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What a smartass...

  1. Asmodeus

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  2. Rory

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  3. Palonis

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  4. Paorou-sama

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  1. Bioshock: Garden of Eden. A dystopian New York City, set in the same style-era of the first game played on two fronts. An overgrown, after-the-end version where Nature has reclaimed it and the only humans have evolved into wild, rudimentary tribes and the 'present', where a civil war/riot is brewing. All switched back and forth, by a little girl who is the only link between the two.

    Lebron James stars in a cameo, as the 'Big Daddy' of New York City.
  2. Unsure how obvious it is but I'm a mythology fan
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Abigail König
    Age: Appears to be 14, is roughly 520 years old
    Grade: 10th Grade
    Sex: Female
    Race: Vampire
    Clique: Tends to hang around the Popular girls
    Origin: 15th Century Bohemia
    Languages: High German, Modern German, Hungarian, learning French
    Orientation: Heterosexual
    Occupation: None
    Relationships: --
    Personality: Perceptive, Excitable, Proper, Adaptable, Confident, Orderly, Sly, Deceptive, Old-Fashioned, Unaggressive, Childish, Cold, Domineering, Haughty, Nihilistic.
    Background: Abigail was not always Abigail. She was born to two nobles in Bohemia, which is now Austria. The city she was born in is still around, Spittal an der Drau. Her family was part of many of the battles fought. In 1478, they aided Hungarian troops, and gained protection to stay in the city when it was taken by King Matthias Corvinus. In 1495, a little girl was born to this family by the name of Elß (pronounced Ehls) von der Reingruben. Elß was raised like any noble girl, and she was to be married by the age of 12 to another noble from the court of King Vladislaus II. She was wed to the man, and was waiting to start bleeding so she could bear him children. That time never came, as she passed away from a mysterious illness at the age of 14. She was turned into a vampire by her husband, who truly loved her, and was secretly a vampire as well. The two lived together for many years, now unable to bear children, they began adopting some. They moved through the country, so not to be disturbed by those wanting them dead. Unfortunately, they were found by some hunters, and the happy couple was broken. Her husband perished, while she escaped.

    Knowing that her name was well known through the country, Elß changed her name to various things, before recently settling on Abigail. She is a German citizen, and is relearning the new information and societal rules and language, as she does every so often. She currently resides in Japan at Kaisei Academy, so she can learn without fear of scrutiny.
    Schedule: Science, English, French III, Horseback Riding, Astrology, Fencing, Gym

    Sheet will be edited over time, here.
  4. I am in the process of making a character, but before I get too far along, I need to ask this in case it wouldn't be allowed.

    Depending on if allowed, my first choice in characters is a vampire, but... a Fruit Bat Vampire. o u o

    Would this be acceptable?

    They survive off fruits and nectar, and while they can go into the sun, it is only for a short period of time as they can become dehydrated and sluggish. >u< EDIT: Strike that, I am considering her to be faerie-esque. If this makes sense. Not exceedingly magical, but... a sun friendly variant of vampire with fae features. :3
  5. ok so I am making my character now, so I should post my character first and then do the rolls for him?
  6. I get the feeling I'm the least experienced roleplayer here.
  7. It's 1:46 where I am. I should be in bed, but I can't get to sleep. Who knows what that means?

    Mason Post on Civil War!

    If Ragnorok takes place after Civil War in the timeline, I have an idea on how to shift Mason into something ready for Ragnorok. I hope it doesn't make him too powerful... Should I run the concept by whoever's going to be GMing Ragnorok? Or put ot in the planning thread?
  8. Gonna introduce two characters - siblings, both Fae - one Dullahan and the other a Puca.

    Is it OK if my Dullahan character constantly remains in armour and my Puca character constantly assumes animal form, only to keep their human forms under wraps until some character arc?
  9. Christian Haak

    He watched silently while the man in front of him finished reading the letter he’d been charged with delivery when he arrived here. This man in front of him was the Second Founder, Cal. He was apparently the guy that could help him find his sister. Something about this place was a bit off-putting, and the general vibe here was strange, but did he really have a choice? Plus, the fact that they’d had found him at such a time and somehow knew how to help him find his family… was it more than a coincidence?

    It was a relief to hear that his fiancé would be taken care of while he was gone and that he could contact her whenever he wanted to. It made him feel so much better. He would have to check in with her soon, just to make sure that she wasn’t freaking out. His choice to leave was rather sudden after all. His eyes adjusted to the screen behind Cal, studying the three faces there closely. His jaw clenched tight with the anger he felt building up in his gut. How could they do that? How could they just take a woman – no, two women – just like it was nothing? So his sister was being held hostage somewhere by these three guys? His hands balled into fists as his sides. Not only had they kidnapped two women, but they killed thirteen people before escaping? Monsters.

    He was still reeling from the information, the rage continuing to build. For a moment, red was the only color he could see with those three faces. Cal’s words snapped him out of it and he diverted his attention back to the man in front of him and the syringe he was holding. If anything screamed suspicious in this place, the glowing blue stuff was probably it. He had always been so particular about what he put in his body, as a health nut, which meant no tobacco, bad foods, and definitely no drugs. But the thought of his usually cool and collected little sister out there being held hostage and probably scared out of her mind… that would make an older brother do anything. He had no idea what this stuff would really do to him. Nor did he care if this was a bad idea or not. His hesitation was so minimal that it was almost nonexistent.

    Christian stepped forward, determination in every move he made.

    “I’ll do whatever it takes.”
  10. It's better than being an american.

    And again, stop being dissapointed, Asmo. You can't win them all.
  11. Asmodeus is really a puppet. Rory is just an accomplished Ventriloquists...with long arms.
  12. i activate my trap card

  13. Let me know if there are any issues with my post.
  14. Your a real funny guy, you know that?
  15. I voted for Paorou to make him feel better.
  16. Lilith kneel down and gently wipe the dust off the tombstone, there was a picture of a little boy, blonde like Lilith with the same mysterious purple eyes just like Astorath. "I've always seen myself as a collector of beautiful children. Your father's eyes were mesmerizing, so I held him captive and wouldn't let him rest until I finally sired his offspring." Lilith's eyes was watery but she refused to cry, "His eyes was almost as strong as your sister's. Astorath gave his heart and soul to teaching him everything."
  17. I'm talking the "Illegal" streams basically.
    You can find decent quality versions of those for almost any show through a Google search and a trying a few links.

    It's how I end up having to watch stuff like GoT because no one provides it other than HBO TV, which my house doesn't have the cable connection to.