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  1. Private RP between lovedove830 and Clockwork

    Character sheet:

    Name: Jaylee Havson

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Visitor, Hero


    History: Before she lost her mental stability, Jaylee was a normal girl living up in a small town. One day when she was 13, she woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone walking around her house. She heard something in her parents room and naturally curious, ventured inside. There, she saw the sight of her parents brutally murdered with their murderer looming over them. Since it was so dark, Jaylee never saw the attacker clearly but she remembered his bright cheery smile when he saw her. Then the killer walked out without touching her, leaving her in the room standing quietly near the body of her parents. Eventually the police came and questioned her. All she could murmur was "He smiled...he smiled..."
    Jaylee then was dropped off at an orphanage, where she never made friends, rarely ate, and constantly drew. When her caretaker saw the drawings, she was disturbed at the gruesome and dark creations, often of horrible monsters, creations and locations. When she questioned Jaylee, she said it was her world. "My second world..." She murmured. Seeing she was not mentally stable, her caretaker had her sent to Pine Port Asylum where she spent 5 years at with no sign of recovery. At one point a caretaker at the asylum took away her paper in an attempt to stop her drawing and Jaylee decided to draw into her arm, causing a deep scar on her left arm.

    Personality: Before her fall into insanity, she was a happy and humorous person. She loved to laugh, have fun, and help her friends. After her fall into insanity, she became unnaturally quiet and obsessed with drawing. She never listens or talks to people outside her "second world" (with very few exceptions) and often talked to herself (she claimed to be talking to the inhabitants of this world). She is never without papers or pencils and if she is, she will find other ways to draw. No matter how drastic.

    (Alright Clockwork, just post your CS and we can go!)
  2. Name: Mira

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Role: An inhabitant of Jaylee's second world

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Was one of the first creatures born into Jaylee's second world. Her name is "Mira" because of the first four letters of the word "Mirage". A small pun that Jaylee herself made up.

    Personality: Dark-ish and gloomy

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    Chapter 1: Enter the Second World

    Drawing. Drawing. Drawing.

    That was Jaylee's life at Pine Port Asylum. People around her this..."reality", never understood her. They couldn't understand her second world, utterly convinced it was simply her imagination. Jaylee decided a long time ago that they were simply ignorant or stupid or both. She kept on drawing, now in the process of drawing some kind of creature with wings like a bats but bodies like that of a canine with six legs, and an insect-like head complete with a probosces. Once finished, she set it down and smiled. Putting out elements of her second world was one way she communicated with the place. Many therapists for her considered that preventing her from drawing would show her it was all a dream. One caretaker tried once.

    "Jaylee, dear, we're all out of paper."

    That was a lie. They always had paper.

    "Sorry sweetie. I'll try to get you some later."

    So Jaylee drew on the floor, on the walls, on her sheets. Then she spotted her soft and fragile, so much like paper...

    The same caretaker came in later that day with food, only to scream in horror as she saw Jaylee dig the pencil into her arm, creating thin red lines into her skin, ignoring the blood that poured from it. The caretaker rushed her to the hospital, where they gave her stitches and decided that preventing her from drawing would not gain anything. Now she had those red lines still into her skin, now an ugly scar. It almost fascinated her.

    One day, she was drawing. Her food tray was untouched while she drew more and more and more. Then the lights began to dim. She ignored it, continuing to draw. Soon everything became pitch black and Jaylee could no longer see what she was drawing. Frustrated, she looked around only to see an endless black abyss around her, swallowing her whole like water.

    Then she began to fall.

    Her body gave way and traveled downwards to some unknown destination. She kept on falling, confused and bewildered at what as happening. Down and down into the dark abyss, deeper and deeper. Jaylee simply let herself fall, wondering what death would feel like and what would happen to her second world.

    Now she began to slow down, almost like giant invisible hands were gently laying her down. Her back landed on something soft and for a minute, Jaylee considered going to sleep. But then she realized where she was. Sitting up slowly, she saw she was in some sort of black forest, with tall dark trees looming over her. Their bare branches tangled above her and everywhere they stood.

