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  1. Sign ups and OOC -

    Rules in the Hospital:
    You can't have shoes on, only socks.
    No metal whatsoever, no glass bottles, no hard, brittle plastics.
    You can't have pencils in your room, but you may have markers or crayons as well as coloring books.
    No belts, drawstrings on your pants or anything else you can hang yourself with.
    You have to eat 85% of meals at least. Snacks are not mandatory unless you have anorexia type one or two.
    You can't go to the bathroom half an hour after meals and snacks for people with Eating Disorders. You must stay in front of the nurses station or the group room.
    No standing in the doorways of other rooms.
    You must take showers in the morning, your hair has to be wet and smell clean to the nurses.
    You cannot wear PJ's all day, you do have to get dressed after breakfast at least.
    One snack per snack time, one dessert per patient at night.
    No substances or alcohol on site.
    Showers must be taken in your own bathroom connected to your room. Bathroom breaks must be taken there too.
    Bad behavior will make you sent to your room. Head banging, wall punching, or any other harmful behavior of yourself or anyother will result in a chill out in the cool off room with a straight jacket. You will stay there in increments of 10, up to all night.
    No mouthwash or handsanitizer with alcohol in it. Same with acne face washes with alcohol.
    Refusing meds or not following direction will result in time outs and privilege take-aways.
    (Subject to change if I think of more!)

    You get a folder with some papers, a journal and some crayons when you are checked in. If you dont bring your own blankets, toothpaste, toothbrush, chapstick and other such things can be provided. Including scrubs, socks, stuff to wear. Inside the folder has the schedule and routine for the day. People with extreme OCD/anxiety will not get the schedule.
    The schedule is as follows
    Mon-Fri: Wake up at 7 - showers from 7-7:30, clean rooms and chill until 8. 8-8:45 is breakfast, 8:45-9 is daily reminders and positive affirmations. 9-10:30 is group therapy, 10:30-11:00 is snack, then freetime in the group room or if you've been good with privileges you can ask a nurse to spend freetime in your room until 12:00. There is a wii in the group room, and nailpolish and hair tools can be taken out for freetime in the group room, as well as other games. During freetime your doctor/psych will take you out of the room to meet with you briefly. 12:00-12:45 is lunch, 12:45-1:30 is the final freetime you get and if the doctor would like to check with you again for any med changes and such. 1:30-2:30 is yoga, meditation, or a quiet time of art depending on the group censuses. 2:30-3:30 is nursing education, speaking about mental disorders and such and awareness. 3:30-4:00 is the news while snacktime occurs, positive things that are going on in the world it told to patients and any very big neutral changes are as well. 4:00-5:30 is the second therapy group for the night. 5:30-6:15 is super. 6:15-7:00 is privilege time, if you've been good all day you can get an extra snack, play bingo for prizes, get an extra turn on the wii, ect. 7:00-8:00 you meet with your doctors/psych for the last time to check how things are going, 8:00-10:00 is TV time and freetime until 10:00 which is lights out. You can spend this time without privileges in your room if you prefer.

    Breakfast and group therapy takes place upstairs so when everyone is done showering and getting ready they go upstairs.
  2. Ppssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh...

    Ice spikes slammed into her otherwise warm skin, stabbing tingles along her spine and shoulders. It pooled around her legs and feet, swirling around her tailbone and between the space between where her feet were planted and her bottom sat, into the drain. Knees to her chest and arms hiding her legs from the chilly assault she sat watching droplets of water drip from her bangs with a quick pace to the top of her knees. Shivering kills 600 calories an hour. A shudder went down her spine, her deep blue eyes flicked upwards. Shivering kills 600 calories an hour. 600. 600. Six hundred divided by sixty is a hundred. Ten minutes. One hundred calories. Ten minutes, ten minutes. Mickayla's broken nails dug into her soft skin. It's been about four, six minutes, six minutes. One, two, three, four... No, count slower. One... Two... Three...

    Knock Knock

    "Mickayla. It's been ten minutes, finish up and get out here. We have five before we head upstairs. Thank you for cleaning your room." Kassie knocked quietly, her calming voice slipping through the heavy door that lacked a lock. She swore at herself in quiet, knocking the shower off.

