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  1. Kaige was out of breath as he rounded the next turn down another random side street, hopelessly lost, but desperate to lose the tail on him. He was bleeding all over the place, was pretty sure he had at least one broken rib, and there were glass shards digging into his feet. He couldn't keep up for much longer and if they caught him.....well he wouldn't think about that. Maybe sneaking into the house of a prominent demon lord to steal some stupid trinkets (especially when he was already wanted for treason) hadn't been his best idea. But chasing him hundreds of miles and through three---maybe four---cities was getting plain ridiculous.

    Footsteps could now be heard behind him and then a gunshot pierced the air. Thankfully this bullet missed. He spotted an alley out of his corner of his eye and tore towards it. It was a dead end, but there was a fire escape. He climbed to the top as quickly as he and pulled himself to the roof.

    It didn't take him long to get to the other side of the roof and leap to another. He did that to another roof, then another, and then he misjudged the gap between roofs and fell short. The side of his face hit a window sill as he fell and best-case-scenario he was fairly sure it would be leaving him a lovely black eye. But on the bright side, he did land on a pile of trash bags to break his fall.

    Kaige didn't stop to mull over it though. He needed to keep moving. He turned down another street (even more lost than before), but stopped when he saw a dim light in a window....he needed to get off the street.

    He rushed up to the door, put the most charming smile he could manage on his face and rapidly knocked on the door, right before a wave of dizziness overcame him and he collapsed right on the porch.
  2. Nami got up off the couch upon hearing the rapid knocking. She opened the door slowly and looked around only to see a bloody man laying on her porch.

    "Oh dear god..." Nami gasped as she tried to drag his body inside. After shutting the door behind her, she quickly ran to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit. The first thing she would need to do is clean him up and such. There was glass and bruises all over him and the stench of blood was starting to get to her.
    Nami quickly removed all the shards of glass before taking a wash cloth and wiping the blood off his body. "At least he doesn't have blood everywhere now..." She thought as she continued to clean off his body. This was too unexpected for her. Having to suddenly care for some random man who mysteriously appeared on her front porch was a bit unorthadox. She kept thinking to herself all the things wrong with this situation.
  3. Kaige was dully aware that he was being dragged into the house. He could feel his savior struggling to attempt to move him and he tried to help, he really did. But it probably seemed more like his movements were movements of pain more than help. He tried to make some sort of noise to thank his savior---female by voice, human by smell. The noise was just an unintelligible grunt. So he just gave up and allowed her to attended to him.

    After she had finished removing the glass and wiped most of the blood away, he managed to flutter open his eyes. Gold eyes stared up and saw...pink hair. A smile found its way to his face and he wanted to laugh for some reason. Time to try to speak again. "Hello...I'm Kaige. Your hair is pink."
  4. Nami blinked seeing how easily he spoke to her after being in such a state and the first thing he notices was her hair.
    "Ah yes... My hair is indeed pink... Nice to meet you Kaige. I'm Nami. Umm... Welcome to my house?" She didn't exactly know what to say to him since she was in shock. She couldn't really kick him out nor could she possibly let him stay. He is, after all, a complete stranger and a grown man none the less.

    "Mind telling me what happened to you?" She didn't mean to pry into his business but she was curious as to why he was the way he was. Nami figured he at least owed her some form of explanation.
  5. Kaige tried to sit up, but the second he did the room began spinning. He quickly ended hunched over, grasping his head and his hands. He stayed like that for a good thirty seconds, staring at the ground and taking deep breaths. Finally, the dizziness passed and he looked around the room and then back to Nami a charming smile on his slightly swollen and bruised face.

    "Nami is a beautiful name... It rhymes with Nami." He said, maintaining his smile and ignoring the fact that he rhymed her name with itself. He was stalling for time, until his addled mind came up with anything to tell her. Well anything other than the truth.

