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  1. Hello there, Iwaku! Gigi here trying to strong arm a few good people into playing an incredibly silly tabletop game with me to kill my endless boredom! So this time around I'm trying something nice, simple and insane -- Maid- The RPG.

    What is it? Well, in gist it's a game about... well, maids. Specifically the anime troupe of the hyper capable, unusual and orthodox super maids. You know, the ones beating down baddies with cutlery and getting into all sorts of action and romantic theme hi-jinx. Ya know, that stuff! It's really hard to explain it any further without touching on the mechanics.

    Much of character creation and the actual playing of the game is quite random -- not unlike the 'issue of the day' format that the animes that inspired it follows. Randomzied stats, features and the like tend to create interesting characters for you to try and act out and give you a chance to perhaps play something outside what you might normally do ( though I'm not so stingy as to not let you re-roll a character you don't think you'd enjoy. )

    Anyone interested feel free to poke this forum or just PM me if they're curious or interested!
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  2. I have a digital download of the rule book around. Id be up for some silly fun
  3. Don't worry, the rules aren't too complex. :3 Shall we go to PM for character creation?
  4. Yeah I've rolled several charas for friends in the past so I remember the creation process being pretty streamlined. It's been a while though

    I'm about to go to bed but if you wanna reach me in the evening (like 6pm est) I'm up for PM
  5. xD Think I'll be asleep by then but I'll just throw it your way and pray you're on when I'm up.
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