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  1. Evening,

    I have been a new member for about a week and have watched how things just happen around here... I guess it's the best time as any to introduce myself and actually do something besides watch others roleplay.

    My name is irrelevant... Though you can call me GwenBunny.
    I have been writing since I was a kid and have grown quite fond of it. I do not consider myself any where close to being a "professional" of any sort. I write and try to help make stories come to life; that's it. I do make mistakes when writing but that's just because I'm human. We all tend to make mistakes and that's just fine. I write stories and poetry of all genres, though I must admit I have never once finished a story I have started. I tend to lose my focus or even get busy with life... On the other hand, I have written passages with others for a few years and haven't really been able to stop. Those I role play with normally lost interest or even just vanished on me before anything has been able to finish. Sometimes the story just dies... That happens but I tend to at least tell the person unless a life crisis just happens suddenly. Even then I'd try to get on to explain the situation and try to figure something around it...
    My genres of popular interest include adventure, fantasy, and romance. Depending on the story I may get into scifi as well.

    Sadly besides writing, there isn't much more about me to mention... I play video games frequently. I'm in a admin (sort of) postition in a friendly family-like multi-gaming community. I babysit and work as a stay at home crafter to help pay bills.

    Like I said, not much else to mention... Soooooo I guess I'll start role playing with everyone now. Nice to be in a place to freely write with others. :3
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! We do have a writer's corner around here some where
  3. Thank you for the welcome.
    I'll check it out. ^^
  4. I think very few people here consider themselves professional writers. We are, however, all roleplayers who do this as a hobby in our free time.

    You'll fit in well here and if you need anything just ask!
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  5. Hi Gwen! Have you visited the Groups area yet? (tab near the top of the page!) We have whole groups for gamers, everything from Minecraft to Call of Duty to Pokemon!

    I too suffer the problem of starting stories and not finishing them :( Sometimes they're RPs that taper off, and sometimes they just lack sufficient direction to get a definite ending. (I've found it helpful to keep all my ideas written down or stored on my computer though; sometimes I can dig them up for roleplays, and sometimes combining them helps to make them better!)

    I hope you enjoy the site, you can always PM me if you're bored or need help :)