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  1. See, this is why you don't write about Nero and Sakura before bed, man.

    I'd play it as well.
  2. You've got this, Mirabelle. Just this year and next then you will be graduated. They'll be proud of you!

    Mirabelle thought to herself as the headmistress went on with her typical spiel, mainly for the new arrivals. While it is true that Mirabelle hadn't made many friends while here, she'd not minded because she had her studies and time outside to work on personal gardens nearby the school itself. However, this year would be different. Being urged by her parents, Mirabelle would find at least one friend she could have to make some fun memories.

    The little fruit bat's eyes peered around at the room before plopping a large cherry into her mouth to drain of its juice. Her eyes narrowed in contentment before clasping her small purse closed to keep from eating all her fruits before school had even begun. She scanned the room once more in search of anyone she might immediately take a liking too, but it was hard from the back row. She could only see the backs of their heads and one simply did not read into an individual's aura by looking at the back of their head. You did that through eye contact. In most cases.

    Finally she'd hear the headmistresses final words and rose to her silken, ballet slippered feet to begin filing down onto the floors. She knew she'd be at the first table so she'd walk, with a small sway to her step, and waited in line for her turn. Mirabelle's fingers on her right hand lifted to twirl the ends of her hair. In her idle twisting she'd blink, catching the eye of a person behind her, and gave a finger wiggling wave to them before turning back around and taking a step forward in the line. She had a feeling this wouldn't be the worst year she has had.

    After a short wait, Mirabelle finally got to the table and peeked over the list with one painted fingernail with a murmur of her name on her lips. "Cerise, Cerise, Cerise, Cerise.. Oh! That's me!" She'd point excitedly, happy to get her room number for the year. After receiving her key and schedule, she'd bow lightly at the waist giving thanks and skipped off to the side to look over her schedule. Perhaps it was the first of the year, or the nervous excitement of the students around her, but Mirabelle felt cheerier and a tad more energetic than she normally was. While it wasn't a bad thing, she certainly didn't want to give off a bad first impression. Especially since she was actually trying to make friends. With a few slow breaths, and a moments silence with her eyes closed, she'd reopen her eyes to a much calmer demeanor. Now if she could only keep herself calm.
  3. You're too kind.
  4. I know I said Mason Post with the purple text and everything but...

    This Post is close enough, right?
  5. morning did your interwebs poop out on ya again?

  6. Mostly based on what I've seen in the IW OOC.
  7. Ive posted things Im not proud of in RPs before, but that most recent Wish Through Time post...at leadt its IC.
  8. Ryker DID establish an entire land of military splendor.
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  10. Sun and Moon, only a week away...
  11. Well, one of the people up for Secretary of State is one of my state's Senators, so kind of interesting if he g-

    >Remembers Corker is anti-abortion
    >Remembers he's a widespread 2nd Amendment supporter
    >Remembers he supports Federal judges exercising judicial restraint
    >Remembers he's skeptical of global warming
    >Remembers he's anti-Medicare and anti-Social-Security (funny when as a member of Congress, he won't have to worry about it after he leaves)
    >Remembers he supported the Iraq war
    >Remembers he's been anti-everything-healthcare-related during the Obama administration
    >Remembers he helped filibuster a 30-day extension of expiring unemployment and COBRA benefits

    Right, nevermind, nope, I'm out.
  12. @conman2163
    1) Do we need to add Prana to our attribute list and rank?
    If Yes...
    2) Are we all starting out at average?
  13. Disclaimer: Character is based off the show, Charmed, and any info found on the wiki.
    Name: Melinda Halliwell
    Nickname: Meli
    Age: 8 to 18
    Birth: March 13, 2007
    Race: Witch turn Whitelighter-Witch hybrid.

    Powers: Telekinetic Orbing, Remote Orbing, Hovering, 'the basic 4', and High-Resistance

    Status: Originally the only ‘pure’-witch of the eldest living charmed one. Still the oldest daughter of the new generation of Halliwell witches. 3rd Oldest when including the boys.

    Loyalty: Her Family, and maybe the elders.

    Appearance: (open)
    She was quite a cute kid with short brown hair, light brown eyes, and the features she inherited from her mother, Piper, and her father, Leo. She liked cute clothing such as ones covered in flower designs, or pink dresses. But around 13 this cute kid starts to develop into a young lady that will get all the boys realizing she was her mother's daughter, and that over the following years she was going to turn into quite a woman. The fact she was an early bloomer only made this more obvious. By the age of 17 or 18 she would be like her mama, a successful and attractive young woman that could become anything she put her mind towards. She prefered to wear baggy clothes like a sweater that helps hide her exact figure, but her girlfreind will know that she had some lovely small C cup breasts under there.