    "Yeah, just a minute." Mickayla muttered, though she knew all too well Kassie would be unable to tell her. The bathrooms were all small, a toilet, stand up shower with only barely enough room to sit, two small little shelves for a small plastic capsule of shampoo and conditioner if you didn't bring it yourself. And a little tiny rack for the clean towel and washcloth they give you every day. Stepping out, the mirror was fogged. Not from heat but from the coolness of the shower hitting the relatively warm mirror. The sink was just as tiny as the shower, with enough room for a tiny comb, toothbrush and tiny tube of toothpaste. Quickly toweling herself off and brushing through her hair she got into her little red and black soft cotton dress. It was a little fancy for a hospital, right? But Mickayla was wearing it for the softness of the knee-length little number.

    Her skin was a paleish white violet shade and her cheeks red with cold when she slipped out of the shower into the room. The ceilings were high, it was a decent room with white walls and vomit green rug floors. A table sat between two beds, and a desk on either side of the room. Mickayla's side had papers and coloring books perfectly lined up by size, crayons by color. Beauty items that lacked metal were lined up by height on the desk, as well as papers and her journal with a small piece of tape cutting the table inbetween both beds perfectly in half.

    Putting on socks from her dresser draw, she grabbed her folder with her journal and a few crayons for upstairs and slipped out of the room, closing it behind her. The hall was long and rowed with doors, at the very end a bulletproof glass with a locked door and elevator behind it to go upstairs. Kassie stood with Key's waiting rather patiently, looking into the nurses office that was right beside the elevator. A few secretary like girls wrote out papers and typed from computers inside, that was also where the pencils, sharpener and phones for phone time was held.
  3. The cluster of dead silence overwhelms Calum's presence as he sinks in his own deep thoughts and unfortunate memories. He keeps his water-filled eyes masked away from other beings who may cross paths with him in future by his thick, black hair that is slowly creeping down to his cat-like eyes. The memories of the abusive relationship he had with his ex-boyfriend keeps on replaying in his mind, traumatizing him and sending his mind in the wrong head space. Calum was shaking in fear as his eyes were sticking to the scars and the healing wounds on his bony arms caused by his ex-boyfriend. He could feel the icy droplets called tears escaping out of his chocolate coloured eyes and streaming down his lifeless, pale cheeks.
  4. The sound of ticking never gets old...The monotonous clicking echoing from a clock in Wayland's office as he flipped through the files of patients. As he read over, his mind had become affixed to it. It was a sound often forgotten; taken for granted for its importance, never missing a beat. The sound of a nearby door clicking snapped him out of his daydream, and his focus went back to his work.

    "Lets see here...Dussault, registered. Maye, registered, Harris, Callahan, Balista, Audrelago and Wu...etc. all registered."

    He double checked the current list of patients in the fourth and fifth floor before sitting back, seeming content. He turned on the intercom on his desk.

    "Could you get the nurses to bring in the first patient if they had not already done so?" He was not fully accustomed to his new work environment, but a schedule was a schedule.

    After a few seconds of silence a voice on the intercom responded.

    "Certainly Mr. Wayland, anything else?"

    "That will be all, thank you."
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  5. " Wake up you bum " a voice chimmed in the dark " Shut up you're the bum " another voice followed " You both are bums now shut up before we get in trouble ", Then cold..cold? and hard?....The room coming slowly to light, Opening his eyes slowly Isaiah felt his hands across the cool floor and groaned as he stood up slowly from the ground chuckling. His pajama shirt on the bed still his bare chest being hit by a small breeze " Mmmm, good morning fellas " He said looking about the room which only had him in the room. He mumbled and stumbled into the small bathroom space, were he unleashed a flurry of liquid into the the toilet. Which he had then begun to climb into the shower, which seemed to have enough heat to keep him warm enough. Letting the water run down his bare body he splashed soap about himself in another flurry of movements, Making himself smell as good as he could so these nurses wouldn't yell at him. He quickly turned off the shower and hoped out looking around and grabbing his underwear and putting on his black stringless sweatpants, and a black sweatshirt which fit a bit loosely to his body. He slid about on the bathroom when he put his socks on and leaned over to the mirror and rubbed on it so he could see himself. And proceeded to brush his teeth, spitting into the sink once done rinsing his mouth and walking out the bathroom. Stretching a bit, before he twitched a bit and seemed to become quiet and awkward. He rubbed his arm, as he layed on his freshly made bed and awaited for the door to be opened.
  6. "Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
    Mama's going to buy you
    a mockingbird....
    And if that mockingbird won't sing,
    Mama's going to buy you
    a diamond ring...."