    "Where am I?" She asked herself, feeling her voice echo emptily into the lonely forest.
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    Chapter Two: Mira's Birth


    As soon as Jaylee landed, Mira appeared in a cloud of mist. The mist circled around the dark forest, covering Jaylee as well.

    Mira walked slowly, instantly knowing everything and everyone. To the west was a prairie land were six-legged canines roamed. To the east was a small village with others of her own kind. To the north and the south were other creatures Jaylee had drawn, in the settings that Jaylee had given them.

    "You're here," she said in a smooth tone. She extended a hand to Jaylee and pulled her up. "Welcome, madame. I'm Mira, but I'm certain you knew that, right?" Immediately, Mira shook her head. She shouldn't be questioning her creator so early. "Tell me Miss, how are you feeling?"

    Mira looked around, suddenly wondering if any other creatures would appear. She didn't count on it, but she wasn't sure. Mira took her black cloak off and put it around Jaylee's slim shoulders.

    "Come now, I'll take you to a warm place," Mira assured her, putting a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder.
  5. Jaylee, dazed, looked at Mira. She was so real, just as she had drawn her. Jaylee took a lock of her hair between her fingers and felt it. It felt just like her own hair. So the caretakers were wrong...this world was real.

    "Mira?" Jaylee looked around at the forest. It was just them alone in the lonely setting. "I'm...good."

    She remembered this forest was the Shadow Forest. It was the dark, lonely place Jaylee had walked through so many times in her mind while the therapists told her to focus on the real world...but the second world was real. In the forest, she knew, were monstrous plants and creatures of many different kinds. Except in the heart of the forest, where they never went. She knew that there was a village with more of Mira's kind up north...the Broken Prairies, filled with many vines of sharp thorns where the six-legged creatures roamed. To the North was the Bloodlands, near the village of Mira's people. The Bloodlands was a crumbling ruin of abandoned structures and buildings, where a large looming castle was supposed to roam. Jaylee's home. Then the South was the Valley of Broken Glass...

    There were other places, but many of them were not complete by Jaylee. She wondered what they would look like, but then Mira put a cloak around her shoulders. Jaylee took it, but then hearing a hooting in the distance, she said to Mira:

    "What about the creatures?"
  6. Mira shook her head, starting to lead her away. "Hush, if they don't hear you, they won't come," she cautioned.

    She began heading in the direction of her village. Mira knew it would take some time and it was a dangerous journey, but they could make it. As they walked, Mira leaned over to whisper in Jaylee's ear. "Don't worry, you gave me a sword remember? I can protect us both."

    The hooting could be heard clearer as they continued walking. Twigs could be heard crackling and Mira could feel the presence of another creature.

    She stopped walking for a moment and turned to Jaylee. "Keep walking this direction, do not worry. I will be right behind you."
  7. Jaylee blinked slowly at Mira's word. Even though she knew all the information she was being told, it was so strange...for years her therapists had constantly told her that her second world wasn't real. She never listened to them but to actually be in it physically was...disorienting.

    "It is real..." Jaylee whispered, forgetting Mira's warning. "They were wrong, weren't they?"

    Then she heard the hooting again and Mira turned towards her, telling her to keep on walking. Jaylee wasn't filled with fear of what she had created, but she was wary of the creatures, who were very capable of doing harm. She remembered drawing them...The monstrous plants that she drew after watching the flowers in her window sill back the asylum. Or the other strange beings that wandered the shadow forest. Everything in their domain was dark...Jaylee could only see small specks of light here and there. Occasionally she would trip over a vine that curled on the path. The hooting was getting louder and more frantic.

    "Mira..." She whispered, looking around wildly. They would hurt her too. Despite the fact she created them, they would hurt her.
  8. Mira turned back to Jaylee when she heard her name. At the same instant, Jaylee tripped over another vine. It triggered a vicious reaction from a large plant. It bolted forward, the plant's sharp fangs glinted as it snarled. Mira knew this kind of plant, it would eat Jaylee without a second thought.

