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  1. Thank you for your kind reply and multiple words!

    Okies. I will follow through like the diligent little rabbit that I am and see what I can find. And yuppers, I've written the character sheet and included a description there (but as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words -- or at least a note or two on a rusty guitar).

    from She Who Sleeps Not nor Toils In a Freakin' Field Full of Lilies
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  2. What is the protocol when a player wants to create a 1x1 or a group plot outside of the main one?
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  3. Senpai!

    Okie dokies. Here are images winnowed out for rich snot Dionysius & his fragile twin Valentin. Also White Snake (criminal). If any images don't flow well for the story, just let me know, I have back ups via other images. (And back ups of back ups!)

    Also, I wasn't sure the liberties I could take with pictures, besides cropping for a headshot (to cut off those nasty vampire claws, etc.). As you will see, the artist signed one picture across the head. I can photofiltre that out, but is that okay? Or just leave as is?

    Thanks very much for all your good advice & links!

    Dionysius (open)


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  4. We will release something about that in a bit, so keep your eyes out on the forum!

    Your second pic pulled a disappearing act on me. :c

    The first picture looks fine. The third picture is a little too anime for my tastes. However, as I mentioned before the images aren’t a hard requirement.
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  5. @Nemopedia

    Okay! Proceeding nervously to citizen creation! (I've forgotten all I ever knew about creating templates. Erk.)