-Insert proper welcoming message here-

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  1. Newbie here. Here to role-play, and stuff....Are you enjoying my lazy post? :)
  2. Lazyness for the win! -Raises a fist.-

    If you ever feel like Roleplaying send a PM or something. And welcome to Iwaku ^^
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  4. Will do. I appreciate the warm welcome. I feel like i'm going to enjoy it here.
  5. I know you, dude! Welcome here.
  6. Welcome to the awesome place of rp, everyone here is so wickedly friendly that it is seriously the best place i have ever been a part of, and i hope you will come to the same feeling too.

    Dante Sparda - may be loving up on you just because of your name if you are not careful!
  7. Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for here in Iwaku! There are plenty to choose from, and if you need anything from me- feel free to ask.
  8. I allow you to be lazy, but only this time and only because you're new. But if I see you being lazy again then I will spank you!

    Welcome to iwaku lazy not hero with a hot avatar x3
  9. LAZY FTW! Welcome and be lazy with us in chat!
  10. Hey there! Welcome to Iwaku!

    ...*dozes off*

    Just kidding! I will not be lazy with my welcome, but you're allowed to be because you're new! However, join a roleplay of mine and be lazy with posting and all the fires of the Inferno will come upon you! Anyway, welcome to Iwaku and I really hope you enjoy it here. The community is just amazing. Everyone's willing to RP, be creative and of course, everyone's willing to be kinky everyone's willing to help! So ask away if you need anything!

    If ever you need a detailed, high fantasy RP fix, just drop me a message and I'll see what I can do for you. Again, I hope you really enjoy it here. My time on Iwaku has been splendid so far and I hope yours will be too!

    CAUTION: Watch out for rabid plot bunnies. They will sacrifice you to the gods of roleplay if they catch you.
  11. Too lazy to be a bunny servant ;-; -Drops a bunny mask on the ground-