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  1. Basic Style
    Okay, so, I suppose I will let you know a little about my writing style. I only write in third person, and depending on my muse, I will write four-eight sentences to even two paragraphs. My muse comes and goes... However, I try to match your length... That being said... I do not do one-liners. I refuse to do one liners. Also, I wouldn't call myself 'picky' but if I am spoken to (even outside of RP) like this: i dont know wat you doin .....I most likely won't reply. I have a thing for capitalization and punctuation marks... Also, no text talk.

    I usually play submissive females, in both FxF and MxF.
    I usually play submissive males in MxF.
    I usually play both dominant and submissive males in MxM

    Basic Rules
    ››Must be able to paragraph, though it will not always happen. I am a busy person, as are you, so short replies will happen but I would love for them to be five or more lines.
    ››No OOC drama, don't have the time for it.
    ››Do not treat me like shit, nor treat my character like shit. If its the personality there will be a line you should not cross.
    ››Plot with me first before you send me a starter.
    ››I am willing to do crossovers, but speak to me first.
    ››No text talking.
    ››Sex allowed 18+, but, plot driven. I refuse to smut-plot with minors.
    ››Be willing for OOC conversations.

    Plots are not limited to.

    Bold indicates cravings.
    Italicized indicates the characters I wish to be.
    Strike means no Muse.
    Will be updated.

    Harry Potter:
    OC x OC
    George Weasley x Female OC: George Weasley let Sirius' daughter Lilac work with him while the Golden Trio went back to finish their Seventh Year. In the midst of the working together and learning to grieve together they fall in love.
    [Young] Sirius Black x [Young] Remus Lupin
    [Young] Sirius/Remus x OC
    Teddy Lupin x Victore Weasley
    Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley

    Scorpius Malfoy x OC
    Scorpius Malfoy x Albus Potter
    Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
    Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
    Draco Malfoy x Luna Lovegood
    Harry Potter x Hermione Granger

    James S. Potter x Male OC
    James S. Potter x Teddy Lupin

    DC Comics:
    Raven x Beast Boy
    Raven x Robin/Nightwing
    Artemis x Kid Flash
    Miss Martian x Superboy

    Superboy x Female OC
    Kevin x Gwen
    Kevin x Ben

    Marvel Comics:
    Rouge x Gambit
    Rouge x OC
    Mutant OC x Mutant OC
    Shadowcat x Ice Man
    Spiderman x Mary Jane
    Spiderman x OC
    [Teenage]Ben Parker II x OC
    -For those who don't know... Spiderman had a daughter and son and his son is named after Ben and became Deaf as a kid.
    Spidergirl x Deadpool

    Disney/Dreamworks: [No Frozen...]
    Disney High School
    Honey Melon x Fred
    GoGo x Wasabi

    GoGo x Tadashi
    Hiccup x Jack:
    Hiccup went back one winter to a village he saw a long time ago. He was told of Jack's death and he couldn't believe he was dead which is why he believed in him once he seen him back at Burke making winter.
    Merida x Hiccup

    Merida x Eret
    Hiro x OC
    Hiccup x Heather
    Heather x Astrid

    Wilbur x Violet
    TJ x Spinelli
    Vince x Spinelli
    Vince x Gretchen
    Gus x Gretchen
    Mikey x Male OC

    Bad Boy OC x Spinelli
    Ron Stoppable x Kim Possible
    Tino x Lor
    Carver x Tish
    Tino x Tish

    Once Upon A Time:
    [Teenage]Henry x OC
    Emma x Neal
    Emma x Hook
    Felix x Peter Pan
    Felix x OC
    Peter Pan x OC
    Peter Pan x Wendy
    Henry x Wendy:
    Wendy and her brother's stayed in Storybrooke since that was the only place they felt safe at anymore. Wendy has to grow up but at least she won't be alone.
    Emma x August

