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  1. In a post-apocalyptic earth where WWIII broke out. The last chance of humanity was project Insecticide. It was a project consisting of making human/insect hybrids for a better survival. Now we are 5000 years after the project and all of humanity are now insect or small animal hybrids(anthros). You have ants, bees, roaches, termites, anything that is a bug. Technology is now medieval and everyone are tiny, being the size of their insect componants. The races, like any other time period, have wars. Natural enemies fight, unlikely allies form and unlikely enemies do aswell. You play as the leader of one of these tribes of insects. Your lives are like normal, ruling over a kingdom, if you are royalty. If you are a soldier your days are spent training and battling under the orders of your monarch. If you are a worker, you work tirelessly to help the community and pay taxes to your monarch. And then there are the travellers, those who quit their kingdom to live a life where they only had to deal with themselves. They are mostly nomad, having their natal tribe hunting them down for treachery, the most heinous crime. Constantly on the run, these are the bravest people of the land. You play as one of those 4 classe of a specific bug race.


    1. All Iwaku rules apply

    2. No god-modding/metagaming. Your character cannot dodge every attack nor their attacks will always hit.

    3. This is not a jump-in roleplay. You have to wait for a GM to accept your CS before RPing.

    4. No sexual stuff here. Either fade to black or take it to the PMs.

    5. Try to be on atleast once or twice a week. We'll PM you the first week. If you dont respond to that PM within the next week you will be kicked. Or warn us if you plan on leaving for X amount of time.

    6. Be nice in the OOC

    7. Who wins a fight will be dictated via a dice roll held by me or Co-GM @Immortal_Chaos

    8. Use your best grammar (I wont kick for this but try your best grammar. Atleast proper punctuation and your/you're/their/they're/theres)

    9. Write "They're a bug." in Other.

    10. No critisizing others on their way of RPing/characters. If I see a problem I'll adress them via PMs.

    11. No oneliners. 3-4 sentences minimum.

    12. Your Race MUST have and equal number of advantages/disadvantages.

    13. Have fun.

    The Charcter Sheet:

    Appearance (delete this and "Appearance"):


    Age(Average human lifespan):

    Race(Ant,Bee, Mantis, etc):

    Class (Royalty, soldier, worker or traveler):




    Race Sheet:

    Name of Race:

    Standard Appearance:

    Army Description(armour, weapons, etc.):

    Kingdom Description:



    Average Abilities:


    Ants - @Infinatis
    Cockroaches - @The Silver Paladin
    Praying Manti - @Windsong @Crono
    Hornets - @Yonsisac
    Termites - @Immortal_Chaos
    Centipides - @Brother Gabriel
    Tarantulas - @Infinatis
    Daddy Long Legs - @Yonsisac
    Scorpions - @Crono
    Moths? - @Windsong

    Nina Orchid - @Windsong
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  2. Detail of a Lunar Moth's wings:
    Wing Detail and Colors (open)

    Name: Sena (See-nuh)

    Age: 20 Summers

    Race: Lunar Moth

    Class: Worker

    Personality: A shy and timid personality is a common trait among the moth folk. It is only tempered by the curiosity to know more than what something initially appears to be that turns that shy nature into something far more forward and demanding. Especially when it involves anything that gives light or reflects it.

    Backstory: Just another of the many children born into their small moth community living beneath the leaves a local tree, Sena was given the task of worker and tender when she finally emerged from her cocoon after building her lifelong home with the silk of her previous life.

    Other: They are an actias luna.

    Race Sheet:

    Name of Race: Lepidoptera. Though they call themselves the almost whimisical Lepidops. (Leh-Pea-Dawps)

    Standard Appearance: Six arms similar to many of the insect races. Three toes and three fingers is common among the Lepidop sub-species, making up for lack of dexterity with the extra set of hands. Their bodies are generally thick as well, covered in a fine 'fur' that insulates and helps keep them cool during the hotter months. In relation to their bodies the wings each moth wears are large, near double their size from head to abdomen, and covered in extremely fine scales that, when in flight, seem to fall off and shimmer.

    Pros: Excellent navigators, produce strong and high quality silk, exceptional fliers.

    Cons: Fragile and large wings coated with scales makes any moisture troublesome to deal with. Their exoskeletons are far from armored, they're almost soft and plush to the touch.

    Average Abilities: During their caterpillar stage that can last in some cases into a adulthood they produce an incredibly fine and durable silk. This is a mainstay among the Lepidop community for use in anything from building materials to clothing for the winter. It's not uncommon to see hardened silk be used for tools and household objects from bowls to plates as well. Even their hammock-like beds are made during this stage in every moth's life.

    A unique ability to many moth species is the inherent urge to navigate oneself in relation to a light source, whether it be the sun and stars or a bright moon. Any moth able to see the sky is more than capable of finding their way home.

    Other: They're a bug here too.

