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Hello internet peoples!
I just joined! (obviously or I'd be crazy posting random stuff here)
Don't think I'm new to roleplay though I've got rather extensive experience, in fact this is the... 5th site (I think, maybe just 4th) that I've been a part of. I ended up leaving the others for various reasons, mostly because for some reason or another every single rp I've ever been apart of on one of these sites (a few dozen total) has died and I ended up leaving and taking a break from RP for a while before trying to find a new site where it hopefully won't happen again. There's a reason I started putting "Cursed" in my usernames...

But I'm not too pessimistic if anyone recognizes my profile pic, signature, and title. The various Lantern Corps are my favorite part of the DC Universe, and the Blue Lantern Corps (my second fave behind the Red Lanterns) wield the Blue Light of Hope. I started using them in my profiles because despite all this continued failure of my attempts to enjoy online RPs, I still wanna keep trying. So I hope this site turns out better than the rest and I hope we have a nice time roleplaying together n_n

P.S. I have around 90ish characters (over 100 actually but only 90ish I'll be willing to use here for various reasons) and if nothing else I'm great and whipping up a character so if I like the idea, I can probably get something to suit the rp I wanna join, also I already filled out the rp related stuff on my profile if anyone happens to be interested :3
P.P.S. I for no apparent reason and defying all logic have joined the site and posted this at more than half past midnight, so I'll be going to bed now and will respond to any replies tomorrow, which will no doubt include at least one from a mod or something as usually happens.


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Welcome to Iwaku!! <3

I do hope you enjoy yourself, and find that your stay with us is far better than those other sites! We're a good bunch. I think you'll like it.

If you have any questions, comments; if you're looking for someone to talk to, even-- feel free to leave me a message on my profile, or drop me a PM!

Again: Welcome!


Lol I'm sure I will yeah, for a little while at the very least. Teeny bit busy now but I'm gonna be getting my butt into some roleplays after my class tomorrow :3
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