your taste! Gates is one of my influences too and I think Tom Morello is also cool. Makes me want to listen to RATM again later haha

    Here's the profile!

    Roelani Montero
    Standing on 5'3", she sports a slight tan complexion on a lean frame. Her hair is short at the front and long at the back, styled in that fashion so that the layers would fall at the front to give the illusion of having short hair when the rest is tied and hidden under her shirt. Her wardrobe is a bit diverse, ranging from men's clothes (she crossdresses from time to time, hence her hair) to cute blouses and skirts, as she dresses according to her mood. Some people blame her bisexuality for this, but she claims that she would still dress the same even if her gender preferences were to change.
    Originally a guitarist but now mainly uses the keyboard. Will back up and vocally harmonize if required by the team.
    Music style:
    Jazz, Bossa Nova, Ballad, Ethnic, Folk Metal, Progressive Metal, currently studying Symphonic Death Metal
    Roelani had always been a fan of creating music. The moment she picked up a guitar in elementary school, she began writing songs right away. She rarely does covers like most musicians of her age as she studies songs mostly for the reason of learning their style. Roelani began as an outcast at first - a frustrated singer, being so because her voice sounded different than her peers'. She could never sing pop or punk rock to save her life or that kind of music that is currently on the mainstream line. This had been one of her main and biggest insecurities in fact, and she avoided singing for the crowd altogether. Discovering metal in her last high school year did change that however and she began to embrace the sultriness of her voice as it blended well with the darkness Metal and its subgenres could offer. She started her serious performing life as a solo singer and guitarist, creating original compositions of a dark theme for everyone to hear.

    College then came and she got introduced to bands that had more than just the generic form in their songs. Roelani gathered her inspirations from bands like Nightwish, In Flames, Avenged Sevenfold, Pinikpikan and Symphony X to name a few, and from there hauled herself to start studying the piano. With the generous help from her collegemate did she acquire a secondhand keyboard and from there began to work on more original compositions, making so much use of the different effects the keyboard had to provide. Now, she holds the dream of creating music of the Folk Metal genre and joining a band to be able to share her love for music to like-minded musicians.

    @Zadok shadows
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  14. *Looks at his instruments*

  15. @Cerulean

    I thought you were on keyboard and backup vocals. Thats my mistake.
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  16. @Zadok shadows:

    A quick question: If my character had his own trapset, should he be hauling it in the garage or would there be another trapset already there?
  17. Jimmy has a kit but it's banged up and used.
  18. Oh ok! Lemme verify then. He is a lead singer, and does keyboard but if someone else wanted that as a main then I am willing to give that instrument up.
  19. Ok then solution time. Kennedy is lead singer for this thread. It's just when it calls for a female voice to preform that's when Roelani will take lead. When not on lead she will be a guitarist and back up vocals.

    So the roster for this band is

    Jimmy Clark- lead guitar/ band manager

    Chace Manley- bassist, backing vocals

    Rich Kennedy- lead singer, pianist

    Nikolai Karagova- Drummer

    Zena Aders- rythem guitar

    I want to make this fair since the character was made. The only other option is for me to start a second band thread which is definitely no trouble to me. I am looking to keep busy and since group threads take a little longer to progress I'm making a couple of them so if other people want to participate I'll just created a different thread. I am the leader of the rock band thread revolution.

    @elfghoul @Cerulean @Ĺค∂rєภgเℓσภ
    @ScarletNova @Adira @Sadicoatl

    Everyone is good to post
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