    It's all a WIP. I'll add more as I find it. Anthro moths are harder to find than originally planned.
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  3. I intended on the irony. At first they only had insect characteristics but over 1000+ years of the chemical in the air and evolution, they became more and more insect like.
  4. So are they huminoid bugs or just pure bugs?
  5. Anthropomorphic bugs.
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  6. image.jpg
    "Nina Orchid, but you may know me as The Beautiful Death if you are a foe of mine."
    "You should never ask a woman that question. 24 regardless."
    "A proud Praying Mantis."
    "I am the queen. The leader of our fair race."
    "Hmm... I am often defined as intelligent and orderly. I never take things too fast and plan every move I make. As a consequence of this I often overthink things. In the presence of my people and allies I am generous and mannered, to my enemies, cold and punishing. I have been told that when heavily burdened I can 'snap' rather violently at small annoyances. When approached by men I tend to remain 'in the friend zone' for reasons I will leave to your imagination. To my very close friends I tell secrets. Secrets that you will be hearing none of."
    "Ah, were do I begin? I was born into the Orchid Dynasty and underwent the finest education available. I never knew my father for the same reason I dread the day I must find a husband. My mother told me he was a great warrior and when I had 'the talk,' crunchy. Misfortune reared its ugly head when my mother fell very ill around my twentieth birthday. Oh, how I prayed and sacrificed to the Great Mother for her to spare my only parent and closest friend. But she died only a few weeks before I turned twenty one. On her deathbed I remember her parting words, 'the kingdom is yours now my dear. Don't cry, I will be watching you from Elysium.'
    I'm sorry. I still haven't coped with her death fully. Anyway, that left me as the youngest leader the Mantises have ever had. I still am trying to instill true feelings of trust with my people."

    I'll have the Race Sheet up soon(ish)​
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  7. I recommend doing the Race sheet before the character.

    Anyways, accepted.
  8. When can I join?
  9. Uhhhh... No. Didnt you see the taken races sheet? Scorpions are taken.
  10. The Charcter Sheet:

    Name: Legilius Caesar IV "King of the Centipedes"

    Age: 28

    Race: Centipede

    Class: King

    Personality: Proud, Honest and Honorable, has a little bit of inferiority complex and sometime when he lose a battle he shuns himself, friendly and cares for his people, distrustful to some races but tends to treat them in a friendly level, he also has a knack for listening to good advises from both his advisers and subordinates.

    Backstory: Son of the former king who died due to natural reasons and was entrusted his brother with the Mandate of the Heavens to bring their people in to a bright future, but his brother was assassinated during a Coup d'├ętat on which his brother entrusted the Mandate to Legilius.

    ~Still a bug but proud

    Race Sheet: Work in progress!
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  11. Read the rules, Gab.
  12. Proud AND prideful?

    But that's the same thing..?
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  13. And also, if he's king, he can just take the most beautiful girl of the land, monarchly priviliges.
  14. That sounds like it could incite problems.

    Ever seen Braveheart? That made no one happy. :c
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  15. But its their king. For my king (Who I'm making his Race CS first) a rule in the kingdom is that each 2 years, the eldest daughter, at the age of 16, goes to live with the king and have babies to keep royal blood flowing. And each eldest son is mandatory in the army. Plus the ant kingdom has a surplus of men so we have a big army. But the army is rather fragile. Oh, and Im editing the Race CS.
  16. Name Of Race: Scorpiones.

    Standard appearance: image.jpg

    Army Description: Once a scorpion turns 10 they are forced into the army. Since they are naturally armed and armored so most weapons and armor are of no real use to them. Commanders and warriors that have proven to be exceptionally skilled in battle however, bear thick and heavy metal chest plates. The catapult is a favorite war machine of theirs, ever since they recovered one from a ant battle they have their slaves build and move large numbers of them, using whatever they find not to be valuable as ammunition.

    Kingdom Description: Inspired by the Mongols. A empire race known as The Plague, the scorpions invade any village, town or city they come across. They take food, riches, slaves, and women then leave the city in ruins. A large rotting tree called Deadroot is their capital, were the leader and female scorpions stay. The sole job of a female scorpion is to give birth to new soldiers.

    - Very strong
    - Well armed and armored
    - Larger then most bugs

    - Live off what they loot/must continue to raid to survive
    - Not too bright
    - Don't get along with the other arachnids well

    Average Abilities:
    - Great Strength
    - Deadly Poison
    - Trained from birth to battle

    They're bugs and all are taught to fear their leader. His word is final and nobody is foolish enough to doubt him.
    They have no problem eating other bugs.

    There. @KippacaziRP you can make your CS now.
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  17. Accepted.
  18. That's just a dictatorship it sounds like.

    Then again, they're ants. Only thing I'd imagine being different was ant 'Kings' from a biological standpoint, are pretty useless when it's the queen that lays the eggs.

    -insert hand waving genetics here-
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  19. Yeah. Well, they replaced the Queen with a King. They're also communists.

    And They're really smat, being the first to devellop war machines.
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