    Like most girls she grew up going from diapers to panties, and bras. And as a human she could wear a large variety of clothing, but had certain preferences such as cute outfits, or baggy clothing. A good way to get her to wear a more revealing outfit once she is older is getting something cute. Maybe a cute lingerie for bedtime that is quite revealing at the same time but that would be more for private times rather than a outfit she wore in front of others. She starts to sleep naked when she is 13 as she was going through puberty, developing sexual desires, and her breasts and such were growing then...so she starts to play with herself when she thinks she is alone, and gets in the mood. Of course, she still wear cute bedtime outfits occasionally or for special days. At 17 or 18...well it will depend on her lover with what she wears at home, but she prefer her baggy clothes when in public. Her mother, and aunts may be proud of their looks, but she really did not like guys and such staring at her. They still stare of course, but not as badly.
    Bio (open)
    Before Melinda was even born her eldest brother, Wyatt, was prophesized to be one of the most powerful witches to date. The Elders wishing to create a more powerful force of good tampered with her older brother, Chris, and herself to make them stronger. As a child once Melinda was born, soon showed some of the whitelighter abilities she was gave from the elders unlocking her dormant gens. In the end the elders backed out taking things into their own hand, but Melinda was left with her whitelighter abilities.

    Everyone forgot that those abilities were gave to her by the elders, and not her witches powers. That, either they have yet to be unlocked, or they were unlocked but not out of control. Yet, some of her younger cousins had already unlocked their witch’s abilities, or other race abilities. So unless she was going to be a failure when it comes to her cousins being able to look up to her, or everyone was missing something important. And, while no one knew this, but with her birth came the birth of the new source of all evil.

    Yes, her eldest brother was going to be one of the most powerful witches, and yes, both of her brothers may have gained all those abilities from their father, and thus may have another witch power waiting to be unlocked. But this did not make her the weakest despite what people may think. Yes, she may unlock her mother’s Molecular Manipulation, or one of the various other magic abilities. Or even become like the witch she was name after, and gain all three sets of abilities of mother and aunts. Or she may had lived a normal life if she did not gain those whitelighter abilities, but while it would take years. She was born with a power, but a more passive one that no one would be able to detect. It however could be considered even more powerful than any other power.

    She was born with an unbelievable affinity for the basic four witch abilities. Spells, Potions, Scrying, and Mediumship. Being able to create any kind of spell, make any kind of potion, locate anyone no matter what magic they used to hide, and even have a connection so strong and clear with the dead that it alone had the possibility to become one of the most dangerous abilities of any witch. It was not really surprising considering that one time as a baby she ‘randomly’ sent potions to the soup her mother was making, and yet instead of blowing up it created vines. Looking back on it, that could be a useful combination to create vines to hold down a demon while the witch prepares to destroy them with another potion. So even if she did not inherit her mother’s abilities she could make up with it through the spells, potions, and so forth.

    A good question would be how did that equal a source of all evil needing to be born to balance it out? The answer was because this was a passive ability she had since birth, and like any other witch her powers will get stronger as she ages. Her affinity for the basic witch’s abilities could develop into a full affinity for magic. All magic. Even dark magic. This would mean she actually had the potential to develop any power, not just ones her parents had. As one would expect even though no one knew this when she was a baby it did influence her growing up. Yes, when her parents saw her they saw a young girl who liked dolls, dancing or ballet, music, the color pink, and nothing that seemed out of the normal.

    She even got to meet her mother from the past, and others. No one thought anything was abnormal. Everyone was worried about Wyatt or even Chris becoming evil due to knowledge of possible futures, and so forth. But no could look at Melinda, and think for a second that she may become evil. Yet, ever since she was 4 years old she had an imaginary friend. If she was ever ‘caught’ no one thought anything about it. Yes, her parents at one time may had used some magic to make sure due to past experience with imaginary friends, but they were always looking for a weak demon that was using long-range magic. Not realizing her imaginary friend was actually right there invisible. But the truth was Melinda was talking to the new source of all evil, and much to her parent’s future headache and horror, Melina was talking to her counterpart, or soulmate.

    At the moment Melinda was around 8 years old, and unless she was at a friend’s house hanging out with someone else. She normally was home playing house with her dolls, and her imaginary friend. She was older now so she was starting to realize other children were giving up their ‘friends’ and that hers was not so imaginary. A least, not going by that recent sheet she found in her room. It was a really nice one also, but made out of a strange fabric. Her parents did not like talking about demons around her, but she was aware she was a witch, and to watch out for demons. She had a feeling her imaginary friend was not showing their self because they were a demon.

    Melinda never said anything though because she figures if her friend was really bad they would have had already did something by now, and not wait till she was older and strong enough to protect herself. Nor did her friend ask her to do evil things, or trick her to betray her parents or anything. At any rate when she thought she was alone she started to research her sheet to try and figure out what it was made out of. She had a theory, but she did not want to get her hopes up. As she had a secret that she did not even tell her parents. But she liked spiders, and even snakes.

