Innocent Murder

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  1. I have a rough plot idea.

    A woman is left to bleed to death in her car on an empty high way one night, her keys stolen and only one flare left to burn in front of her car. A male driving alone to meet a friend in the next state/province come across the burning flare. He pulls over thinking someone has engine troubles, but he finds the woman near death. Without thinking he scoops her up and puts her in the passenger seat. He rushes her to the hospital but no one believes him because her blood is all over him at the time. Now when the woman awakes she's under pressure by the media, family and everyone to tell her story. But she doesn't remember, she blames him. After him being thrown in jail she's racked with guilt and she's convinced she has to find the man that tried to actually kill her.

    Let me know if you want any input. I'm up for suggestions.
  2. That sounds interesting. Are you still interested in this? ^^
  3. sure am. Which character do you want to play?