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  1. Paranormals did exist in a wide number, spread across the world. The problems with them were that they were all marked as insane before even knowing about their abilities. They were locked away without answers to why they could read other's minds, or why they could do things that others couldn't. Most of them never figure out what they really are and end up dying in ignorance. Though, the few who did know about the origin of their abilities, wrote it down, and passed it through to family members and who else would be able to get their hands on it. When speaking of paranormals, we are talking about "people" with over-human abilities. Anything from werewolves and vampires to wizards and witches. It was pretty tough being told from childhood that you were insane because you claimed to for example be able to "see the dead".

    Adrian here, was one of those. A type of wizard called a necromancer, whose powers circulated mostly around talking to dead people and/or reviving them (which had so far not been such a nice experience). He had been told that this was all figments of his imagination, and was now situated in a small juvenile center for kids with "mental issues". He had a book with him from his grandmother, who had apparently been a witch. She had known of her abilities and written down that you were certainly not insane, were you sure that it was dead people you saw. He had talked to his grandmother after her death, and that had more or less sealed the deal for him. Of course, he tried to somehow convert these beliefs into words and his parents had thrown him in here, claiming that his grandmother must had "put something weird into his head" before she died. On the other side they were also terrified of Adrian coming to terms with what he really wanted to be. They'd tried talking him off the idea, telling him things like "but you're a girl", "your long hair suited you much better", "you won't be happy", "you're just a teenager" and variations of such. There was no way they could ever change his mind.
    As of now, it was lunch time and he joined the table with the four other residents of the house, three guys and a girl. Adrian had kept himself on distance from both parts, and no one had approached him yet; after all, walking around wearing an eye patch and long coats didn't exactly exclaim "friendly". It was more a way of protection than a style. The nasty burn marks he'd gotten around his eye were still purple, and he was shaken with the whole experience. It had been just before he got into the facility. He had apparently first been found by some other magicians, strange as it sounded, and they'd for some reason provided him with a stand-in eye. Unlike his normal blue eye, it was red. Crimson. With a cat pupil. With it, he could see much better than normally, but he was simply too scared to show it to anyone. So instead he wore an eye patch and gave off the vibe that he had some freaky clothing style.
    As he sat at the dining table with the four others, there was complete silence. Every one of the kids had their issues, and Adrian had yet to figure out if anyone were similar to him. He ate the food in silence, never once glancing up from the plate.
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    Stephen was different from others--he had the power to move objects at his own will, also known as telekinesis. He'd mostly use this ability to harm others. Many thought that this ability was just a silly myth. But it's all reality now, and no one knows expect for him. He developed this strange ability when he was just in middle school, and people always toyed with his feelings. It's become even more stronger and dangerous since now, he knows how to control it, and can use it on anything, or anyone. His parents, however, are very religious and don't believe in, what they call "Nonsense". He ran away because of that, and decided to just live on his own, never revealing his power--that is, until now.
    Stephen was sitting on the sidewalk, his delegate red eyes glowing as the sun hit them. He always wore a mask, that had the appearance of a human's skeleton face, but in a more chilling version. He always wore it out in public, never revealing his face. Being rather quiet, he was actually sort of shy..but is quite mad, changing his personalites alot. He listened to the sound of car's engines, birds chirping, and nearby voices while he looked up at the clouds. He truly missed his own life, feeling like he'd lost everyone.
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  3. It was time for their daily walk outside, and Adrian, having shown a great amount of discipline, was allowed to go on his own. Together with the eye patch, he was wearing a piece of cloth covering his mouth, and a long, black coat. He was wearing black combat boots, and his black hair was a mess falling in front of his eyes. He walked down the street until he spotted a guy, sitting on the sidewalk. He stopped in his tracks, raising his head to look at the guy. He stood there in silence. The boy had, just as himself, covered more or less his entire face, and looked intimidating. Somehow Adrian felt a connection to this person sitting on the road. Instead of saying anything, he just walked over and sat down beside the guy. He didn't say a word, just sat there while taking in the aura of him. Aside from seeing dead spirits, he was also able to sense living people's souls. Did they have ill motives? How were they feeling? He could feel most of such sensations just by sitting close to a person. His demeanor wasn't approaching, nor did it suggest that he wanted to do anything bad to the guy. He just seemed to be curious about the person with the skeleton mask.
