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  1. Thank you for your kind reply and multiple words!

    Okies. I will follow through like the diligent little rabbit that I am and see what I can find. And yuppers, I've written the character sheet and included a description there (but as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words -- or at least a note or two on a rusty guitar).

    from She Who Sleeps Not nor Toils In a Freakin' Field Full of Lilies
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  2. What is the protocol when a player wants to create a 1x1 or a group plot outside of the main one?
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  3. Senpai!

    Okie dokies. Here are images winnowed out for rich snot Dionysius & his fragile twin Valentin. Also White Snake (criminal). If any images don't flow well for the story, just let me know, I have back ups via other images. (And back ups of back ups!)

    Also, I wasn't sure the liberties I could take with pictures, besides cropping for a headshot (to cut off those nasty vampire claws, etc.). As you will see, the artist signed one picture across the head. I can photofiltre that out, but is that okay? Or just leave as is?

    Thanks very much for all your good advice & links!

    Dionysius (open)


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  4. We will release something about that in a bit, so keep your eyes out on the forum!

    Your second pic pulled a disappearing act on me. :c

    The first picture looks fine. The third picture is a little too anime for my tastes. However, as I mentioned before the images aren’t a hard requirement.
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  5. @Nemopedia

    Okay! Proceeding nervously to citizen creation! (I've forgotten all I ever knew about creating templates. Erk.)
  6. If anyone is looking for a character idea --

    One of my PCs, Brulow Charldin, has a gang of kids :D Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in!

    (I started the list, those are currently NPCs with very little info to them, so if anyone wants to pick them up as full characters, be my guest! CITIZEN FILE - Pahn )

    EDIT: ayyyyy
    BULLETIN BOARD - Chattering Coughs - The Nest (Prequel)
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  7. This one for @Snowflake too, as we both have characters (or relations to characters) with an addiction to the Medicine.

    What should the symptoms of Medicine withdrawal be?

    From the codex I understand it should mostly be vertigo and wooziness which (while uncomfortable) shouldn't be overly taxing or fatal.

    If we assume they've had a high enough dose to become properly addicted (not just the atmospheric dose all Floaters have), is the withdrawal survivable or only with medical treatment?
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  8. I will poke our talented creators on the Medicine Withdrawal question again though, since it's likely to come up in the next mini plot arc.

    How miserable would we be if we don't find a friendly criminal to help us out?

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  9. I can’t recall if there was an answer anywhere, but if we don’t get accepted, how do we know? Would we get a PM explaining why or would something else happen?
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  10. Yep! If a character needs edits or is rejected, we'll be sending out a message to inform the player of this. If you haven't received either a like or a message, then it is likely that we're still looking through the character and discussing things. c:

    Unfortunately, this is a question that can only be answered by our GM. :'D
    She is currently working on the answer to this and will have it up soon!
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    Since there seems to be some confusion over what exactly the work division is I will take this opportunity to explain this.

    First of all, let’s get to the obvious. The GM; Nemopedia-- Me! As a traditional GM I will be responsible for maintaining the roleplay and making sure that it doesn’t die out. However, next to that I’m also responsible for building and expanding Golden City. Most of the questions regarding Golden City should thus be directed to me, as the location is all within my mind translated into words. I will usually act as the final word within Golden City.

    Second we get to the CO-GM’s. darkflames13 and FieryCold are my CO-GM’s. They are also tasked with the traditional GM role. They will keep an eye out for me on Golden City as I continue to build. They are also the people that will be the first to read any of the new information I put out as they are also tasked with the proofreading. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to answer all of the questions, however. If I haven’t written something they won’t know about it, obviously. They are the second-in-command in Golden City and hold a lot of executive powers within the roleplay. I value their advice and opinions highly and trust them completely so be sure to treat them accordingly!

    Lastly, I will introduce a new role that hasn’t appeared yet: the Moderator. I might open the position in the future, but for now it shall stay empty and dusted. The Moderator is a helper and won’t hold the same executive powers as the CO-GM’s hold. The Moderator helps out with reviewing the characters, discussing plot ideas, and brainstorming for events. What I expect from a Moderator—should I look for them in the future—is someone with a sharp eye and a critical mind so that my poor overworked CO-GM’s can let go of some steam when another sea of characters apply.

