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  1. Hello! I am eager to begin roleplaying, so I have tried to keep the below information short and concise.

    WHO I AM:
    - My username is ofthegoodnight, but you can just call me Nico! Any pronouns are fine with me, when in doubt, just use they/them. I'm 19 and I live in Taiwan (UTC +8).
    - I'm an artist and a writer, though I don't actively pursue these interests as much as I should. At college, I am majoring in commercial design, whilst dabbling in various other things.
    - This is mostly for transparency's sake. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am not white, nor am I able bodied. And I'm neurodivergent.
    - I like to talk. A lot. (I am nonverbal in person though!)
    - For the 'short and sweet' purposes of this whole post, I will stop here. If you want to know more, it'd be more than okay to drop me a PM and start a conversation!

    - Preferably rpers over the age of 18. I have nothing against younger rpers but we will not do mature roleplays if you're below 18.
    - I don't like wordcounts, sentence counts, whatever. Do away with these if you want, but if you keep to them, please let it be known I will write as much as needed to convey my point and that's it. I don't do excess.
    - (Despite the above note, I would describe myself as Intermediate/Adept/Advanced in terms of writing mechanics and grammar, y'know, that stuff.) Decent grammar and spelling. No one's perfect but please at least spellcheck and make sure your sentences are readable.
    - Communication. Brainstorm with me, or just chat. I love it when people strike up conversation with me, even if it's not relevant to our roleplay.
    - Tolerance and open mindedness. Aside from all the outlandish ideas I might cook up, I want my partner to be able to accept things like nonbinary characters and characters questioning their sexuality.
    - As for activity, I don't care how active you are. Just type something substantial for me every week or so. It'll make me very happy to learn to look forward to seeing you post.

    - My favorite genres are scifi, fantasy, horror, supernatural/paranormal, and dystopian.
    - Character driven stories. I personally find figuring out plots to take away from the fun of throwing characters together and watching what happens.
    - Realistic characters that compel and attract. I'll try to make you love my characters, whatever they are, and I hope you make me fall in love with yours.
    - Despite the title of this thread conforming to a gender binary, I really do enjoy roleplaying nonbinary and trans characters. I hope this will at least be tolerated. No hate please!
    - Character dynamics that aren't necessarily romantic. Platonic love and deep friendships are great too.
    - As for romance, please allow us to leave it as a subplot and not the main theme.
    - Morally gray characters. If you can write these well, there's a huge chance you'll be my next favorite storyteller.

    As for plots! Let us find a happy medium, or maybe even something we BOTH will greatly enjoy. Please introduce me to yourself in this thread, don't be shy. I would like to get to know my potential partners and what they'd want, so that we can work together more effectively. C:

    That should be it for now! I may add other things if there's questions or as need arises.
  2. Hello there :) hehe~
    If it's alright with you, I'd like to strike up a conversation in pm with you ^~^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.