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Howdy. I'm Exvind, AKA Ex AKA Jack VonSerialarsonist AKA Alfons AKA "Well We Could Just Go At This All Day Couldn't We" McCoy.
So yeah. My good buddy Jack Shade said I should be here, and then there was a debacle regarding some whiskey and a chicken and Vegas, so long story short, here I am, ready to RP, and hoping not to be chased out of this site by an angry mob like the last half a dozen times. : D

Cheers, look forward to writing with all of you.
Whiskey, chicken AND Vegas? Sounds like my Tuesday night.

Welcome to the site. We met, briefly, in the Cbox. Hope you enjoy your time here.
I'm Sarah. We were in the C-box at the same time, but never directed conversation at one another.
I'm awesome, you seem awesome. We should get along pretty well.
-thumbs up-
Most things with Jack involve chicken and Vegas. The overlapping of whiskey must occur at some point, so I suppose I am not too shocked.

Ahem! Hello and welcome to Iwaku.
It's good to meet you; I'm Kitti, by the by.
You can probably find your way around here pretty well, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!
I thought you were gonna say Jack Von Serialkiller and I was gonna get all epic hero up in here. O____O

Welcome to the site!
So Alfons....you like cookies? I bet you do.

See this here rectangle box of cookies?--------->:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:
They are all for you.

Welcome to Iwaku!
A rectangle of cookies...on my intro post....I think I've finally found a place to call home.
Now you're in my realm.

And I can bother you about things IRL...at least till I graduate. Enjoy the peanut gallery 'round here. Methinks you'll fit in fine.

Cheers mate.
Who's Jack Shade?
But hey, welcome to Iwaku! Happy to have you!