    I have received quite a few questions about NPC’s all in different forms and nuances. So, here I try to address them all at once.

    When introducing an NPC that isn’t going to have a regular appearance or much of a role there will be no need to list them down in your Citizen’s File.

    If you have NPC’s that may make a regular appearance, or are of some sort of minor importance, it would be prefered if you listed them down in your Citizen’s File so that everyone can follow who and what you are talking about.

    If you wish to use NPC’s in order to reflect different point of views, or they are going to play a bigger and more important role than a minor character; I would say that they have reached the point in which they should be allowed their own spot.

    For justice to be enacted most efficiently, a network needs to be built. Sometimes this network falls short as people are afraid to speak up, or they are too deeply involved in the crime themselves. To combat that hole of information, The Tattler’s Box are installed around notable buildings. Intricately designed and gold in colour, these boxes are located around the walls of the Nest or near postal offices in the city. That way, the ‘tattler’ can use the excuse of posting mail to bring away their ‘message’. It is within these boxes that citizens can leave their little pieces of hints and evidence anonymously and where it is stored until a member of the Inquisition opens it. A Tattler’s Box is always secured, impossible to be opened by anyone but an Inquisition member and designed to wail loudly once an attempt is made to forcefully open it. For that reason, the Tattler’s Box is also called the Mandrake’s cradle, as its cry is so painful to hear and impossible to ignore. One can expect themselves to be surrounded by Cloaks within moments after the attempt.

    The Medicine is commonly used in small doses to treat motion sickness in The Sky. Because of the ever swaying floors there, the substance is laced within the air so that the inhabitants don’t have to worry about popping pills regularly. However, for those who grew up within The Sky and larger bodied adults, the amount in the air sometimes proves itself to be too low. They need an extra prescription from their doctors, though always in small numbers once more as The Medicine can be quite addictive.

    Too little of The Medicine makes it ineffective. Users can experience motion sickness because of the swaying horizon in The Sky. Nausea follows along with other common symptoms of Motion Sickness. However, overdose can be quite as harmful, which unfortunately happens often between the experimenting youths and the addicted.

    The Medicine can also be used as a (party) drug as it will give the user a boost in confidence and a feeling of euphoria in the right doses. Though, no doctor is willing to tell what the exact dosage of substance that would be as it comes dangerously close to overdosing. It is usually a symptom that lets the user know that the body can’t take much more anymore. During an overdose, the body goes into arrest. Body temperature drops rapidly and the heartbeat goes up. The overdosed victim will grow limp and unresponsive if the body doesn’t manage to hurl the substance out soon enough. Emptying the stomach through medical attention, or by making the overdosed vomit is the best direct solution.

    Luckily overdosing on The Medicine isn’t very likely as many stop once that peak of euphoria is reached. However, as mentioned before the substance can be addictive.

    It first starts with dependency. The user has a need for The Medicine in order to function properly. Without the medicine the first mild symptoms show which are vertigo and migraine-like headaches. In the strictest sense of the word one could label all Floaters as beginning addicts; as they need The Medicine in order to live properly on the floating grounds. The biggest difference between a true addict and the Floater is, however that the first category will experience the same symptoms without The Medicine even when on The Land, while Floaters will experience no problems or differences.

    Those who abuse The Medicine consistently and take it in on a higher dose than prescribed will find themselves with heightened health risks over time. An irregular heartbeat is one such example, which brings them at risk for cardiac arrest or a stroke. Organs such as the kidneys, liver and the stomach get affected in the long term as well. Medicine abusers have reported to experience heartburns, or a failing kidney, or a dysfunctioning liver that refuses to break down the toxins in their body. There are a plethora of other issues depending on the person, but these are the most common.

    As the dependency grows out of hands, the withdrawal symptoms start to worsen. The addict needs more dosage in order to gain the same results. Their behaviour becomes erratic and they are in a constant state of alertness. Slowly, this will chip at their mental health and quality of sleep. The addict becomes increasingly more distrustful and paranoid while claiming to see flashes and shadows surrounding them. At worst, the addict will be unable to sleep for longer than a few hours a day, their mind constantly commanding them to be awake to look out for whatever danger there is. In the end they inevitably have to overdose themselves in order to calm down.