  4. An uneasy feeling began to settle in his stomach. He couls feel someone approaching him. He turned to look, and saw a guy, about his age, sitting next to him. A piece of cloth that was covering his mouth? An eyepatch? Stephen had so many questions buzzing around in his head. Strugging the thought off, he continued to take a look at the sky. Although, he felt that he shouldn't hurt him for some reason, like he did with most people that approached him. It was completely unknown of why he did that. But he just felt there was something about the guy, that they had in common. He still, really, didn't bother to ask, or anything, nor did he want to. There was silence.
  5. He drew his knees up to his chin, wrapping his arms around his legs, as he sat and stared out into nothing. His half-long hair had fallen in front of the eye patch, and his face was almost invisible. He also wanted to ask a lot of different questions to this person, but he didn't see a reason to do so. Even if he was extremely frightened of guys, this person didn't seem to frighten him. Was it the bond that somehow seemed to exist among them? He didn't really know. Only that this was the first time after his traumatic encounter with guys in middle school that he had actually been comfortable within a five feet radius of a male. He closed his one eye as a wind blew past them, ruffling up in his hair and coat. Even if he looked the same age as the guy beside him, he was smaller, and with more feminine features. He had slim shoulders and thin legs, and long eyelashes framing his eyes. As he sat there with closed eyes, he could hear the sounds of spirits here and there, whispering in his ear. He had also found out that the guy beside him didn't feel uncomfortable with his presence, only a bit weirded out. Well, Adrian felt weirded out as well, seeing as he had done such a strange thing.
  6. Stephen held his glossy brown hair in place, as a crisp breeze blew past. "Just...who are you..? He finally spoke up. His voice was a bit cold, but at the same time, it flowed smoothly like water. He couldn't help but to ask. His voice was only a small whisper, and with the mask on, it was pretty hard to awknowlage what he had just asked. "Who are you?" He asked once more, just a bit louder this time. He figured that it was hard to make out the same thing he said, just a moment ago.
  7. He sat still for a moment, seemingly marveling over the question, as if it was difficult to answer. He shrugged just slightly and moved a lock of hair behind his ear. Even up close he looked extremely pretty, as if he was of another species.
    "... Adrian. My name's Adrian." He finally answered, making no advances of curiosity toward the other's name. He didn't really feel like he needed to know such a thing, or maybe he just didn't want to. Either way he didn't ask the name of the guy sitting at his side. He picked up a small stone from the sidewalk and threw it across the road, seemingly lost in his own world. It was hard to focus his thoughts on his own when every dead spirit in a one mile radius was trying to get in contact with him.
  8. Stephen nodded, deciding not to ask him anything else. He didn't want to distract him again, or..whatever was going on in his head. He looked at the pebble that was thrown across the street, and held his left arm out to it. On his left arm, there was a strange mark forming on his sensitive skin, growing larger by the day. His eyes began to glow, as the pebble began to rise, floating over to him at his own will. Once it was in the palm of his hand, the glow disappeared from his eyes, and he stared down at the pebble, blinking in confusion.
  9. He looked over with a small smile, though it was hidden by the cloth in front of his face. He untied the eye patch and pulled it off. He observed the guy across from him in wonder as they sat there in silent.
    "Ah, I get it now. We're in the same boat." He smiled again and looked at the guy. The strange bond had been their powers, that special little thing making their auras different from others. He turned the eye patch between his fingers, the wind blowing his hair away and revealing the blood-red cat eye. He seemed to be able to see things three times as good as usual, how the wind blew in the trees, people walking far away from their position, everything seemed a lot sharper.
  10. Stephen nodded in understandment, reaching behind his he:ad, and beginning to pull his mask off. Under both of his eyes, were two black tear marks. Sitting the mask down, he pulled up his baggy shirt sleeve, reavealing the same marks that had been growing on his arms.
    Stephen took a glance at Adrian's eye, and just smiled. "Well, we sure are. But, everyone just finds people like us as freaks." He mutterrd angrily, clenching his fist. "Just...what does your eye allow you to see?" He askdd curiously.
  11. He was staring blankly as the question was asked, his normal, blue eye seemingly unfocused. The purple patches of skin around the red eye seemed to grow darker and the eye started to glow with a clear, bright red. "It allows me to see a lot. See things... clearer. I also see these... colors surrounding people, an aura... they have different shapes, strenghts, and colors... but they all tell something about the person carrying it. My aura is dark grey, with red dots of electricity. It's because of my view on life, and the powers that I possess." He stopped speaking and closed his eyes, his shoulders relaxing. On his hand was a clear, red carving of a circle with symbols inside it.
