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"I miss..."

  1. Gabriel Zero

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  2. Simica

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  3. Lycan Queen

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  4. Asmodeus

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  1. yep I do
  2. Oh gosh the grade 12 grad ceremony is on wow gtg
  3. Guys this is good.We can change it if needed but this is good.
  4. Asmodeus.

    Wait, what?
  5. Tell the Korean girl to practice her trigger discipline. She has her finger inside of the triggerguard and she's not firing.
  6. "Why are you telling me this?
  7. Kingdoms

    The Shadow Isles:
    The dark lands where only death comes. The king single handedly killed the ruler of the world and started a Cold War which then caused an actual war and he did all of this, just so he could be the true ruler of the world. No one dare enters the Shadow Isles and anyone coming from the Shadow Isles have a dark presence about them causing the rest of the world to fear and even hate them.

    The Ice Kingdom:
    A kingdom built entirely of ice with the Ice Queen living in her palace at the center. It is winter all the time but that is how the queen likes it.

    The Fire Kingdom(Sometimes called The Fire Nation):
    The most powerful kingdom(besides the shadow isles) but they are also some of the nicest people. They constantly have festivities and sometimes even invite other kingdoms to their festivities. The king is constantly searching for his own queen.

    The Sky Kingdom:
    A mystery among mysteries. They don't come to any of the festivities or meetings among leaders and they keep to themselves. Some even swear that The Sky Kingdom doesn't exist. They have a barrier preventing outsiders from coming in and they usually wear cloaks. They are quick and deadly soldiers of the night. Even The Shadow Isles fear them.

    The Thunder Kingdom:
    Another powerful nation ruled by the sister of The Shadow Isle's king. They might be related by blood but she absolutely hates him. She is scary and dangerous, controlling the weather to her whim but besides that, she can be very kind hearted and treats her own people and outsiders with kindness. If they hurt her people, however, she becomes a force to reckon with.


    Have a fear of werewolves since ancient times. They are weak to sunlight but won't die from it. They just aren't as strong in sunlight. They gain their strength from the moon. There are various subraces of vampires depending on what they feed on. Sanguine vampires are very rare in this realm since there aren't any humans to feed on.
    Their fangs and claws are deadly to vampires and when the moon is at its highest peak is when they are forced to change their form to a wolf like creature.
    An evil spirit that possesses humans and turns them into cannibals.
    Half angel, half demon; incredibly powerful and a threat to society.
    The Fae:
    They do live in normal societies but most of the fairies live in forests on the outskirts of the kingdoms. Most of you should know what consists of the fae but if you don't, message me.
    They protect the land from any humans that accidentally come through the realm. Their nests consists of mountains, forests, and plains; anywhere far from civilization
    Consists of banshees, poltergeists, will-o-wisps, wraths, the undead, regular ghosts and any other type of dead. They tend to hang around The Shadow Isles
    A legendary lizard who kills a man with just its stare
    Using banshees to detect when someone is to die, Reapers lead the dying to paradise.
    Beautiful half human/half fish creatures that lure men at sea with their songs. On land, they appear as regular humans. There are different types of these creatures.
    A name for a winged unicorn
    An ugly, oversized humanoid creature with great physical strength and little intelligence.
    A winged horse
    A magical horse with a single horn on its forehead.

    And there are so much more species living in this world


    Paladin(and Antipaladin)
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  9. They can. They are just severly weakened by the sunlight.
  10. It sounded something like a laugh, that sharp little exhalation. "Yeah, well..." Red eyes stared at the limp little girl with hair to rival their hue. "You'd never think she ever had two parents, with how she only ever took after one." Insisted on it, in fact. Kleio had studied his every quirk, his every mannerism, movement, and intonation. And the older she got, the more it showed. It would be hard to even look at her soon, or listen to that tiny voice speak with such surety and sass. It was beginning already. Luna hugged herself tighter and turned her eyes fast from the child. "I, um... I'll... start on the, uh..." Luna waved a hand back behind her, in the vague direction of the kitchen. "Do you mind tucking her in? I know I should, but..." She shook her head, and then lost even the words. She lingered there in the doorway for a moment, lacking only the reason. Habit. Some longing that sickened her to admit. Some longing she couldn't let herself have. "Sorry," she said, and then vanished back into the manor on hurried feet.

    The kitchen door slammed, and left the silence behind. When finished he could meet her there, speak with her there. But not with the girl in his arms.
  11. "Always," he said. And for the duration that she would remember it, the word was as good as a promise. Still, nowhere near as satisfying as the sounds she had drawn from the SOLDIER usually so stalwart. Even she had problems gauging him now and then. To be secret was easy for him, but not tonight. Tonight he was as much an open book as she, and she revelled in the opportunity to read him. His sounds, his touch, his eyes, his words. She shivered beneath the tickle of such tender touches on thigh, glad to have such a strong arm hold her close and warm her.

    That "Always" was as good as permission. The kisses to her neck, the sound of her own moans--they spurred her on to lightly take his chin, to guide his face from her skin, to crush her lips against his and bind her arms about his neck. It was something that was no stranger to her mind, and the subject of many confusing dreams that, flush-faced, she'd had to garble excuses for when the next morning her husband would find her untouched, but definitely wet. Now she tasted him for real. Her tongue pressed to breach lips, spicy as wine, and lap affectionately at his while exhalations rushed wild and hot.

    She pressed her chest pointedly against him. It had been a long while since excitement had made breaths feel so constricted in their own skin. They rushed in, out, faster, faster, her corset-bound breasts eager to draw away just so they could press against him again, begging to be freed, to be touched. Mere tracings weren't enough; she needed him on her, in her, protecting her, adoring her, holding her close, and shushing her woes.
  12. Who is this Sal and Mar you speak of, haha. I have a hard enough time keeping up with names in real life, and I can't handle stuff like matching real names with forum handles.
  13. "I felt her. Somewhere up north. Her powers give off a distinct waves in the air."
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  15. lmao indeed.