    Treatment is possible, however. When in the early stages of dependency simply switching out the substance for a placebo, or another substance can help. Some old lady tales also suggest that binding the addicted to their bed helps cleansing their body, or by drinking activated carbonated coal water, but these are rumours and non medically proven.

    It is the heavily addicted that are the hardest to treat, as their mental state is usually so far gone as well in which it is impossible to reason. Without the proper medical attention of the doctor and a slow build off from The Medicine, the addicted aren’t usually expected to stay calm, obedient, or silent. With the plethora of symptoms that will show itself and their own uncontrollable behaviour, it will be sooner rather than later before the addict will break themselves out to do all they can for their ‘needed’ dose.

    The information of the Tattler’s Box and Medicine Addiction will be added to the rest of the information threads! The Tattler’s Box to ‘Locations’ and Medicine Addiction to ‘Criminality’.

    Did my CO-GM’s or I forget to address any of the questions? Please repost them! We may have forgotten about it, or overlooked them. It sometimes takes us a while to respond to questions because of discussions we have, or content that needs to be written.
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  12. This is possibly the dumbest, dummy-est question yet but since I think my idiocy is already established and my reputation beyond salvaging (the quiz channel confusion, for example), I figured I have nothing left to lose, so:

    Crime in Golden City. What exactly do the Cloaks look for and enact upon? Are they secondary to a public police force? The Lore mentions being able to pass verdict on 'small crimes' and preform arrests, which I'm taking to mean stuff other than murder or anything prolific in the city. But - and again, this might sound stupid - what is the law of Golden City? Same as Victorian London? Does it apply to Floaters?

    And, because I'm apparently holding some kind of agenda to never let poor @Nemopedia ever sleep again, ever, by keeping them busy: What are the methods of punishment in Golden City? Can I send a Cloak to chop of a thief's hands? Do we throw 'em in jail? The Dungeons?

    ... feed 'em to the Ovens? :) You know, to give them a sense of purpose and all...
    ... this turned into way more than one question, huh.


    What is the nature of the law in Golden City? And how are them hooligans punished? Is there the death penalty?
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  13. Lol. Funny story. I couldn’t find the Inquiries and then realised I have this pinned. Anyway, finally answered some questions.

    Taking from The Sky

    A trip to The Sky isn’t something all can afford and with the Jubilee’s Day everyone gets a free pass. Naturally that means that there are some who will abuse this fact and take a little back from the place so close to heaven. Little shoots or sprigs of the greenery, a simple stone, sometimes even tins of soil, you name it and someone has tried to take it back home. Most of it are all fairly innocent, but a few extraordinary cases pop up.

    At first it was for the memory of visiting The Sky, a token that one had visited the floating part of the city. However, with the Jubilee’s Day being annually the memory started to fade and a tradition came in place, sometimes even toeing legality. It is lucky that The Sky is so well-kept and the Cloaks so alert, or else it might soon find itself depleted of everything.

    Greenery in The Sky

    As mentioned before The Sky is the only place in the city that can afford itself the luxury of greenery. While the Underground is too hot and toxic to be even habitable, The Land is stacked and cramped to even allow a sprig. Adding to it that the rocky landscape of Golden City doesn’t allow for vegetation to root it is a barren land for the most part. The Sky in all its luxury and wealth can afford to import rich soil and upkeep conditions that gives plants the vitality they need.

    Constant maintenance is needed. The soil regularly needs to be changed to stay nutritious and the bushes need to be cut into shape. A great deal of care and attention goes into upkeeping the plots in The Sky and some (especially) rich families even have their own kitchen garden. Everything to keep the crisp and clean image of The Sky that contrasts the rest of the city.

    Trash traffic and drainage

    Everything that is excess for the city goes to The Underground. Trash, drainage, people… The most common way to access the Underground is through the stairs that lead to the mines. That is how most enter The Underground and the most obvious way for most. However, there is also one elevator that moves up and down The Underground. While it is mostly used for trash to be burned in the Ovens it isn’t uncommon for some figures to sneak onto it for a ride, however once they reach The Land they will be met with a ticketmaster asking for a fare. After all, an elevator is an elevator.

