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  1. it is a post-apocalyptic earth where WWIII broke out. The last chance of humanity was project Insecticide. It was a project consisting of making human/insect hybrids for a better survival. Now we are 1000 years after the project and all of humanity are nor insect or small animal hybrids. You have ants, bees, roaches, termites, anything that is a bug. Technology is now medieval and everyone are tiny, being the size of their insect componants. The races, like any other time period, have wars. Natural enemies fight, unlikely allies form and unlikely enemies do aswell. You play as the leader of one of these tribes of insects. Your lives are like normal, ruling over a kingdom, if you are royalty. If you are a soldier your days are spent training and battling under the orders of your monarch. If you are a worker, you work tirelessly to help the community and pay taxes to your monarch. And then there are the travellers, those who quit their kingdom to live a life where they only had to deal with themselves. They are mostly nomad, having their natal tribe hunting them down for treachery, the most heinous crime. Constantly on the run, these are the bravest people of the land. You play as one of those 4 classe of a specific bug race.

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  2. I'm interested :3
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  3. You may reserve an insect so long.
  4. My Centipedes will crush all of you, CENTIPEDE CALVARY FOR THE WIN.
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  5. Bee's:
    • Honey
    • Flying
    • Fast Population Growth
    - Weaker Individuals
    - Wing Loss Results in Death
    - Stinger Lost after Sting
    • Adaptability
    • More Soldiers
    • Extra Organised
    - Can't Store Food as Long
    - Larvae Require More Food
    - Soldiers Are Weaker
    • Very Strong
    • Large
    • Flying
    - Consumes More Food
    - Weak Against Heat
    - Very Slow Population Growth
    • Can Build Huge Structures
    • Stronger Soldiers

    • Very Strong
    • Can Fly Short Distances
    • Heavily Armoured
    - Very Scattered
    - Do not have a Central Hive
    - Require More Food

    These are the ones I have done, anyone suggest help?
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  6. Add to the ants: Organisation. Each one knows their job and are in a constant routine.
  7. Wait, which advantage do you want to replace? Ants need a disadvantage
  8. Death is sure for termines and ants if they get in water
  9. And add as a disadvantage: Soldiers are not the most skilled.
  10. I have some for Cockroaches

    +Very strong
    +Can fly short distances
    +Heavily armored
    -Very scattered.
    -Do not have a central hive
  11. Thats for pretty much all except the centipedes and cockroaches
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  12. ....yea..true...sorry XD
  13. You need an equal number of disadvantages.
  14. Should I add require more food for the last downside?
  15. Poor little bee (open)
  16. Yes. They require more food to operate.

    @Infinatis I wasn't done yet.
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  17. Maybe their could be extra spots for people who want to play as maybe a worker, soldier or the outcast ones
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  18. Okay.
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