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  1. Ok...so...

    Hello, I'm Socially Awkward-

    I mean, *clears throat* Hi. My preference to be called? I guess you can call me 'Enn'. I'm not that thoughtful in the 'creating a new name for myself' department.

    Biologically, I'm female. But at some point in my life (cough cough four years old) I was convinced I was a boy. Mentally, I still sometimes all the time haha consider myself as 'male'.

    I am honestly 17, on my way to 18, and I am very immature. I'm so old.

    The first time I roleplayed was in a chat group on a website dedicated to an anime, 'Durarara'. It was fun. Until I realised that two of the members were being intimate. And also, the fact that I was talking to a door, in which the person I wanted to talk to, was behind it, chilling with ice cream and laughing sincerely at my mistake. It was awkward. How mentally horrifying for me at least. I tend to stress over social situations.

    I am new to the site, but not completely new to roleplaying. I used to roleplay on an iOS app called 'Geek Chat' until I realise my phone's software was out of date. My commitment to updating it is in the zilch.

    Preferably, I like to do group roleplays. I have never done single partner before. One on one with another person tends to freak me out I'm not good with intimacy.

    Some things I enjoy:
    Anime, Sci-Fi, Comedy or Supernatural TV Shows, Horror, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Youtube, Obsessively Playing Skyrim, Minecraft, Webcomics, Manga, Stalking Artists, and that's all that comes to mind :/

    In my years of being a very strange and weird creature, I look forward to whatever adventure offered. I leave you, this lovely site, in my care (unless I'm dying away at homework or studying).


    Peace out! (I totally nailed this)
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  2. Hello, Enn, and welcome to Iwaku! Please make yourself at home!

    With the usual greeting to everyone out of the way, I like your name. I'm 20, and it's kinda just another year to me. XD.

    My first time roleplaying was some years ago, on a site called MyYearBook.com, a social site like facebook. Back then, it had a thing called mymag forums, and people roleplayed and made up stories about themselves to get attention. It was fun, but then I went to new places, and now I am here. This site has a lot of great members, especially the staff and admins.

    I do more group roleplays than 1x1, but 1x1 isn't always intimate. You just have to state what you're in the mood for. Personally, I like action and adventure over sexy things, but those things are just slowing the general roleplay down, and I don't much like sitting in the same area for too long. I love being introduced to new areas and places, it keeps things lively and active.

    Skyrim is my shit! I absolutely love it! To the point I've made at least three roleplays based on it. Or two, I think. That games is completely amazing.

    Anyway, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Staff are probably the better choice to ask things, since most of them, specifically the Admins, know the site more than most members, and they totally won't bite.... Except Vay. She probably will. She's actually not that scary unless you give her reason to be, or she just feels like it.

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  3. Hey Enn welcome to iwaku. Just breath some of us don't bite. Its a little weird joining a new site like this with so many members but in the end once you find your crowd everything will get easier. Thanks for joining, and if you have any questions or just need a friend my inbox is always open. Dont be afraid to click and type away. Hope you have a great time on the site and find a little home here.
  4. And I return from the dead...wait, i was dead?

    Ha. How long has it been? I've been sick for a week. Thank you for your welcomes and the hugs. I really appreciate it. I'm still working my way around the site. A little lost here and there. But I think I'll manage. Currently searching for a group of interest.

    Miss Kitsune, I'll keep an eye out for this Vay person. She seems awesome i haven't been stalking her or anything :3.

    All's well :bananaman:
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