    For the smooth discharge of the drainage there are pipes running all through The Underground to the Ovens where everything comes together. Usually the liquid quickly dissolves into steam because of the heat down there, causing the climate down there to be rather humid. However, seeing the huge volumes that goes down the water can also be gathered at basins for the Rats to use to wash or clean.

    However, due to the irregular maintenance of the pipes they are in poor state after the years they have served. There are places and spots where it leaks, thus causing the drainage to leak and trickling down into The Underground. Sometimes the breakage makes it seem like it rains in The Underground. This drizzle is popularly called darkrain as the drops are often coloured a dark colour of dirt, or smelling faintly of soap. To prevent the pipes from actually breaking and flooding away the living spaces of The Rats maintenance and replacement usually has to come from the inhabitants of Golden City.

    Employment in the Ovens

    The large pits of fire in The Underground are the main source of energy and heat in Golden City. They are also responsible for the trash disposal, as the fires are kept alive with the help of the trash that comes from above. Located at the very bottom of the Underground the Ovens are huge monsters exuding blazing heat that few can stand. Usually specially designed automatons are in charge of bringing and burning the trash, as it is a constant progress. However, a rare handful of humans can be found there as well. They are in charge of ensuring that there are no malfunctions to the Ovens, and can only be found for a short while near the Ovens before they hurry themselves away. It is unheard of for a human to do manual labour. Those that do perish away soon as no body is washed up against the toxic fumes and heat down there. A job near the Ovens is equal to a death sentence.

    Rumour has it that the worst criminals caught are sent there. The worst of the worst scum are sentenced to do manual labour with the Ovens until they sit out their detention. While they are just stories the citizens have made up their wildest theories on how they keep the labourers alive and tied at the lowest level of the pit. Some say they are chained together, only having enough room to climb up a little from the Ovens. Others say they are all only chained to each other, the bodies of their predecessors that perished tied to them as well. They are to slowly watch everyone waste away near the fire. A morbid imagery of what Hell is like. However, the Council claims that this all is untrue. After all there is no way anyone could survive getting near the Ovens, so why force criminals (no matter how bad) to work in these inhumane conditions?

    Law and the Inquisition

    The Inquisition can do some basic law enforcement. They are allowed to give some minimal sentencing to the petty criminals they catch. Usually this can mean a few days of detainment, smaller fines, or penalty. However, the actions that The Inquisition may take to actually catch a criminal goes far, with the boundaries set to pretty blurry. At the very least there is one rule of thumb: Never cause a death. As the Inquisition is there for the people and not to take the people it should always aim to go for the least invasive and intrusive form of law upkeeping. Cloak members are expected to catch a criminal, or a suspect with as much efficiency as possible without being noticed. This means that using violence is usually a last ditch effort in which the suspect has to initiate the violence first and danger to the public must be apparent. If there are chances that the public safety may be endangered and that innocent bystanders may get hurt, or even killed, only then the worst measurement may be taken; which can possibly mean to execute the suspect on the spot. However, these situations are rare, fortunately.

    Cloak members that fail to uphold the honourable code of the Inquisition are usually dishonorably discharged and stripped off all of their powers and responsibility. If they are found on having committed criminal charges they will be detained and charged like any other criminal without remorse, usually with heavier punishments as to set an example to the public how little Golden City tolerates lawbreakers.
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  14. I don't know if this is a dumb question or not, but I was just wondering

    is it ever too late to join? Would you say that the master plot is less enjoyable if you haven't been a part of the roleplay from the start? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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  15. You’re never too late to join! Feel free to create a character whenever and join us whenever! I can always talk you into the happenings of the plot and get you started whenever, so do not worry!

    Edit: derp. That’s a lot of whenevers.
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  16. Ah, that's great! I'll get working on it whenever (see what I did there?) I have time!
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  17. Welcome to our merry (crazy!) band!

    Definitely never too late, whenever you come to join us!
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