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  1. Clorica was being moved again, to another section of the asylum she lived in. Home, as she referred to it. She knew that she would never leave this place, she had asked the doctors so many times if she could go home that she had lost count... And years had passed in this place. She didn’t even remember what it was like to live somewhere in the real world, able to do such simple things of even walk to a store. They were able to have fresh air breaks during the day at least, but they were far too short, and in a rather small courtyard with very high walls to prevent escape. There were no trees, flowers, or anything other than the grass and wall... But at least it was outside. The doctors only took them out in pairs, a max of ten patients on any single unit, usually sharing a bedroom, though some patients were allowed their own.

    Due to Clorica’s condition she needed to be in a room with someone else though, especially when night came. The young woman got paranoid so easily... So scared... And then, according to the doctors, she would see things that weren’t there. But they were there. Monsters... Things that looked so evil and dark... Covered in blood... She didn’t like it at all... And the doctors locked their rooms at night to keep them inside. The young woman’s last roommate had grown tired of the hallucinations... All of them on the old unit had... So she had to be moved to escape their bullying and aggression. It was hard on the doctors, who were running out of options with her. She wasn’t so bad they felt the need to keep her constantly locked up... But if she couldn’t find some peers that could get along with her they would have no choice.

    The doctor would lead Clorica to her new room early in the morning, her blue eyes wide with anxiety. Would her new roommate be her friend...? Taking out a special key card the doctor would unlock the door and lead Clorica inside, moving closer to the bed that was near the window. The glass was special, very hard to break... Well, it was more like clear plastic, really. “Please wake up. I would like to talk with you.” He would glance to Clorica, trying to offer a reassuring smile. The doctor had been working with her since she came to the asylum... One of the few people she felt she could trust. His full name was Hijiiro Naida, and though his coworkers called him Dr. Naida he encouraged Clorica to all him by his name, or the nickname she gave him -- Jiiro. Unlike Clorica, who was a neko, he had features of a badger.
  2. Parker was trudging the hallways, security behind her every move. She arrived here this morning, transferring from another Asylum. They said it was becuse it was getting full, but she really knew why. They were getting tired of her. She held her Bunni, whom she named Zoe, not Zoey. Just Zoe. Parker took Zoe everywhere, literally. No one was ever allowed to touch her. She made sure of it. Once, a nurse hid Zoe on Parker. Well, that nurse never came back after that.

    Parker heard she had a roomate. She hoped her roommate wasn't too weird. Seeing how she was going to be the only "Human" in the Asylum, but she was ready for it. She was ready for anything, or so she thought.

    Finally they arrived at the room she was supposed to be sharing. The numbers 4.3.5 were carved into the silver palet that was screwed onto the door front of the door. Taking a deep breath, Parker squeezed Zoe and walked in. Her eyes laid upon the female at the window. She had ears.. And..a tail? Exhaling softly with relief she introduced herself, "For a minute I thought they were gunna room me with someone hideous. Good thing you're not. I'm Parker and this is Zoe. Not Zoey. Zoe." Parker held Zoe up lazily.
  3. The doctor would look up, surprised to see that the patient they were looking for had actually come in behind them. The beds must not have been changed yet. Tsk, he was going to have to get on the house cleaning staff then. This room was supposed to be already be prepared for the two girls when he brought Clorica over. His gaze would shift to the girl at his side. Clorica’s gaze was fixed on her roommate, ears lowered slightly as she looked to the human in front of her. The other would introduce herself, as well as the stuffed animal that she carried with her. Parker and Zoe.

    Clorica would shift for a moment uneasily, blue-violet eyes flicking back from the stuffed animal to the girl she was going to be sharing the room with. It was rather normal for the girl to be nervous, especially when it was the first time she was meeting someone. Her new roommate didn’t seem all that bad though, and so the young woman would try, forcing herself to speak up and not be rude. “M-my name is C-Clorica... Nice... Nice to meet you both.” She would manage a small smile, and Hijiiro would give a small nod of approval.

    “Very good.” He would say softly to the neko at his side. Then he looked to Parker. “I’m sure that you two can work out who gets what bed and all on your own. I’m going to have the cleaning staff in here soon, so that they can take care of them. I apologize that this was not done sooner. I’ll be seeing you both again in a bit.” The male would leave the room quietly, leaving the two young woman in the room alone. Clorica would shift uneasily again, uncertainty in her gaze as she looked at Parker. “Z-Zoe looks cute...” She felt awkward, but was at least trying to make conversation... Even if her voice was rather soft and perhaps hard to hear.
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