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  1. Hello! On the prowl for some new rp buddies. I like to say I'm pretty laid back, but I do have a few things to say.

    What You Should Expect from Me:

    -I post pretty regularly. I try to reply a few times a day, maybe more. If I don't get back to you in about a week, let me know what's up. I haven't abandoned you, I just got busy!
    -I try to mirror what my partner gives me. I tend to write anywhere from one to five paragraphs.
    -A lot of themes I like tackling are darker. Abuse, mental illness, trauma, things like that.
    -I like fluffy things too! Don't worry!
    -My characters have problems that affect both them and the story line. I try to keep things as realistic as possible, even when the situation isn't.
    -Romance isn't a must have. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I don't care for strictly romance based plots. Our characters may end up hating eachother- and that's perfectly okay with me.
    -I do write sex scenes. I won't rp straight up smut for the sake of having smut. If you want to simply fade to black, I'm cool with that.
    -I don't mind doubling characters.
    -Most of my characters are male. I don't often play female characters.
    -Most of my characters are nonhuman. A few do not fall under the normal spectrum of supernatural creatures.
    -I like OOC chat.

    What I Expect from You:

    -Post whenever is easiest and most comfortable for you. I'm not picky.
    -Please don't give me one liners. I understand writer's block, but even at my worst, I can write a few sentences at the least.
    -Be creative and imaginative whenever possible.
    -Know when to take charge. Don't be afraid of pissing my characters off or hurting their feelings. What I want isn't what they want.
    -Be 18 or older to RP sex scenes with me. If you're under 18, it'll have to wait.
    -Be okay with doubling characters when the story calls for it.
    -Be open minded.
    -Be my buddy! It's so much easier to talk and plan an RP out if we can talk and be friendly to one another. It's stressful to try to plan a story with someone when you're not entirely sure if they're as excited about it as you are.

    PLOTS AND PAIRINGS- Because these are always fun.

    By no means is this a comprehensive list. I'm always open to your ideas and input. But below are some of the things I've done in the past, would like to do again, and have recently thought of. If one of the plotless pairings catches your eye, please have some idea in mind of what you'd like to do or see. I'm tired of plotting role plays all by myself.

    * I have a plot in mind
    My preffered role
    I'm craving this
    !! Fluffy and cute

    -- Dark themed

    Merperson x Human *
    Modern Fantasy
    MxM, MxF, FxF
    Show Spoiler
    The existence of merfolk is commonplace. They exist everywhere; in lakes and rivers, ponds, if they're big enough, and of course oceans. It's not rare to catch one every now and then, though their dispositions make for keeping them rather difficult. By a stroke of unfortunate luck, a Merperson is captured, sold, and put on display in a public aquarium. PM for more details.

    Demon x Hunter
    Modern Fantasy
    Medieval Fantasy
    MxM, MxF, FxF

    Demon x Summoner *
    Modern Fantasy
    MxF, FxF
    Plot inside (open)
    Inspired by a silly post on Tumblr about a girl accidentallly summoning a demon on her period. If mentions of bodily functions or fluids bothers you, I don't highly reccoment this one. PM for more details.

    Runaway x Bystander
    Modern Fantasy
    Slice of Life

    Werewolf x Human *
    Modern Fantasy
    MxM, MxF
    Plot inside (open)
    Werewolf fights, while decreasing in popularity by the general public, are still a popular blood sport amongst gangs and underground communities. Faced with bankruptcy, a fighter who'd retired after his wolf died in the ring takes up the sport again. PM for more details.

    Incubus x Pet *
    Modern Fantasy

    Plot inside (open)
    Boogeymen are creatures prided for their roles as protectors and bodyguards. With the ability to form a strong, semi telepathic emotional bond with a given person, they devote their lives to serving and protecting their chosen bondmate. Only death can break the bond, but when broken, they go feral and wild. After loosing their first bondmate, a feral boogeyman is taken in by a lonely incubus as a pet. In this context, boogeymen are a species I created, but I'm interested in seeing someone else's interpretation. PM for more details.

