Insect Kingdom Chat RP? [18+]

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Would you like to do an insect-based Chat RP?

  1. Yes, this sounds kind of cool.

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  2. Yeah, but I wouldn't be doing any smutty material, but it could be fun.

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  3. I don't know, I'd have to see the ideas behind it and go from there.

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  4. No, nothing against bugs it's just not my kind of thing.

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  5. NO I HATE BUGS! EWWWWWWWW! *Runs away screaming*

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  1. Okay. So I recently made a character who is my FxF libertine character for the Inn. She can be casual as well, but she's mostly for Smut. This character is an Insect. She's a princess of a 'hive'. And I just decided I'd love to do an RP where there's a bunch of insect-people in a kingdom or hive.

    Go ahead and check out the character I was talking about:

    This is both an Interest check, and a Group RP Plotting at the same time. But it is primarily an interest check. However, if there's anybody interested in helping me develop the lore and such comment below, I will be making a plotting chat box for those I choose.

    But the main thing I would like to know, is this something you all would like to do? I am going to be making more characters for me to use in the RP so I don't always have to use Rheeza. (By the way if you're reading Rheeza's character page this RP will take place before she leaves, and will continue as if she never leaves).

    I'll be putting a few images here that I'd like people planning to RP in this to not use, as I am basing a few of my characters on them (And also Rheeza's image as well, though images of her male counterpart from LoL would be fine)

    Mind you, Libertine will not be the main focus of the RP, but it will NOT be discouraged. This will be 18+ so anything goes. Go as in depth as you want, as there will be good bugs and bad bugs.

    The only thing I DO discourage is rape of any kind, and murder/assault. Brawls will be allowed, and there will be a weekly event where there will be brawler tournaments held for bugs to prove their strength, but I'll go more in depth with that later on.

    In all honesty, I'd love to make this as popular as I can so that perhaps I could gain the recognition of the admins so the Rp could have it's very own page in the chat RP page, so I can put events and such in there.

    Once the RP starts though, there will be an OOC events/characters thread for people to post their characters as well as pay attention so they know when events will be held.

    I will be GM, but I will also be looking for worthy Co-GMs and people to help me.

    I know this thread is a little vague but this is just to see who would be interested ^^

    ((Also, I used to be Omega Black, and haven't yet updated my signature or personal details))

    Warning: one or two of these bugs may not be Safe For Work, but they are not sexual images;
    Zachary-Sama's Bugs (open)

    8ff59479ea293920a5faab035834457cc14dd2c8_hq.jpg girtablilu_by_gensokyo_man-d7vjpzc.jpg 61b9d38b1f89f12e4c629e30e6143729.jpg beetle_man___redux_redux__by_foxface_ruru-d18m9yy.jpg insect_girl_by_fl3xo-d5v534i.jpg Oomukade_0.jpg

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