    Avatar the Last Airbender:
    OC x OC
    Zuko x Katara:
    A year after the war, Sokka and Katara got the tribe up and running again. Katara and Aang split up, he went missing in his attempt to bring the Airbenders back on their feet... Or at least the temple. Zuko and Mai also split up. Part of the Fire Nation started to cause trouble once again, so, Zuko and Katara decided to bring peace to the two nations for good was a wedding.
    Katara x Aang
    Zuko x Mai
    Zuko x Sokka
    Zuko x Aang
    Zuko x Jet

    Zuko/Mai's kid x Katara/Aang's kid:
    Aang got stuck in the Spirit Realm, only way to do that is to get ancestors of Avatars in each element to open the Spirit Realm. So far they had (Y/C), (M/C), and (M/C's brother). Now they needed someone from the Earth ancestory. It will be a lot of adventure and we'll play the side characters. It won't be straight romance but will build to it.

    Powerpuff Girls: [Teenage/Adults only.]
    Buttercup x Butch:
    Buttercup broke up with Butch for an unknown reason in High School, so he ran off. Its five to eight years later. Buttercup is with Mitch and has a little mini-Butch. Butch returns, mainly for his brothers but he had no clue for a son too. He originally planned to stay away from BC.
    Buttercup x Brick:
    Blossom broke up with Brick or never got with him and Buttercup just got dumped by Butch because he ran away or he died in the last fight. Brick decided to help his friend for comfort.
    Blossom x Brick
    Blossom x Butch
    Puff x Ruff
    -We talk about who plays who but I play BC.
    Ruffs are back, either its with JoJo, Him, or a new evil, they are back and going to start to stir some trouble. One issue, they didn't expect to fall for the trouble they wanted to stir. Will they change?
    Buttercup x Mitch

    Dexter's Lab:
    Dexter x OC
    Mandark x DeeDee
    Mandark x Dexter

    The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:
    Stefan x Caroline
    Stefan x Bonnie

    Damon x Bonnie
    Jeremy x Anna
    Jeremy x Bonnie

    Klaus x Caroline
    Klaus x OC
    Elijah x Hayley
    Elijah x OC
    Rebeckah x Marcel
    Josh x Davena

    Teen Wolf:
    Stiles x Derek
    Stiles x Lydia
    OC x OC
    Scott x Allison
    Stiles x OC
    Scott x OC
    Derek x OC
    Isaac x OC
    Theo x OC
    Liam x Theo

    Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy: [Adult/Teenagers only.]
    Kevin x Edd
    Eddy x Sarah
    Edd x Marie:
    Secret relationship.
    Kevin x Marie
    Eddy x Lee:
    Edd ended up going to rehab, after thinking of himself as a failure for graduating his Junior and Freshman year. Ed turned into a Steroid driven man. Everyone else seemed to have either moved away or have a too fucked up life to even notice Eddy alone.. That is until the Kanksters move back.
    Jimmy x Male OC
    Jimmy x Sarah

    Tim Burton Movies:
    Jack x Sally
    Jack/Sally's daughter x Boogie Man's son
    Emily x Victor
    Jack x Emily
    Emily x Sally
    Victor's kid x Jack/Sally's kid:
    He/She died but instead of going to where most dead people go, his/her dead protectors take her to Halloween Town where he/she meets a child of the famous Jack that even he heard stories about growing up.
    Carolyn Stoddard x OC:
    New kid on the block hears of the curse this Collins family is placed with. He/She wants to know what the Dark Shadows' Werewolf is like.
    David Collins x OC:
    Like above only curious of the family.

    Disney x Harry Potter
    Jack and the Cuckoo Heart x Corpse Bride:
    Jack dies and meets Emily.

    Cross-Over Pairings:
    Dexter x Blossom
    Dexter x Robin Snyder
    Johnny Bravo x Velma
    Phil DeVille x Ginger Foutley
    Arnold x Angelica Pickels

    Greek Mythology:
    Hades x Persephone: Hades did see the beautiful girl in the meadow much like the myth, only, its not how they think. A Centaur (they are known for rape) caught sight of the Goddess and Hades merely rescued her. For once he was being the hero. He brought her home in attempt to help her from what nasty injury she endured. He doesn't care people no longer believe him, he probably deserved it. He was a cold man and at times cold to his own wife but he did not take her like the others and she believes.
    Hades x Aphrodite
    God x Nymph
    Goddess x Human OC
    Hades x Irene (Goddess of Peace)
    Human OC x Nymph
  2. Plots are not limited to.
    indicates cravings.
    Italicized indicates my characters.
    Strike means no Muse. Will change.

