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  1. I am looking for a long-term roleplay partner. Mostly someone who doesn't mind erratic posting frequency, because sometimes I cannot muster enough inspiration to post decently which sometimes leads to days without roleplay replies. I only roleplay in forum threads, because I like something accessible even when not signed in.

    I want to roleplay something that somehow fits into my roleplay resume criteria and the content ratings. I do not have any plots as of now, but I would really love to have a full-on plots discussion with interested person(s). I would love to have complex plotting and make it into somewhat of a collaborative novel. Of course, winging it and discussing the plot along the way is fun too.

    I'll add more later. Feel free to ask questions and stuff.
  2. I've been itching for something in the superhero genre. It's been done to death, but I like the idea of either superpowers being new in the world and figuring out both one's own powers and how one fits in with the changing dynamic of society or a setting where superpowers have been around and society has adjusted somewhat and the characters struggle with the status quo that has developed. I also would like to play a character who starts out a hero, but eventually snaps. He still sees himself as right, but it's twisted from what society believes, therefore he is a villain. I'm gonna stop here before I start rambling too much, but if that sounds like something that you want to work with, let me know.
  3. Yes! Those are the ideas I love about the superhero genre. I definitely want to see the development of that character.
    So would you like to plot in PMs or here?
  4. Honestly makes no difference to me where, PM's are nice and easy to keep track of though.
  5. Alrighty! PMs then. Would you like to start us off? It seems like you have some ideas.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.