Ino's MxM Thread!

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  1. Ino's MxM Thread!

    Welcome to my thread! I've had a pretty busy past few weeks and it seems during that time all my partners dropped me. So I've come here to find new partners and start roleplaying!

    Before I get started on anything let me introduce myself and explain what I expect from you.

    About me:
    -I was recently known as Jae before changing my name to Ino, and that is what I wished to be called from now on out.
    -I am 21
    -I'm afraid I do have a very busy schedule. So I might not be on a lot during Mon-Fri. Though Sat-Sun are my days I have the most time.
    -I post between 1-3 paragraphs, depends on my inspiration.
    -I know decent grammar and spelling.
    -I play mostly the submissive.character but I will play the dominant character is persuaded.

    What I expect from you:
    -Posts at least twice a week.
    -Posts at least one paragraph.
    -Decent grammar and spelling is a MUST. Though I do understand we all make mistakes.
    -Please, PLEASE, dont just leave the roleplay without saying anything. Thank you.
    -Contribute to the plot.

    Now, we get onto the good part, pairings.

    Arranged Marriage
    Son/Father (Maybe. Perhaps stepfather)
    Married Man/Best Friend
    Groom/Best Man
    Friend/Friend's brother

    I also have a idea thats been floating around my mind. Well, not really a real solid idea, and I'm not even sure if it could work, but here goes nothing.

    I Met Him Online-
    MC and YC met on social media. They talked, a lot, and soon got together, as in boyfriends together, but they actually never really met eachother in person. MC flies to YCs home town to stay with YC for one month. What happens during that month could be decided as it happens.

    Comment below if interested.
  2. Interest in Arranged Marriage, what did you have in mind? I can do demonX demon, humanXhuman, Faexfae. I prefer faeXfae but glad to do any.