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  1. I'm not cool enough to come up with something other than 'hello'. ;-;

    I'm Queen Rivaille! You can call me Queen, though.

    I'm a girl but I really don't want to be one. I identify as andro, usually.

    I'm new to this site, but I used to roleplay on a site called Figment. Several things happened. First, I suddenly stopped RPing on a group there that had a LOT of RPers. I quit silently which was BAD, because several people were depending on me. I just didn't like the RP but every time I mentioned quitting they would leap at my throat, so I just left. Everybody ended up hating me even though I tried to fix my mistake. Long story short, if I make an RP group on Figment nobody joins because everybody turned against me. Second- a new wave of RPers joined and they were kind of jerks. Barely any of them could spell and most of them posted in script form, which I can't stand. To each their own, but it was time to move on from the site. On top of that, I found out that a very close friend of mine on the site had been copying my ideas for groups. I would create a group, nobody would join, then she would literally copy-paste the group and make it her own. Then EVERYBODY would join. *CRIES*

    I'll do 1x1 or groups. I only like to 1x1 with people I've rped with in groups before, however.

    So anyways. I'm a pretty rad person if I do say so myself. I like anime and Andrew Jackson Jihad. And that's about it. :))))))

  2. welcome and hello hope you have fun on the site and hope to role play with you some time
  3. Well Hi there Rivaille! Welcome to the site!