    Peasant x Royal
    Princess x Knight:
    (M/C), a princess in a kingdom that just got taken over by an evil emperor was taken by (Y/C) to safety. The two pretended to be married for some time until they could come up with an idea to take the land over again.
    Ninja Princess x Ninja
    Steam Punk

    Bad Kid x Good Kid:
    (M/C) missed the bus one morning and had to reluctanly ask their hot neighbor with a bad reputation for a ride. Of course, being High School, rumors flew everywhere saying they where a couple. (Y/C)'s friends don't usual mess with (M/C) but this time they do and they are angry for (M/C) ruining (Y/C)'s reputation.
    Single Parent x Single Man/Female
    Best Friends:
    (M/C) and (Y/C) been friends sense the third grade but they are rivals in everything they do. Sports, Martial Arts , Grades, etc. They are now Juniors/Seniors in High School. The true feelings are finally surfacing despite the bickering and fighting the pair does constantly.
    Arranged Marriage

    Band Mates
    Street Kid Leader x Street Kid 2nd in charge
    Popular x Nerd
    Popular x Skater Kid:

    1. (M/C) has been secretly dating (Y/C) for a while but someone got in the middle of that. Putting (Y/C) in a situation to cheat. Once (M/C) found out it dawned on them that (Y/C) was ashamed of them anyways. (Y/C) cares so much about their reputation what will they do?
    2. Neighbors they where always close until Middle School made them split by social status. It was now Senior Year, (Y/C) was expected to date this slut who is cruel to people and (M/C) is expected to be with someone in her own social status. Fate of being a partner in a class project made them reconnect.
    Skater Kids
    Hybrid x Vampire/Werewolf:
    (M/C) was once an ordinary girl, until she was bitten by a werewolf. Her life seemed to get crazy until it just got worse. Before the werewolf-ness set she got bit by a vampire (ex-crush) because he couldn't tell she was a werewolf yet. Living between the pack and family got hard, being a hybrid she can't be sighted easily like the other creatures. She felt like she didn't belong. When she finally came out to the Vampire or Werewolf family with (Y/C) help she decided to combine the family. Your character can be whatever creature of those two you want and they can be for or against the families merging. We will play side characters too. ...This can also lead to different directions.
    Angel x Demon
    Salem Witch x Human:
    (Y/C) met (M/C), a witch but not at evil one like everyone thinks. She did have to use a love potion on (Y/C) to be protected from the Trials by becoming your wife so no one knows she is a witch. The love potion wears off eventually, after the wedding.
    Witch x Vampire:
    In a world where there are two kingdoms, one for magical humans and the other with non-magical humans, Vampires control the line. The Witch stumbled upon to a castle in the forest due to a vision. She stumbled upon the castle being controlled by Vampires. With her magical blood she has ten days to find the secret rose garden and drink the due or she'll be a Vampire forever.
    King of the Dead x Maiden:
    There was a story about a fair Maiden burried for a thousand years. The King of the Dead was looking for a wife. He awoken the Maiden that is to be his wife (as said the prophecy) and brought to the realm of the dead. He was a harsh king and so they have to work on falling in love or she'll be forced to just deal with Marriage
    Deaf/Blind x Non-deaf/blind
    Personality Disorder'd Person x Butler/Maid:
    This idea is actually based on a story within a story. Muse A has a personality disorder. Three very different personalities; cold and harsh, over the top intellectual, then there is the sweet and loving one. Muse B is their (Maid/Butler) and is the only one left to care for them (except for the cook that doesn't have to deal with A). Of course working for three different bosses in one isn't always easy.

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