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  1. There is a lonely 15 year old girl.
    She wanted friends.
    She wanted her family back.
    The year is 3000, and she is hiding out in the woods, surviving.
  2. A 14 year old boy, also alone in the forest was wandering around aimlessly, separated from his family long ago. It was almost his 15th birthday, only he didn't have a calendar, so there was no way he'd know that. The forest was foreign to him, unknown territory; he had fled the city mere hours ago since it had been filled with an increasing amount of dangerous things as of late. He knew he would need to eat and drink soon, but he only had a small amount of food and water; he didn't know what water or things around him were safe to consume, but he had been told of the harsh consequences that would befall him if he made the wrong choice...
  3. She was in a tree, watching the sun set.
    She heard twigs snapping and jumped down.
    Her senses couldn't detect many further signs of disturbance so she started to creep around, trying to find this noise maker.
    She grabbed a crossbow.
    It might be food.
  4. He heard a rustling sound coming from a tree not too far from him, which he turned in the direction of quickly, wondering if it was some sort of predator... The silence that followed was an ominous one, as if there was something moving around, but he couldn't hear it...
  5. She quickly pounced on the boy, but seeing her mistake, she rolled off of him, offering a hand up
  6. Quite caught off guard from being pounced on suddenly, he let out a quiet shout. However he soon realized the girl didn't mean to do so, and he gratefully accepted her hand with a nod. He pulls himself to his feet, even if it was a little shakily, he was a little worn out to say the least...
  7. "s-sorry about that"
    She looked at the ground, awkwardly, kicking some leaves, brown hair falling infront of her face
  8. "Oh! I-it's fine... I guess I was kind of intruding..." The boy spoke, he looked a little awkward and out of place, being used to living in that ruined city for far too long.
  9. Sherry was trying not to be noticed. She was in the tree that the other girl had just been in. She was higher up. She was quick, and athletic. She watched as the girl and some boy
    tumbled on the groud below. She felt something tickling her nose. She was going to sneeze. She tried everything to hold it in, but she couldn't.
    Both strangers looked up at her.
    "Hi," she said softly, making a face that said "oops."
  10. The boy looked up quickly hearing the sneeze, a little paranoid that he had been followed, but relaxed realizing it was just another girl and sighed in relief. "I guess you're not the only one here." He said, looking back at the first girl who had practically tackled him earlier...
  11. "I thought I was the only one too." Sherry said. "By the way, I'm Sherry." They both looked at her. "You know your name?" She laughed, thinking they were joking. "And you don't know yours?" Apparantly they didn't. She climbed down carefully from the tree. Her wavy brown hair bounced as she hit the ground. "So I guess we're a team now, huh?"
  12. "W-well, yeah"
    She looked down awkwardly.
  13. "I don't like it when people are shy or awkward around me. It makes me feel like they don't trust me. So if you want me to help you, I need to be sure you can trust me." She brushed off her jeans, and began walking in the other direction. "Are you coming or not?"
  14. "What do you mean?" The boy asked, he wasn't entirely sure what the 2nd girl meant.... He couldn't climb trees if that's what she wanted them to do.
  15. She looked back at them. "I know you probably think I'm an axe murderer, but look, you can search me. I don't have an axe." Sherry didn't understand why they looked so afraid. She wasn't that intimidating, was she? "Just follow me." She herself wasnt even sure where she was leading them, or even what they would come across there. All she knew was that they were being very uncooperative.