    Alice's voice was soft and eerie, and could be heard throughout her bedroom. She had not gotten much sleep the night before, drawing more pictures of flowers to embellish her pale white walls. Her whole room seemed porcelain white, the only colors coming through were her favorite's of red , green and blue. That were represented in her multiple drawings which also hung on the walls. Those same colors matched her bed sheets, which had small roses and vines. A green bed side table sat in the room as well, which held a framed picture of her parents and younger brother. Though at times she didn't recognize who they were, she still kept it there by request from Caterpillar (a.k.a Dr. Wayland).
    Alice sat upon her bed, her legs crossed as she held tight a stuffed rabbit. Her wet hair clung to her skin as it dripped down her neck, giving Alice slight goose bumps up her arms. A frilly gown was clothed on her small figure, enhancing her naturally beautiful features. A sharp jaw, pink- almost red lips and ice blue eyes. You would have thought she had jumped out of a story book. Let alone be sitting in an Asylum room, waiting for the flowers (the nurses) to let her out. Her stomach was silently grumbling and making her hungry, yet she still sung. Her slender fingers caressing the soft fur of Rabbit.
    "And if that diamond ring turns brass,
    Mama's gonna buy you
    a looking glass...
    And if that looking glass gets broke,
    Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat...."

  7. Kat opened her eyes slowly, trying to think about what lie ahead in her day. She'd been good this week. Free time, then, would be alone in her room, which she had not shared since the incident two months ago. Honestly, Kat had never meant to harm anyone, certainly not her roommate. She was a sweet girl, and Kat had admired her. There were few people that Kat didn't admire, really. She loved people. She wished they would love her back, but she understood. She didn't really love herself, either. She sighed, closing her eyes again. She was just so tired; nothing made getting out of be worth it.

    "Kat?" she heard a voice ring outside the door. In a moment, it would open. She turned from her back to her side, facing the wall. "Kat, come on. Please get up." Kat opened her eyes, confirmed that the wall was there, then closed them again. No thanks, she said. I don't feel like doing today. You can come back tomorrow. Maybe I'll wanna do that. The door opened.

    "Psht," Kat whispered. The nurse nudged her. "Psht," she whispered again.

    "Psht," the nurse repeated. Kat giggled. She liked that sound. She liked the way it felt saying it, and she liked when it reached her ears.

    "Psht. Psht. Psht. Psht." She turned and faced the nurse who smiled down at her.

    "You're an adult, Katherine. Don't make me get you up," she said, firmly but kindly. Kat sat up, still making the sound as she did. She stopped when she reached the hallway, looking down to avoid eye contact with anyone that she may have passed. She didn't want to see people today. It wasn't one of those days.

    In the shower, she began making the sounds again. "Psht. Kuh. Kuh. Kut. Pshk. Aht. Aht. Acht. Mayonnaise." She liked words, but she knew it was weird to just say them out loud. That's why she loved the shower. Many people sang in the shower; Kat spoke, albeit quietly to herself. It made her chest feel calm. Most days, she had conversations, but today was not one of those days. She was not calm enough for that today. So, the sounds were her substitute. The thirty minutes were up too soon, and Kat hadn't even soaped up yet. She'd been too preoccupied by saying all of her words into the warm water. This wasn't abnormal for her. Thirty minutes simply wasn't long enough. She got out when she was told, though, and dried herself off slowly, assuring that she didn't leave any part of her body wet.

    "Time to clean," she told the nurse when she was done. She hated cleaning. When she arrived back in her room, the first thing Kat did was lie on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She could clean later. It wasn't like there was much to clean anyway. She closed her eyes again, wondering how it felt to anticipate the day.
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