Insane love [shappochklack and wipeball]

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Regardless of how many times Isac looked out through the window the weather didn't seem to change. The clouds never moved. He yawned sleepily and shuddered. The building was old and chilly and didn't contain enough radiators to keep the place warm. At least not the guard's office. His chair squeaked a bit as he stood up and walked to the door. He hesitated a few seconds before pressing down the door handle. It was a habit of his. Ironically, he was working at a mental hospital.
"How are we feeling today, Mr? Aren't you supposed to be at your own department?" he triumphed, scowling at a troublesome old man who always messed with him.
"For God's sake, Isac, this is his department," called a nurse in the other end of the corridor and sighed heavily. She was getting tired of the guard's countless attempts to try and catch the mischievous patients before they had even done something.
"Oh... Of course," he answered and hurried away the way he had come.
Gabriel looked around. Everything was working according to the plan. He had been in the hospital only for few weeks and yet he had already tried to escape twice. Unfortunately, he was always caught. But today, it was different. He could feel it! Peeking around the corner, Gabriel checked that it was clear. Quietly as his feet in socks allowed him, Gabriel began to trot down the corridor. Only few more turnes and he would appear by the kitchen which was unoccupied at this time of the day. From there he would sneak out into a grabage bin where he could hide until a big truck would come and take the garbage. Then...he would be free! With a feeling of happiness a wide smile spread on his face and he stopped by another corner peeking around again.
Isac sneaked through the empty corridors, feeling like a hero. If he hadn't decided to become a guard - he would definitely have become a private detective. The problem was that he had no real talent for it. Instead, he ran around at the hospital, trying to find suspicious looking things. But at this moment, he felt pretty much like a loser and decided to grab a sandwhich in the kitchen. Surely, no one would notice! No one could outsmart the guard himself. That would be ridiculous!
"Out for a stroll, Gabriel?" On the way to the kitchen he met the new guy, standing at a corner. Isac smiled brightly at him, not suspecting any evil plans. It was probably a good thing that he had continued with his guard training... he might not be suited for a carreer in the detective business.
Gabriel looked around obviously surprised. How could that happen? There was suppose to be noone! Gabriel wanted to shout in anger, to send the guard away with a proper kick but on the other hand, he was more nervous than furious. What if the guard would suspect something strange? What if Gabriel would end up in that room again? Fear crawled into his mind and into his eyes as well.
"N-n-no s-sir," he stuttered and tried to move away from the man looking at the ground, slightly trembeling. Yet, he still couldn't beleive that his plan got ruined. Maybe if he would try another day...
"No? A little exercise would do you good..." he replied arrogantly and drew a dark strand of hair out of his smirking face. It was growing too long. He was just about to continue away along the steril looking hallway when he thought of something ande turned to the man again.
"I was on my way to grab a snack. Wanna tag along?" Isac didn't expect Gabriel to tell on him. In fact, he seemed okay. Not that they had spoken to each other much before. Gabriel was pretty new here.
At the mention of excercise Gabriel just looked at the guard, confused. What was he talking about? Gabe had never heard that there would be such a punishment. Yet after few seconds the guard was friendly again. Or at least he seemed like that. When he was asked to join him in the kitchen, Gabriel could sense his luck again. If he would be taken to kitchen with this man, he could still sneak out. It might be a bit more dangerous but was worth trying.
"Y-yes sir," he said and made few steps toward Isac, still acting scared even though he was feeling more confident inside, but who would think that a frightened patient would try to escape?
"You don't have to be scared, I won't bite," he muttered. People seemed to misunderstand him all the time. But maybe he shouldn't mind so much when it happened here. After all, everyone here were kind of weird in one way or another.
Isac walked on with Gabriel after him through some doors that he locked one after another. Locking each door over and over again felt useless but was, of course, a necessity. But even if locking doors was a pain in the ass, they finally reached the kitchen door. As they approached it, Isac realized that they could've taken a shorter way without having to pass any doors. Maybe he was the one who should be imprisoned here...
"I'm having a sandwhich. You want something, Gabriel?"
Gabriel got lost after third door they passed through and so he gave up remembering the rest. However, a suspicion rose within his limbs. What if the guard was taking him somewhere else than to the kitchen? As for that, Gabriel started to walk slower and slower not believing the guard at all. But once they appeared in the kitchen, Gabe was delighted. He quickly shook of his victorious smile and put back on the scared one.
"Sandwich as well please, sir," he said and picked a moment when the guard probably would not see him. Gabriel carefully moved around the room towards the final door that separated him from his freedom. When his moment came, Gabe started towards the door, gripping the door knob and pulling it down. Not that, his movements were pretty obvious but as he was wearing just his socks, Gabriel slipped on the floor, hit a table next the door and with a loud bang ended up on the floor.
Isac was just opening the refridgerator when he heard the ruckus. He swirled around and saw the man on the floor. These people...
"My god! What happened to you?" he let the refridgerator door stay open and tried to help Gabriel to reach a more... upwards kind of state. But he was heavy and Isac ended up slipping on the floor too, his face crashing into the door handle, giving him a nasty red mark on his chin.
"Hey? Can you stand up?" he choked. These floors were downright dangerous!!
Gabrie was lying down not completely understanding what has just happend. However, the sure thing was that he was still in the hospital. His confused eyes were about to look in the direction of the voice, feeling being lift up...then suddenly dropping back down, hitting his head once more. Gabriel moaned and pressed the spot where his head hurt. When the pain subsided Gabriel looked around only to discover that the guard was on the floor next to him. He had a funny mark on his chin and Gabriel giggled. When he calmed down he made an attempt to stand up, using the table as a support and thanks God he managed to end up on his feet. Looking down at the guard, Gabriel got several ideas beginning with knocking the guard out and trying to escape. But he considered that as the man was clumsy he might be slow to stop and Gabriel knew that his punch wouldn't be enough to knock out such a man. His eyes were sparkling. Quickly turning around he grabbed the knob, furiously trying to open the door, hoping that he guard was really clumsy and wouldn't be able to stop him.
