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  1. This RP takes place in the USA. In New York, New York there is a mental hospital called 'Happy Mind Estates'. This hospital has people from all over the country with different mental illness, and a few people who are from different countries. It's a high security facility and almost impossible to escape. This RP will be taking place on 3D, the fourth and fifth floor of the large building. This is an adult only floor, meaning 18+ are on this floor. This doesn't mean YOU have to be 18, but your character does. If you've ever been to a happy house, you know the separate the patients based on age. You have up to two roommates a room, but they are separated by the gender you feel is appropriate for you. Meaning if you consider yourself female, you will either have your own room, or a room with one or two roommates that are also female. There are different personelle you can be here, a guard, psychiatrist (who works with meds), a psychologist (who works with diagnosing the patients, a nurse (who deals with the patients all day) (if you make a nurse, please make two characters, nurses change shifts, and there is a day and night shift). If you wish to be a patient, you can be of any kind with a mental disorder, suicidal, self-harm tendencies, alcoholic or substance abuse victim, extreme depression or bipolar, multiple personality disorder, ect. For a list of things admitted into a hospital I recommend you check out google.

    Rules in the Hospital:
    You can't have shoes on, only socks.
    No metal whatsoever, no glass bottles, no hard, brittle plastics.
    You can't have pencils in your room, but you may have markers or crayons as well as coloring books.
    No belts, drawstrings on your pants or anything else you can hang yourself with.
    You have to eat 85% of meals at least. Snacks are not mandatory unless you have anorexia type one or two.
    You can't go to the bathroom half an hour after meals and snacks for people with Eating Disorders. You must stay in front of the nurses station or the group room.
    No standing in the doorways of other rooms.
    You must take showers in the morning, your hair has to be wet and smell clean to the nurses.
    You cannot wear PJ's all day, you do have to get dressed after breakfast at least.
    One snack per snack time, one dessert per patient at night.
    No substances or alcohol on site.
    Showers must be taken in your own bathroom connected to your room. Bathroom breaks must be taken there too.
    Bad behavior will make you sent to your room. Head banging, wall punching, or any other harmful behavior of yourself or anyother will result in a chill out in the cool off room with a straight jacket. You will stay there in increments of 10, up to all night.
    No mouthwash or handsanitizer with alcohol in it. Same with acne face washes with alcohol.
    Refusing meds or not following direction will result in time outs and privilege take-aways.
    (Subject to change if I think of more!)

    You get a folder with some papers, a journal and some crayons when you are checked in. If you dont bring your own blankets, toothpaste, toothbrush, chapstick and other such things can be provided. Including scrubs, socks, stuff to wear. Inside the folder has the schedule and routine for the day. People with extreme OCD/anxiety will not get the schedule.
    The schedule is as follows
    Mon-Fri: Wake up at 7 - showers from 7-7:30, clean rooms and chill until 8. 8-8:45 is breakfast, 8:45-9 is daily reminders and positive affirmations. 9-10:30 is group therapy, 10:30-11:00 is snack, then freetime in the group room or if you've been good with privileges you can ask a nurse to spend freetime in your room until 12:00. There is a wii in the group room, and nailpolish and hair tools can be taken out for freetime in the group room, as well as other games. During freetime your doctor/psych will take you out of the room to meet with you briefly. 12:00-12:45 is lunch, 12:45-1:30 is the final freetime you get and if the doctor would like to check with you again for any med changes and such. 1:30-2:30 is yoga, meditation, or a quiet time of art depending on the group censuses. 2:30-3:30 is nursing education, speaking about mental disorders and such and awareness. 3:30-4:00 is the news while snacktime occurs, positive things that are going on in the world it told to patients and any very big neutral changes are as well. 4:00-5:30 is the second therapy group for the night. 5:30-6:15 is super. 6:15-7:00 is privilege time, if you've been good all day you can get an extra snack, play bingo for prizes, get an extra turn on the wii, ect. 7:00-8:00 you meet with your doctors/psych for the last time to check how things are going, 8:00-10:00 is TV time and freetime until 10:00 which is lights out. You can spend this time without privileges in your room if you prefer.

    (This is a real mental institution sched. So if it seems funny, alls I can say is it's correct.)


    Simple character sheet needed: Name, Age, current diagnosis, picture and small description. History is welcome but not needed, leave a little mystery to your character. 2 characters per person unless your a nurse then you may have 3.
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  2. Name: Mickayla "Kitty" Dussault
    Age: 18
    Diagnosis: ENDOS (eating disorder otherwise not specified, symptoms are overeating, vomiting, under eating, purging through laxatives and working out), PTSD, OCD, Anxiety Major Depressive disorder. (In order from most symptomatic to least)
    Appearance: 5'5", 155 pounds (slightly chubby), long blonde hair with dyed tips. Wide kind of out of it blue eyes and pale skin. Weird fashion style, slightly shaky.
    Photo on 2-24-14 at 8.09 AM.jpg

    I am basing this off of myself for a current project I'm doing with real life vs. romanticism used in writing, I hope no one minds. ^^"
  3. Name: Ally Maye
    Age: 19
    Diagnosis: Severe OCD and anxiety, Depression and many attempts at suicide and known to have been a heavy drinker
    Appearance: 5'6, 147 Pounds, A pink bow tied in her dark brown hair, Light brown eyes and pale skin. Simple style, usually only wearing tank tops and jeans. She is often found rubbing her hands together and looking slightly scared or worried about something.
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  4. Name: Aden Hunter Audrelago

    Age: 21

    Current diagnosis: Severe Anxiety, Schizophrenia, hints of being suicidal, Severe Dream Anxiety Disorder (will often scream at night due to this), suffering Insomnia due to D.A.D.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    (His skin is much more pale than that, and possesses dark rings under his eyes due to Insomnia.)