    She knew other girls were afraid of them, and her parents would probably jump to conclusions about a demon influencing her if she revealed she had any interest in such creatures. As Melinda thought about that one time when she was 5, and she asked her mother for a demon puppy, and her mother just gave that nervous laugh, and acted like it was a joke. Her parents and other family were more careful about what they said around her, and their other children from that point forward. As for why? Well, she was not sure why, but she found a lot of spiders in her room over the years. And if that fabric is spider silk…

    If her friend was a demon…she was thinking maybe a demon spider instead of her friend just buying it from some demon market. And she figures the little spiders were like people working for her friend to make sure she was alright when her friend was not around, or maybe even her children? She was pretty sure her friend was around the same age as her so she doubts it though. Well, unless it was some strange spider ability like little clones of her friend. As for the snake? Well, she actually found a hurt one in the yard one time when she was six-year-old, and she brought it to the house, and doctored it to health. She secretly kept it in her closet. Although, now that she was a little older…she realized snakes were not supposed to have three-eyes.

    But the snake did not talk to her. So…she was pretty sure she just had an odd snake, and not a demon snake. Or at least he/she never tried to hurt her. She was not sure about the gender though. But she did know her mother and father would not let her keep the snake if they found out. She did not think the snake had anything to do with her friend, but sometimes she catches one of the spiders ridding on her snake, and so she supposes if the snake was a demon it was probably like a real pet, or a familiar of a demon. But not a threat to her friend, or herself. Could it be her friends familiar? She did not think so, but she was pretty sure her friend thought Melinda still thought she was imaginary so Melinda avoided asking demon-related questions that would point out she knew, or at least suspected.

    Her mother sometimes mentions the elders, and how big of a pain they were in the past, but were good people. But they sometimes ‘watched’ them, and so Melinda did not want to say something that may be overheard, and get her friend caught. Melinda did wonder if the elders were perverts or not, but then again she was not really sure what a pervert was at the moment. But her mother did tell her not to let anyone see her undress, or use the bathroom, or touch her besides maybe her hand. Melinda figured her mother would not trust the elders if they were perverts so they did not watch her all the time. Kind of like a guardian angel when she was going to school, or alone in the house while her parents were in another room or stepping out to deal with a demon.

    Wait…. was her friend a pervert? No, wait. That was probably like when she goes over to one of her friend’s house, and she gets to take a bath with them. Her friend was probably alright. She even took a bath with her brothers before so even if her friend was male she did not think it would matter. A least till she hits what her mother called ‘puberty’ as that was when her mama told her she learns where babies came from. She hoped angels delivered them as she thought that would be quite sweet. Her mama did say all her children were a blessing. Her father even said that was when she gets to come to him if a boy ever hurts her. She did not know exactly what he meant, but she noticed her mother shaking her head at her father.

    Overall, she had an interesting childhood so far, and an even more interesting future. She was a bit disappointed though as her eldest brother had a really wide range of abilities at the moment, and got extra attention from their parents to help him with them. But she knew she could not complain as one of her friends had a mother was rarely around at all. And another friend did not have a mother, period. If she wanted to do something with her mother or father, and one of them were busy they usually made it up to her. So she could not really complain. And her brothers were usually good to her. She was 8 at the moment, and that meant Chris was 11. And Wyatt was 12.

    She was not sure if it was because their ages were not that far apart, or because she tended to act older than she was, and thus annoyed her brothers less than other siblings tended to do. But she loved her family, and hoped she makes them proud in the future. She already decided she wanted to be either a teacher or a doctor when she gets older. She was thinking more along the lines of a teacher, though. She wanted to have a loving family of her own, and being able to go with her children to school, and get off around the same time sounded good. Or she could home school them if demons became an issue.
  14. Okay great I'll reroll for that and roll for other things as well
  15. Too late. I too voted for Ryker.
  16. *Several soldiers stand nearby with a keg.*

    We've decided that when all is said and done Archetype and hir daughters get to take WMD and have their way with him.

    Firezone, that is an utterly disturbing image...

    I know! I just thought you could use a squick.

    *Carl shudders.*
  17. [​IMG]
    Laviatin Victoria Visumus
    (goes by Victoria, or Ms. V.)

    362 years, appears to be in her late 20's



    Somewhere within Mount Vesuvius

    Alberta, Canada


    Somewhat lighthearted and cheerful on most occasions. Takes her class very seriously but isn't entirely serious with her students. She is very sociable and compassionate, quite a caring being indeed. She takes pride in the organization of her classroom and she makes sure that her class provides a decent challenge for her students.

    Victoria is one of the few god-like deities that have chosen to reside among humans and their non-human counterparts, those of which attend this school. While she could have opted to blend in with humans, she chose to rather teach the minds of young adult creatures and beings that didn't fit into the human world. She spends her finite days telling them all she knows and all she has learned through her existence. Parents are unknown as is her exact place of birth, but she calls Alberta, Canada her home, and finds great pleasure in visiting there when she can as she had gained a few companions in her days there. But for now, she stays at Kasai, teaching the youth of this age.​
  18. *Sam/Arsenal appears.*

    I get you after s/he's done.
  19. Swear my teachers usrd that examples a lot :-|