    She whipped out a golden sword and slashed the large plant's "face". "Run Jaylee," Mira said. At the same instant, one of the six-legged canines burst out from the underbrush. Mira fell to the ground as it landed on top of her, knocking her sword away. Her eyes widened and she screamed as the two creatures came at her, fangs glinting.

    At least she'd gotten them away from Jaylee, if only enough for her to reach the village.

    Hopefully, someone heard her screams and would come help Jaylee. They would know who she is and treat her kindly, protect her.
  9. Jaylee saw the monsters attack Mira and she became horribly frightened. She stood rooted to the spot at first, not sure what to do. She at first thought of attacking the plant, but she had no weapons. She didn't know how to fight. Then she turned away.

    And ran.

    Her legs moved rapidly, pushing her swiftly from the attack sight. Even then she could hear Mira's echoing screams in the forests. No doubt more creatures would gather and attack her. Jaylee kept on running, ignoring the burning sensation in her lungs. She had to get away and find the village Mira spoke about. It was the only way she could survive in her own world. Finally, after the pain was so great, Jaylee stopped. She was still in the Shadow Forest, though the darkness had subsided a bit. Now that Mira was gone, she felt very alone. She looked around. Only some slight rustles of leaves and the sorrow singing of the wind could be heard.

    Jaylee opened her mouth to yell out, but thought better. She didn't want the creatures to come and get her.
  10. Suddenly, three hooded figures appeared before Jaylee. "Do not fear us," they said in unison, their voices echoing and strong. "We are your creation, you know who we are. We will get you to the village safely, Mira shall be alright."

    And so the three hooded figures lead Jaylee to the village. There was a small hut there, where Mira lived. They let her into the home and motioned for her to sit. Again, they spoke in unison, "Our fourth will be here soon with Mira."

    No sooner had they spoken than Mira and a fourth hooded figure entered. Mira's clothes were torn and she had a bite mark on her shoulder, but no other injuries. Her sword was once again by her side and she seemed fine. Mira smiled upon seeing Jaylee. "You made it safely," she said.

    The hooded men turned together toward the door. "We shall leave for now, and return later. Fare well," they said, bowing slightly.
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    Jaylee opened her mouth and closed it slowly, no words coming out. " are Watchers...You watch over certain places...but there are always so few of you..." As they herded her away, she kept on looking back to Mira, trying to see if she was doing alright, but the Watchers kept on herding her away. Eventually they made it out of the forest and into the village. They ushered her into a hut, where Mira reappeared.

    "Mira!" Jaylee exclaimed at the sight of her. She was still alive, which made Jaylee relax.

    The hooded men left and Jaylee turned to Mira.

    "Mira...This is all real, isn't it? Everyone was wrong. I'm not insane...they just don't understand."
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    Mira nodded as Jaylee spoke. "This is, in fact, quite real Jaylee." She smiled, a sudden glint in her eyes. "If it wasn't real, you wouldn't be here. Would you?"

    Something about Mira's voice was suddenly ominous, as if she were planning something.

    "They always lied to you Jaylee," Mira continued, motioning for Jaylee to sit down. She sat down next to her, smiling a little. "We're all real. All of your creations, even the dangerous ones. You aren't crazy, the people who lie to you are. They can't see us, so they interpret it as insanity."
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    Jaylee smiled to herself. So she wasn't insane. Her creation was real just as it was in the "first world". Jaylee became quiet for a moment, thinking. Then she abruptly stood up, her eyes suddenly mystified with wonder.

    "Mira...can we go to the castle?"

    Jaylee remembered the castle she had created. It was meant to be a sanctuary in the Second World if anyone could get to it. It was a dark place, but safe from the dangerous creatures she had created. It stood in the middle of the Bloodlands. Jaylee had made the Bloodlands a wasteland filled with crumbling buildings everywhere along with different creatures wandering around, seemingly lost. very much like her. To get to the Bloodlands, she had to leave the village and cross the Weeping River, a river filled with tears of saddness.