    Chimera x Scientist *
    MxM, MxF
    Plot inside (open)
    Through advancements in genetic engineering, production of human-animal hybrids is possible. A government run laboratory, tasked with the goal of creating the ultimate super soldier, specializes in the creation of these chimeras. Scientists are given species to experiment with and perfect. Specimens are typically destroyed shortly after creation for disection. After a particularly succesful specimen is allowed to grow under observation, the scientist that created it becomes too attached to destroy it when the time comes. PM for more details.

    Centaur x Human *
    Modern Fantasy
    MxM, MxF
    Plot inside (open)
    Inspired by a post on Tumblr about rodeo centaurs. A centaur and a human form an unlikely show duo and travel around performing various rodeo shows together. PM for more details.

    Thief x Dragon *
    Medieval Fantasy
    Plot inside (open)
    A common thief, on the run from village authorities, unknowingly stumbles into a dragon's cave seeking shelter. By the time they discover the beast inside, it's too late to run. PM for more details.

    Again, this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that I'm open to doing. I like to consider myself fairly verstaile and I love hearing your ideas and input. If none of these appeal to you, or you have a different idea in mind, let me know and we'll see what we can work out.
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  2. Still looking, if anyone's interested!
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a parter for one on one roleplay. I have a plot in mind that I really want to put to use, and you seem like the kind of person who would be interested. It's heavy on the gore. Basically my character is a torturer and your character is the victim.
  4. That sounds interesting! PM me and tell me more!
  5. Still looking~ Always open
  6. New Plots added for anyone interested~
  7. The merperson, werewolf, and dragon ones all look tempting (though I would ask for the last to be MxF if that's the one we choose.)
  8. Hi there! I'm glad you're interested! Sadly, I'm in the process of planning out an rp with the werewolf/human pairing. When the rp officially starts, I'll mark it off as filled. Sorry for the let down! I'm definitely game for the merperson or dragon scenario. I don't have any particular ideas for the former though, so if you decide that one, you'll have to have an idea already in mind. With that said, pm me and we'll see what we can do :)
  9. Heyyy, I'm down for the Thief x Dragon! Very intriguing. Shall I pm you?
  10. Hey! Glad to see you're interested!Go ahead and shoot me a pm
  11. Hello! I'd really be interested in roleplaying some darker themes. I currently am looking for a male captor for a Stockholm's Syndrome roleplay (with a female victim). I know that you said that you aren't particularly a huge fan of romance-based plots, but I thought maybe with your interest in darker themes that this would be an option we both would enjoy (since I myself am a big fan of romance and dark themes). With this story line you'd be able to create whatever reasoning behind the kidnapping and your character's cruel/violent tendencies towards my character (if that's how you decided to play it, it's just an example). If that doesn't necessarily spark your interest, I'm also open to other ideas. Since it seems like you also enjoy fantasy, I'd be interested in either your Merperson x Human or possibly you might be interested in a roleplay with me as a female mage and you as a character of your choosing? They could be adventure companions and there would be a choice for romance between the two but not required or expected. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear back from you!~ Also, I'm on frequently and like to try and respond at least a couple times a day if not more when possible.
  12. Hello. I would like to roleplay with you! c:
  13. Ooh, the Stockholm syndrome rp sounds interesting~
    I've played characters that have had it, but never have I been the captor. This is exciting. Send me a pm and tell me more!
  14. Aw, thanks! I'm glad you're interested! Go ahead and send me a pm and tell me what you'd like to do
  15. List has been updated.
    Previously Filled Requests are no longer full.
    A New Plot has been added.

    And though I have writer's block, I am still looking for and accepting more partners as a way of overcoming the accursed illness.
  16. I might be interested in the runaway and bystander thing, do you have a plot?
  17. Ahh, not quite. Nothing so fleshed out to say that I have a plot, if you know what I mean. The only thing I have in mind would be someone coming from an abusive home/relationship and being taken in by someone they happen to run into. That's really all I've got. Pm me and we'll talk about it more and develop things a bit further, if you're still interested.
  18. Hi! I might be interested in the demon x summoner one of you're still looking?
  19. Hi there! Yep, I'm still interested! Send me a pm and we'll hammer something out
  20. Oh gosh, it's a bit cliche but I'd love to do the demon x hunter one if you're still looking for a partner for it? I'd love to do a medieval fantasy but I can also do modern fantasy. c:
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