    "You see," he continued chattering. "I'm a traveling door to door salesman." It explained why he knocked on the door. And he thinks humans still has them. He wasn't too sure and hasn't been really keeping up (well keeping up less than usual--which wasn't much in the first place) since the demon council blocked out the sunlight. "I sell..." He paused in a manner that seemed like it was for dramatic effect, but it was more of him trying to figure out what traveling salesmen sold. His knowledge was very vague and hitting his head earlier didn't help. "Phone-book bibles." He finally declared. Then his eyelashes fluttered in a way he hoped was charismatic. "Would you like to let our savior ummm Cutco knives into your heart today? It will prevent you from ending up like this!" He spread his arms out in a grand gesture and kept his smile as if he hadn't just said something completely insane.
  6. Nami giggled when he rhymed hername with itself. This mmystery man sure had a sense of humor to him. When she heard what he was selling she didn't exactly believe or rather thought it was silly.

    "Ah no I will gladly pass on... Whatever it is that you're selling. That doesn't exactly explain why you were collapsed and half alive..." She mumbled the last part thinking he wouldn't notice. It wasn't likely for him to not hear her. Her long pink hair flowed over her face to cover eyes. It was the only way to hide the blush that was beginning to come across her cheeks. This wasn't her usual everyday conversation. She felt a different type of vibe around this guy and it made her slightly uncomfortable.
  7. A slight twinge of a frown crossed Kaige's face when she got back on topic. Her voice was soft, but tjere was no way his sensitive ears could miss it. The frown only lasted a second though before the smile became re-plastered on. Expecting her to put it aside that easily, was unrealistic.

    His head tilted to the side. "Well being half-alive is better than being half-dead!" He waved his hand dismissively and then his forced his smile to one of concern. "Plus it would be better if you didn't know the truth....demon politics....people that know too much...Well..." He offered a helpless shrug and trailed off.

    He then clapped his hands together and stared back at Nami's hair, honestly a bit fasicinated. "So why pink?"
  8. Nami froze at the mention of demons. Those creatures scared her more than anything in the world. She absolutely despised them. After a minute she shook off the thought of demons and reasserted her positive demeanor.
    "I suppose you're right..." She sighed in agreement seeing that this man was not going to tell her what happened to him. There was no arguing with him especially now when demons were involved, Nami would rather just not know.
    "Well.. you see... I thought it would look nice in my hair so I dyed it pink." Nami said with a childish grin on her face. She didn't understand why he was so fascinated with her hair but she didn't mind.
  9. Kaige noticed her change of demeanor at the mention of demons and raised a brow in amusment. She seemed so frightened of the demons, yet she was perfectly calm around him....it was almost if she hadn't realized he was a demon.

    He didn't understand how. His eyes were gold, his finger nails were like talons, and he was fairly certain that some of his smaller wounds have begun to heal themselves. It took all of his self control to not laugh at her naivety.

    But even with all of his self control, he ended up biting his lip in an attempt to stifle a chuckle. He turned his attention back to the hair, in attempt to cover himself. "So was this before or after the sun dissapeared and the apocalypse began?" He asked, amusement still evident on his face.
  10. Nami frowned again thinking about how the sun doesn't shine anymore. It saddened her to think that some creature could really do this to the human race. She couldn't understand why.

    "After. Before the 'incident' I had dirty blonde hair but I didn't exactly like it. I like pink much more." She stated simply before a cold shiver went down her spine. She could feel an odd sensation around her but she didn't know what it was. It gave her the chills and she did not enjoy that. Nami took another look at the man and noticed he seemed a lot better than earlier. It was almost as if he wasn't hurt at all. She considered it being strange but then shrugged it off thinking it was just a coincidence of some kind.

    "Are you okay there...?" Nami leaned in very close to his face and took a good luck at him. She noticed his blatant amusement and wondered what was so funny to him that she didn't notice.
  11. Kaige nodded. "I'm peachy." He proclaimed, before she was getting almost uncomfortably close to him. "There something on my face?" He asked, lightly.

    He was rather tempted to say either a flirtatious or teasing remark, but decided not to push his luck. He was rather fortunate that she took him off her porch and while he was safe in her house at the moment, he knew he was still being searched for outside and he could not risk getting kicked out of here.
  12. "No.. That's kind of the problem.." Nami inspected his face and noticed that the majority of his scars were completely gone. It was unnatural so she questioned his quick healing.

