iNsEcTs: Prey Unto Thee (M)

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  1. * A W.I.P.! Please read carefully! There will be dice, skill sets, etc. Feel free to give suggestions! *

    Into The Purge The BioSect Program is an intricate program that places genetically modified humans (called iNsEcTs, AnMa, or ArAcHnE. We know almost nothing of its process. However, the conglomerates of Boradoon see nothing wrong with it.

    In the Planet of Oasis, they ceased a deportation plan that happened after Earth's destruction. After the civilians arrived, they had to go to Bio Sect, a federal mutation organization. First, they would examine the human DNA. Then, they would extract the DNA of their requested insect, and they would inject this gene into a tattoo of the same insect.

    The ones who responded well to these injections adopted several attributes to these insects. However, as it tampered with DNA, success would be futile. These people were called Insects. As to prevent competition, they had to be assigned to different states. Still, the Insects had to be separated into different habitats.

    The Humans who could not get this treatment are sent to live in Crystal City, the metropolitan area of Oasis. The Insects and the Humans have to fight for their lives.

    1,200,000,000 Inhabitants

    600 participants

    358 survivors

    Over 100 insects

    20 Nations

    10 InSeCt clans

    2 chances

    1 fate

    Will you take the challenge?
    Regarding Spiders (Arachnids): Spiders may look like your run of the mill insects, but in this series and in real life, they are anything but. Spiders are so diverse, they have their own clan called Arachne, and they also have their own nation called Aranae. They do not allow any Arachne InSeCtS to marry a non-Arachne Insectoid to prevent death by the webs. Non Arachne are not allowed to come as they please for this reason.

    Because of this, you will need to add aRaChNe in place of InSeCt, if you go this route.

    {slide=Places|center}Karena- This is an Oriental, humid city filled with all sorts of flora and fauna. There are lots of beetles and other bugs of Asian origin. They are known for their unusual cuisine.

    Cerulean- A modern cosmopolitan city. This is education heavy.{/slide}


    {slide=Faction Placements~}TBD!{/slide}
    Full Name:
    Original Nationality: (You would have arrived to Oasis three years prior to the Insecticide, the major event to stay alive.)
    Age: (must be at least 15 to take the challenge)
    Birthday: (Today would be March 3, 2450)
    InSeCt Challenger: (Yes or no; if yes, you need to tell me what kind it is)
    Insect Type: (you need to be specific on this field. For example, do not say "Ant". What kind of Ant is it? " Fire Ant" is specific enough.)
    Biological Attributes: (If you are unfamiliar with this, you may need to research these for the insect choice)
    Nation of Choice: (Should go with your bug)
    Insect Clan:
    Human Appearance: (detailed, please! Note that you have a tattoo of your insect/arachnid somewhere on your body.)
    Insectoid Appearance: (as your bug)
    Personality: (detailed)
    Non Insect Talents:
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