[INSANITY AWARDS] Biggest Cry-baby

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Who's crying you a river?

  1. Mara

    8 vote(s)
  2. Jack Shade

    3 vote(s)
  3. Torsty

    3 vote(s)
  4. Porg

    6 vote(s)
  5. Kura

    1 vote(s)
  6. Megane-kun

    2 vote(s)

    Nominees are not allowed to be offended, they simply put it on themselves.
  2. I totally vote for Mara cause she has extra BABY inside her. >:D
  3. Damn you! >=(
    Turning this into something positive and all!
  4. Going with Mara too, god her only conversation theme is her and how she hates her job or some other related shit.
  5. Agreed! It fills me with rage.
  6. Mara does tend to be RAWRG I KEEL JOO more than anyone else.
  7. Fuck Mara, mang.


  9. Indeed. Thats something collectively that has to be determined.
  10. .....

    I would have voted for Asmo...

    *looks around murderously*

    It was probably Asmo.
  12. This thread is delicious.

  13. @conman2163

    Jian followed behind the man with a cloak, towards supposedly the place where he would be meeting with 'others like him who had escaped from the E.I.'. His eyes were darting from left and right, and his face showing the same stiffness. The meal that he had when talking with the man named 'Alan' earlier had helped with calming down a little, after the not pleasant trip of being transported with a bag over his head.

    Over the course of his rather rushed dinner, he listen attentively to Alan's explanation about the group. Being asked about whether he would lend his strength, he suddenly found interest in the soup for a moment. There was a small moment of silence before he looked up again.

    "Alright... I can help," he had said at that time. "because I don't think you or this organization is doing anything particularly wrong..."

    He stopped his moment of recollecting what happened earlier, when they had approached a wooden door. The door was opened, and the man turned to him. The teenage boy merely nodded, with a false, yet seemingly grateful smile. "Thanks. I'll let you know if anything happens." He said with a small wave. That smile faltered once when he was met with the silence of the room. It looked deceptively homey, only Jian couldn't stop the nagging feeling in his mind that he still didn't know where in the world he was.


    Early in the morning, the door had opened ajar and the boy peaked his head out. From the lounge, he could smell the faint aroma of food. He must've collapsed onto bed in a rather tired manner if he hadn't heard the large wooden door being opened. It didn't seem like the others were awake yet, given it was rather early in the morning and the other doors were closed.

    For the moment, he didn't want to think of how he was going to explain the sudden addition of another person in these living quarters. As he sat down in front of the plate, he picked up a fork to move some of the scrambled egg to a piece of toast. While chewing, the bread and egg, his thoughts began to return to what had happened just before he had left E.I. in the silent morning air.

    Lucien had assured that he would be able to escape, and as of this moment it almost seems like it was a success. Only, what was now bothering Jian was the very thought that Nicholas might have already anticipated. A chill ran down his spine, that perhaps his betraying actions might have been playing part of the first founder's plan even now.
  14. WHY AM I IN THIS!!? Ok.. so I know why im in this.. but still!! *Drinks Tea*

    and why am I not in Smartass!?!

    I have an A-level in telling people they are wrong!
  15. Because Porg, you just argue. You don't make grown men cry.
  16. But there's only like, five grown men in the forum, everyone else is a woman.
  17. Doesn't matter if I make people cry! I'm still always right!

    It's part of being British! *Drinks Tea*
  18. Raphael

    Raphael had kind eyes as he watched her flush over him and he took her hand, pulling her into his strong arms. He danced with such elegance. He danced with her for a short time before switching places with another man. he slipped out of the crowd to head back to his palace.

    Once at his palace, he slipped off his cloak and was handed a letter from a servant. At his palace, he didn't have many guards that protected him nor many servants who took care of him. He didn't need them. He was powerful and a force to be reckoned with. His Kingdom bordered The Shadow Isles but the Shadow King never really bothered him. Raphael checked the letter and groaned. It was a mandatory meeting. That meant he actually had to show his face for five minutes and discuss the war with the other Kings and Queens. He only really showed up for part of it since he didn't really care for the other kings and queens.

    Raphael walked back to his office and stood upon the balcony to watch his people dance the night away. He smiled ever so slightly. He loved seeing their happy faces.
  19. ....I have to side with Jess, Porg.... I just can't imagine you making someone cry.... unless you're tickling them or making them laugh too hard...
  20. This is offensive.. I LIKE IT!

    I demand to be in the next poll!