    "How did you heal so fast? It's almost unreal.." She pinched his cheek gently and felt no wounds around his face. She couldn't believe how fast he healed. Everything about this situation was becoming more and more suspicious the more she evaluated what was happening.
  13. A gentle smile overtook his face. Kaige was going to have to play this very carefully. Yes, his wounds were mostly healed, but that used energy and was going to leave him weakened for a while. He needed a place to stay.

    He didn't move away as she pinched his cheek and in fact tilted his face closer to her hand like a cat. Slowly, he looked back making eye contact, "Well, it is because I'm a guardian angel." He lied easily.
  14. Nami giggled hearing him say he was a self proclaimed angel. She didn't believe it for a second.

    "Ha! I don't believe in angels. If there were angels why didn't they help us? No angels exist." Nami got up off the floor and gathered up the first aid kit. Since Kaige seemed to be okay there was no need to have it lying around the floor.

    "Do you have a place to stay or someplace to go back to? If not you're welcome to stay here for the night I guess..." She didn't exactly want to have a stranger sleeping in her house but she would feel bad if she just kicked him out on the street like that. The considerate thing to do would be to let him stay the night at her house.
  15. "Angels are real!" Kaige insisted, before forcing himself to stand up. His legs were a bit shaky, but he grasped onto a table for support and tried to play it off as comfortably leaning on it.

    "It is just very difficult for us to help now!" He continued. So far, this statements were true. Angels were real and with the demon take-over the one that want to help had their hands tied. "We get our power from sunlight." He added. Now he was just making stuff up.

    "I'm sorry that we have failed you.... To make that up to you, I will stay, help, and protect you!" He declared, clapping his hands together.
  16. "Make it up to me? If that's what you want. I still don't believe you exist as an angel. I've never seen one before and I don't think it's logical." Nami stated firmly before putting the first aid kit back where it belonged. She didn't want to believe he was an angel but if that's what he wishes to call himself so be it. Who was she to judge him. "I'm guessing he was nowhere to go since he is so willing to stay." She thought to herself when she came back to the living room area.

    "You can stay on the couch and there's food in the fridge." She threw herself on the couch and turned on the television.
  17. Kaige shook his head and chuckled softly, "Am too an angel!" He was going to take his lie and run with it.

    He followed her to the bathroom where she put the first aide kit away, but froze when he saw his reflection in the mirror. His wounds were all healed, but he was still a mess.

    His hair was tangled, matted and no longer neatly braided, his red button down shirt was torn and had blood stains, and his pants now had large holes in the knees that he just knee were going to grow.

    His eyes followed her as she sat on the couch and declared he could stay. "I don't need the food, but a hair brush and maybe a new shirt would be nice." He teased, sitting down on the couch beside her---unwilling to look at his messy reflection any longer. His fingers already in his hair, trying to manage it to some semblance of normal.
  18. "There's a brush in the bathroom. You may use it. I don't really have a shirt that would fit you by the way." Nami pointed to the bathroom and went back to watching television. It was turned to a random talk show she had never watched before yet strangely it attracted her attention. She didn't mind that he would use one of her brushes since he looked relatively clean. Finding a shirt for him would be rather difficult since she is much smaller than him.
  19. Kaige nodded and quickly went to go grab the hairbrush. It figured there wouldn't be a shirt and he was not even going to bother asking about pants.

    It only took him a couple minutes to get his hair into a manageable wave, and he did not bother trying to tie it up. Untangled looked good enough.

    Regarding his shirt again, he frowned and simply took it off, tossing it on the bathroom floor in the corner. It was ruined and he wasn't going to wear it around.

    Unable to spot anything to MacGyver into a new top, other than the shower curtain, he returned to the couch shirtless and sat next to Nami as if it was nothing.

    Though instead of watching whatever was on the tv--he did not care much for human television--he was instead inspecting the room around him and trying to spot objects of value.
  20. Nami noticed he was blatantly sitting next to her practically half naked. A small blush began to grow across her face. She didn't want stare but she didn't not want to stare. He did have a rather pleasing physique.

    "Aren't you umm.. cold?" She tried to keep her focus on the television. Her blush became a brighter shade of red as she tried to hide it.
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