"Hey, take it easy. That's not even the right door..." Isac didn't seem to get anything when it came to real attempts to escaping. He carefully placed a hand on Gabriels shoulder as if trying to calm a horse. "We should get out of here. This place is dangerous!" he snorted and looked around the room. It wasn't modern in any way. All of the kitchen eqipment looked as though it had been stored for 50 years and then brought out for re-use. Someone could get hurt!
Gabriel froze. The guard was totally dumb! After realizing so, Gabriel burst out laughing still holding the door knob. It took him several minutes to calm down. If he was that dumb, would he even notice if Gabriel would try to get his keys? This thought didn't have to be conidered for long. On the way to the kitchen Gabriel saw several times where the guard put his keys. With a combative expression he threw himself at the guard trying to get the keys which he could use to open the door afterwards. His hope for being free didn't die yet.
"Gabriel! That t-t-t-tickles!" his voice almost drowned in hysterical laughter. What was that man trying to do? Isac tried to push him away, tears of laughter flowing down his cheeks. It felt a bit odd to be suddenly attacked by a patient and thus he started scolding him instead.
"You," he laughed while trying to sound strict, "You're a bit too intimate here. Ever heard of that thing called a personal space?" he tried to joke a bit, unsure of the outcome. The people at the hospital rarely understood jokes. What more, people in general didn't appreciate his pathetic attempts to break the ice.
"Seriously, it's a bit too intimate for me," he explained. He'd never been fond of body contact. His upbringing had been rather special and hadn't allowed him much interaction with other people. Not that he was uncomfortable with socializing. The major problem was body contact. This was too much of it.
Gabriel was frantic and through that curtain he didn't hear Isac talking to him. Where are those stupid keys? he pulled his hand down into Isac's pocket and felt the metal which was warm from Isac's body. He took hold of it and tried to pulled out his fist out of the pocket. However, opening of the pocket was too narrow for his fist to come out, yet Gabriel was desperate so he didn't care if he would tear the pocket or not. Jerking his hand up and down to set himself free, Gabriel's lips draw back into a snarl.
"Get out, get out," he kept on saying more to himself than to his surroundings but for other it might have sounded strange.
Isac was getting panicky and gasped for breath while smacking Gabriels head. What on earth was going on!? The guard wasn't supposed to be sexually abused by the ones being guarded! That was just... Isac tried to crawl backwards but Gabriel, whose hand was stuck, came along too. Isac hit him again furiously and was suddenly shocked to hear himself let out a quiet moan. The stupid man had accidentally touched a sensitive spot.
"Get off of me, NOW! I'm telling you... STOP IT!" his voice was colored by both anger and confusion. How had he ended up down there?
Nah, nothing could set Gabriel of his tracks. Not now when he was so close to his aim. He used all his strength and jerked his hand upwards, hearing a crackling sound of something being torn. A howl of victory escaped his throat and he held the keys high above his head. Then he came back to reality. Seeing the guard's red face, Gabriel thought that he was furious. Worried and scared expression ran across his face. Gabe stumbled backwards before turning around and running back to the door while shuffelin through the keys trying to guess which one was the right one. He got to his destination, picked out a random key and put it in the keyhole trying to unlock the damn door.
Isac heard the fabric split and stood up in the same second that he was free. His cheeks were buring red and he was kind of angry.
"Where do you think you're going!?" he yelled and threw himself at the man, pressing him against the door so that he couldn't escape. After all, this was what he was trained for. He tried to hide to himself the fact that he'd actually reacted to the man's wicked actions. He'd pay for this. Mentally ill or not.
"You're still going the wrong way. And if you feel like running away you should have thought about that before trying to molest me! Feeling ashamed isn't going to do you any good. Apologize," he grunted and let go of Gabriel, catching hold of his keys again as though demanding a dog to let go of his most precious tree branch.
Gabriel squeeked as he was pressed againt the door by a brutal force that it nearly knock out the air of his lungs. He couldn't hear the guard properly for he was suddenly confused again. His hand where the keys were few moments ago was closing and opening and Gabriel starred at his empy han with and idiotic expression on his face. However, certain words did reach him and when Gabe understood their meaning, his face grew shocked.
"Molest?!" he squeeked again, his eye wide as teacups. "W-what do you mean? I haven't molested anyone!" Gabriel exclaimed and tried to wriggle out of the guards grip.
Isac snorted. He was probably one of the disillusional patients...
"I was just trying to be nice when I brought you along. Geez." He let go of Gabriels wrists and held the keys tightly in his hand. He hurried to the refridgerator to grab that sandwhich and then locked up the door that led to the correct way out. "Get over here, we're going back," he said in a bitter tone, rolling his eyes. Never again would he be so foolish.
Gabriel's expression was still startled. Many questions ran through his mind. When he was told to join the guard, Gabriel hesitated lookin back at the door. How it tear him apart to turn his back on his only hope! With a sight and a teardrop in the corner of his eye, he obediently went over to Isac. As he was passing by the guard, with his head bent, a whine escaped his mouth and Gabriel bit his lip to stop. After all he was a grown man so how was it possible that he was so...emotional? Probably because of the place where they've put him. It was all wrong. Everyone was against him, against his Truth. Sadness was exchanged for anger. Gabriel furiously turned around and looked at the guard.
"It is all your fault!" he shouted and clenched his hands into fists but didn't show an attempt to start a fight.