(Insert awkward new person statement here...I think.)

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  1. Hey guys!! I'm Bria (Bree-Bree, BB, Ria, the list goes on...) and I literally just found this site a few minutes ago haha. So yeah, not sure what to say here other than I'm new, don't bite my head off (pretty please) and all that newbie crap everyone says. Don't be a stranger, I don't like being a loner... lol be my friend! Anyway, I hope I'm welcomed here because it seems like a great site and I love writing, although ironically enough this is my first RP site I've joined so a little guidance wouldn't hurt the newbie... get to know me! :wink: xoxo, Bria <3
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Ria!
    You can sign up for a mentor here.
    Mentors will give you advice as well as roleplay with you! ^.^
    I'm Celest. If you need help or anything feel free to message me.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Bry! I am Rina :3 If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask! Everyone here is glad to help a fellow friend
  4. Thank you guys so much! Celest, I'll be sure to check out that mentor thing :)

    But I am too tired. So welcome to the community! 8D I'll bite you later.
  6. Lul, you said thank you to being bitten later.~ THAT MAKES YOU ADORABLE. 8D
    I associate with adorable things.
    I mean people.
    I mean creatures.
    I mean aliens.

    Welcome welcome.~
  7. Welcome! Welcome! Things are not hard around here, the only thing that is is deciding which character to make, and which Roleplays to join!
    I think that you will injoy yourself muchness!
    If you need any help with anything, you can message me any time, and I will help to the best of my ability!
    Welcome once again!
    <3~ Kal
  8. Hi Bria! I'll protect you from people who threaten to bite your head off in a vain attempt to be scary! Haha, glad to see you and I hope you enjoy your stay here.