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Turkeys are fucked up?

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  1. Hi hello.
    I haven't posted a thread in this section yet, so yeah, here we are.

    Basic rules and then straight on to the important stuff. Not that rules aren't important, they're just fucking boring.


    Θ Leave suddenly without warning.
    Please please don't do this.
    If something comes up and you have to leave me for some reason then let me know.
    Or if you simply don't enjoy the RP anymore and feel that it has become tiresome and boring THEN TELL ME and we can try and make it more interesting for you, end it, or even start up a new, hopefully better one that you will enjoy more.
    Just please don't stop replying and leave me!

    Θ Don't control my character. They're mine. For me to control. Not you.

    Θ Godmod. Goes without saying, really.


    Ξ Post at least once every 1-3 days unless otherwise stated that you can't.

    Write a minimum of 3 sentences per post. I get that sometimes it can go a bit under, when not alot is happening, mostly just dialog, but not constantly. I will get bored easily with that, which is something I don't want to happen. But no one liners please.

    Tell me if you have any ideas to add into the roleplay. I'm sure they're awesome.

    Other than what I've got down below (Which admittedly is basically nothing.) If you have any plots or ideas or anything in mind that you really want to do but haven't been able to get anyone to do them with yet, then let me know of your ideas and such, as I might be interested. Seriously, I'm pretty much up for anything (Within reason) Right now. I spend pretty much all day every day on Iwaku Hah, I have no life So I'm pretty much always free and could do with some more roleplays to fill that time.

    Any romance or anything along those lines would preferably be MxM

    APOCALYPTIC (open)
    Okay, so I'm just looking to get a few of those standard Zombie Apocalypse thing whatever's going, basically. Yeah, that's all I've really got at the moment. Please please? o^o

    Blind/trans/whatever (open)
    I've been wanted to do some roleplays with a blind character, maybe a few Transgenders and stuff. In any standard Slice of life roleplay thing I guess? Stuff like that.

  2. There were a bunch of turkeys living at the Job Corps center I just left. A group of like seven of them, actually, and a friend of mine named them all Kyle and referred to them collectively as "The Kyles". I liked to chase after the noisy bastards when they would get close to my dorm. c:

    Anyways. I'm Samantha (or Sam, if you prefer), I'm back on the roleplay scene, and I'm down for starting something up with you, if you're still accepting. ^^ About me...um. I've been roleplaying for eight or nine years. Writing posts with multiple paragraphs is my norm, and I try to define "paragraph" by six+ sentences. I play both males and females but lean toward males. Zombies would be my preference, but I'm down for more Mad Max-y post apocalyptic craziness too. My free time is all the time for the next couple of weeks, but after that I'm gonna try to start working and I don't know what my schedule will be like after that.
  3. Heh, Turkeys are weird.

    Anywho, yes! I would love to get an RP going with you. You seem pretty awesome. I'm up for a Zombies would probably be my chosen favourite out of all the different apocolyptic settings.
    Anywho, you want to go ahead and PM me so we can discuss things further?~
  4. Hey, we could talk about the rp with a blind character or something different if you so wish, i don't enjoy apocalypse rps but not including that i'm usually fine with all other genres
  5. Alright, shoot me a PM and maybe we can figure something out?
  6. Hey! I'm interested in starting something up if you're still looking, though neither of those plots are really my thing (I do love apocalyptic stuff but it gets boring with just two people imo). My favorite genre is epic fantasy, with dragons and things of the sort, and I actually kind of have a dragon rider plot that would work with a little thought and input. :) Or if you just want to snowball ideas back and forth that's cool too! PM me?

    And I know this is a 1x1 thread, but if zombies are your thing I just put up an interest check for a zombie themed group RP if you wanted to check THIS out.

    Also, which Job Corps did you go to? I went to one a few years ago (in KY) and there were also wild turkeys, weird coincidence!
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