    "I think...something's in the castle for me." Jaylee blinked, thinking about how strange that sounded. But then she considered the fact that she was labelled as insane and ignored it. "The castle is supposed to be a home for me. I think I might find something there." The Bloodlands were dangerous though, but something in the castle was luring her. She could feel it deep inside of her.
  14. Mira nodded. "Certainly. You know, of course, how dangerous the journey is," she reminded her. Though, Mira did not protest. How could she? Jaylee was the creator of her and her world, therefore, she would have to obey.

    She opened the door of her home, waiting for Jaylee to go through.
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    Jaylee took in a deep breath. She knew this world was filled with so many dangerous creatures. She needed a weapon, some way of defending herself.

    "Mira, I don't have a weapon. Do you have one I could use?"

    Her mind was already filled with details of the journey. First away from the village, then crossing the river, then the the castle. Already she could hear a soft voice chanting to her gently, luring her towards the castle.

    Jaylee...come to your sanctuary.

    "I will." Jaylee suddenly said out loud to the voice.
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    Mira thought of all the creatures and obstacles they'd have to face along the way. Was there any place they could adjourn to and rest safely? She wondered. There would probably be a few inns and such, but Mira couldn't be sure. She had never actually ventured so far from her village, though... She didn't know why.

    Mira smiled slightly. "I do, take my sword," she said, pulling the golden sword out again. She handed it to Jaylee. "Don't worry, I have other weapons," she said, though she knew Jaylee would probably know already.

    She tilted her head to the side, a little curious. "You will what?" she asked the girl.
  17. Jaylee was a bit shocked by her outburst, but answered Mira anyways.

    "Oh, there's a voice calling me to the told me to come to it and I said I will."

    Good, child...

    Jaylee stiffened at the voice again but did not blurt out an answer like before. She took Mira's sword, trying to swing it around in her hands. It was a bit heavy as she clumsily swung it around slightly. However, it was the only weapon she had and it would have to do. The voice calling her to the castle was getting steadily stronger, chanting and singing gently to her. It repeated its desire for her to come. The urge to go was now strong in Jaylee that she walked out of the house and back outside.

    The sun was beginning to set, now leaving the sky a dusty crimson. Jaylee looked towards the North, knowing that's where her destination was waiting for her.

    I'm waiting...

    "Mira, are you going to come with me?" The thought suddenly struck Jaylee. While it would be wonderful to have Mira by her side, Mira had never traveled far beyond her village. But she knew that if she said no, she had to go anyways. The voice wanted her to.
  18. Mira backed up a little as Jaylee swung the sword around. She couldn't lift it very high or swing very fast, but she'd get used to the weight eventually. -The voice...- Mira thought. Who did that voice belong to?

    She nodded and turned to Jaylee, who was already outside. "Yes, of course I'll go. You can't venture out there by yourself," she said. Mira followed her out and looked in the direction of the castle. She turned to Jaylee. "Many of my people hang around outside of the village. If we get in trouble somewhere nearby, they should be able to help us. But after we go deeper, there will be no one."

    They began walking and Mira looked around. "I could ask my brothers, or other people, to come with us. If you like...?" she suggested.
  19. "Um..." Jaylee considered it. "I guess having more people would make sense...since there's a lot of creatures."

    Then she remembered the Weeping River. That too, had many unpleasant creatures dwelling in the depths of it. Jaylee thought hard, wondering how they would get past the beasts that lived there. For one, there were the Hands; forests of arms would rise up from the river and grab anything that would dare to try and cross. Not to mention the aquatic animals that like to bump or crash into the boats. There isn't anything terribly huge in the Weeping River but still, there were dangerous enough creatures.

    "The Weeping River...I just realize I don't know how to cross it." Jaylee stated to Mira, deep in thought.

    You will find a way, child...I know you will...
  20. Mira smiled, slightly amused. "Remember, like me, not all creatures you created are bad." She pointed up to the sky. "You made up some creatures... I can't recall what they're called, they're great big birds! If we can catch one, maybe it'll give us a ride over the river."

    As she spoke, Mira had beckoned her brothers over. There were two of them, both almost a foot taller than Mira. Their hair was a silvery colour, like Mira's, and their eyes were a dark blue.

    "These are my brothers," Mira said. "They'll come with us for a while."