  12. "I see." Stephen said. "That is a quite unique power, I have to admit." He added, a warm smile appearing on his face. "I just have simple Telekinesis-- where one can move objects with their mind at will." He began to explain, grabbing his mask and putting it back where it belonged-- of course, on his face. He unrolled his sleeve, covering the permanent mark that appeared on his skin, when he first discovered by chance. The black streaks were still visible even with his mask on, but not to where anyone would automatically notice them.
  13. "Sometimes, though, it is quite a depressing ability. Being able to see the sorrows of other people. I really do not find this power positive. I was born to just be a necromancer, talking to the dead. At least I knew that their suffering was over. Here I can only watch their sorrows as they unfold." He sat for a while with a hand close to his eye, seemingly lost in thoughts again. He spoke surprisingly slow, only because he had a difficult time distinguishing his own thoughts from the many, many spirits wanting to convey their stories to him. He could hear their voices muffled together with his own, and finding out which thoughts belonged to him proved to be a difficult task.
  14. Stephen sighed, feeling quite bad for him. He just wondered what it was like, to just see the sorrows of people everyday, and every minute. He just decided to not come up with the subject, even though it was tempting to, sometimes. Stephen didn't really bother to say or do anything. What he had just heard was him...sad. Now he thought it wasn't such a unique power anymore..he sort of thought of it as..torture. To just see people's sorrow's, and can't do anything about it. It got to him for a moment.
  15. "That's just... my opinion, anyways. I have a lot going on in my head and I'm not even sure if what I'm saying is my own thoughts or someone else's.. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where my own thoughts are."
    He sighed softly and ran his hands through his hair, thing back on the eye patch. He turned his gaze to the ground, closing his remaining eye. He still hadn't shown his face entirely, only his eyes, eyes that seemed extremely captivating because of their size. He smiled softly as he looked at the ground, picking up a piece of paper stuck between the cracks on the road, letting it fly with the wind until it disappeared. He seemed focused and unfocused on the same time. He was focused but it was on something far, far away.
  16. Stephen nodded understandingly, but still didn't say anything. He looked back up at the sky, holding his hair in place as a breeze pasted by again. Just even the beautiful sight of the sky, made him forget about all his worries. "Your not alone. We've been there." He finally spoke, still keeping his eyes on the sky. "No one can judge you just because you think or have different opinions about things. That's just plain selfish and idiotic." He thought outloud, but it was only a whisper.
  17. "Yes... I suppose." He was again quiet as he tried to sort out in his be thoughts, his head still spinning. He couldn't describe how it felt to be invaded with other people's feelings and thoughts, but it was a confusing experience. Hundreds of different voices all at once, and he had to listen to all of it. A necromancer could learn a lot of things, but this was the only thing that was impossible to rid of. It was the voices in their heads, the voices of the dead. It was a natural part of them, and if they managed to suppress it, they'd ruin their powers.
  18. He decided not to respond, figuring that Adrian was in his own world again. His gaze went to the ground again, observing the tiny insects that crawled around on the concrete. His gaze went to the sky again, and he began to spin his index finger around in circles, watching the clouds move the same way as his finger did. It almost looked like a funnel of a forming tornado, but he was simply toying around with his telekinesis.
  19. He felt extremely dazed, and in a few moments, he was mumbling incoherent things, thoughts that he needed to get out of his head. He looked completely tranced as he sat there, with his hands folded across his lap, his eye wide open and blank. He sat stiffly with a straight back and his head looking forward, seemingly focused and distracted at the same time.
    When the trance was over, he slowly closed his eyes, almost falling down onto the cold concrete, but luckily catching himself and propping himself up on his elbow. He ran a hand through his hair and let out a sigh of frustration. There really wasn't place for several hundred people's thoughts inside one brain.
  20. He looked at Adrian, confusion filling his head. "Are you..alright?" He asked, a bit concerned. Stephen sighed, not bothering to worry about it. He simply knew something was getting to his head, but knew he was going to snap out of it soon. He minded his own business, continuing to twirl his index finger around, twisting and twirling the delicate clouds into strange shapes, that didn't even exist.
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