[INSANITY AWARDS] Most Perverted Member

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Who is the biggest perv on Iwaku?

  1. Kitti

    7 vote(s)
  2. Myrnodyn

    9 vote(s)
  3. Orochi

    2 vote(s)

    Nominees are not allowed to be offended, they simply put this on themselves.
  2. Kitti.

    That, and we need to have a woman win this poll.
  3. Good point, Archy.

    Expect more threads like this to come.
  4. All 3 are accepted and @Vio Your character reminds me of Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul. I mean like the picture. Except less psychotic. I'll start with the intro to the school right now.
  5. Remember when I used to bring up the sweet semen topic in the c-box? Myrn is still more perverted than that.
  6. Yeah, the only plans involving Ilona's powers at the moment are that she learns how to control them. lol.
  7. This thread lacks options. I am disappoint.
  8. It doesn't need more options...these are our literal heavyweights of the subject.
  9. Seeing Kitti there made me genuinely happy.
  10. I'm...in the lead? o.O

    But I've been slacking lately!
  11. Oh since I have some time to say this before I forget again, Cheza will probably join Mason in the Time Squad stuff. If that's okay.
  12. Is this a clan run by mods
  13. Why are mods always where I am
  14. But Torsty's hot!...
  15. And this is why you will win, Myrn.
  16. Glad I could help.
  17. Good Morning.... ...? I guess.
  18. "Are you going to talk to mommy?"
  19. Hehehehe.....Kitti. KITTI! WIN!