    Small description: Constantly hallucinates the figures in his nightmares, can commonly be seen looking around the room in fear. Is afraid to sleep due to these nightmares.

    History: Mystery.

    (I'm sure no one will mind. :3)
  5. Name: John Wayland

    Age: 41

    Appearance: He is rarely seen outside of a doctor's garb, professional, yet impersonal at times. He tends to keep his workplace, and himself very prim and proper.

    History: Dr. Wayland grew up with big dreams in life, he wished to perfect his study and become a licensed neurologist, perhaps even perform general surgery. And he reached them, he was a prodigy to the locals and even appeared in the news every now and then. However, one day during a craniotomy, the nurse had forgotten to replace the tank of anesthesia, which caused the patient to wake up mid-surgery. On Wayland's own account claimed that the patient began to panic, and thrash around, by doing this an aneurysm was cut off and the patient died. It was reported that Wayland had improperly done the procedure, and his license to practice surgery was removed. The nurse was nowhere to be found after the incident occured. He had returned to college to gain a degree in psychology, and was later admitted to Happy Minds Estate, treating patients on the fourth and fifth floor. He has basic knowledge of working with medication, being a former neurologist. He keeps his surgery kit in his office. Though when questioned about it, he simply waves it off, saying he won't use it.

    Background: He contains a master's degree in neurology, and a bachelor's in psychology, he has sufficient knowledge of psychiatry, having worked with other psychiatrist in his previous occupation.
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  6. Accepted everyone so far. :)
  7. Can I stake a flag right here? I can't make a character sheet at this very moment, but I want to jump in.
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  8. Name: Nurse Kassie
    Age: 32
    : e335ec8190df00b1f94c44480ab40461-d4pcjh6.jpg Brown hair, pale skin, curvy, 5'9"

    Name: Nurse Kelsey
    Age: 28
    Appearance: 4f9b5b2f44382b123afcc3c0f0c39937-d33lown.jpg Red hair, 5'0" quite thin. (Night nurse)
  9. Also, I noticed there's no time for physical activity...
  10. Theres no personalities for the nurses?
  11. When I was placed in the mental institution they didn't allow anything other than a walk during free time because of the anorexics purging through working out. It's a freetime activity that can be done, but it's not often. And the walk is outside and your on a leash-like thing so no one likes it because you look crazy. But I mean it is available. On weekends they let you have visitors and take walks to the cafe if you dont mind going on your thing.

    Also the nurses are kind of just for directing the schedule. I will add personalities when I have more time but they aren't extremely important other than to help the sched on longer.
  12. Don't know how long ago you were in, Kitty, but a lot of research is being done regarding the importance of physical activity among the mentally ill. When I was in, they let me run on a supervised track every day.
  13. They didn't let me. St. Mary's in lewiston or auburn maine for a couple weeks.

    Also you can see why they wouldn't have it for anorexics and those who purge through working out. It would make their illness worse and they could be triggered by watching others which is why they didn't let us do a lot of working out. Also it was a smaller facility too
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  14. Name: Katherine Callahan (Multiple nicknames, e.g. Kat, Kate, Katie, Kath, etc.)
    Age: 22
    Current diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder
    Small Description: Katherine is unnaturally pale with dark rings below her grey-blue eyes due to anemia. Though taller than most (standing just a hair below 5'11"), she is small boned. Described as gangling by her mother, Katherine's physical appearance is comparable to that of a Tim Burton claymation. Katherine danced ballet for years, so she always stands very erect, making her appear even taller than she actually is.
    Picture: [​IMG]

    (P.S. I'm playing myself, too, Kitty.)
  15. Name: James Caramon Harris
    Age: 21
    Current Diagnosis: Multiple Personality Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Manic Depressant, Severely Hallucinagenic
    Appearence: He stands at 6'2", weighs 325 lbs., yet appears to weigh less, has dirty blonde hair that drapes over his broad shoulders and blue eyes that change colors depending on his mood.
    He is usually seen wearing a black, sleeveless hoodie, which he uses to cover his eyes due to his sensitivity to light.
    He rarely wears anything beneath it, and prefers wearing it partway open along with a pair of large, dark blue jeans covering his lower half.
    He walks around barefoot, as he prefers not to slide around on the floor when he tries to walk.
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  16. Alright I think there are enough people to start this up!
  17. Was I accepted?
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