Innocencely Gifted.

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  1. Everyone at some point loses their innocence, though some have been hit with the reality harder than others. Your character is one of those people. Whether it was death, friends, or themselves that was the cause of the loss of innocence, your character has been suffering and desperately wants a way out of their misery.

    One day while taking a stroll you realize that you’ve been walking into a dark alley though you have no idea you were heading in that direction or why you suddenly decided to do so. At the end of the alley if you see a figure who approaches you (if your character is a male he meets Klaus; If your character is female she meets Stephanie). The figure tells you that you seem like someone who has been through immense suffering and is desperately looking for a way to turn things around. He/She offers you a chance to become a part of a corporation known as “The Gift of Innocence.” The company helps people like you to gain the strength to move on with their lives while providing a way to earn money and have a home with people like you that understand your pain. You are about to say something when suddenly everything turns black.

    When you wake up your head hurts at the back as though someone had knocked you out cold. You look around to see where you are and realize you’re not in the dark alley anymore but in a well furnished modern looking room. You wondered how you got here and what day it is when you remember vaguely that before you were knocked out the mysterious person had given you a letter that you put into your pocket. Curious, you reached in, found the letter, and started reading the contents:
    June 30, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Do not be alarmed by the change of setting. You have been brought to the corporation and have been taken care of by my staff after you had a sudden fainting spell.

    My name is Lawrence McDaniels, but I am most commonly referred to as The Benefactor. I am the proud owner of The Gift of Innocence Corporation, and I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to become a part of my Special Working Staff. As part of my special staff, you are given your own room and other basic living needs; however this only extends to you and no other family members. The room you are in now is the room you will reside in, and the number is in the bottom right corner of your envelope in case you forget. You will also be receiving “The Gift of Innocence” which is unique to each person that receives it.

    You may be wondering what this “Gift of Innocence” is and why you have been selected. My company is not for the privileged but for the disadvantaged. I give second chances to those who have been through hard times, whatever the situation, and I give them a “Gift of Innocence” that will help them move on. It is a special ability that gives you what you have lost along with your innocence and your tool in your job. Although I can give you your innocence back, it is still your choice whether you choose to move on or not.

    When you are ready, you may head out of your room and meet with either of my Recruiters Stephanie or Klaus. I will be meeting with you and your co-workers individually in my office in room 656 on the 6th floor to discuss with you any questions you may have as well as give you your Gift of Innocence. While you wait, do get to know each other and engage in some friendly chatter, as you will be working closely with them for awhile. I look forward to working with you.


    The Benefactor of Innocence
    The Plot:
    In this roleplay your characters are the brokenhearted people who have come to work for “The Benefactor,” hoping to find a new life. He is a well-known company owner and philanthropist who wants to help others recover from their loss, heavily influenced by the birth of his daughter Kaylee. He promises to give you “The Gift of Innocence” which is a power based on how you lost your innocence. You will definitely use this power to perform your duties though they can be used outside of work.

    The story revolves around the lives of the new workers, the recruiters, the Benefactor, as well as his daughter (NPC.) The workers can develop and improve, stay the same, fall into a deeper hole of despair, make friends, make enemies, anything within the bounds of the Benefactor’s wishes. His company after all is about promoting the greater good. Lots of twists and turns can happen here considering the powers, the jobs, and the mission of the Benefactor so keep your eyes peeled, sit back, and enjoy the ride!
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  2. Roles:
    Name | Age | Satisfaction Counselor | Gift: Devotion |
    A victim of abuse from her drunk parents, she was lonely and desperate for some companionship. One day she met her best friend, but became the “toxic friend. She was gossiping and beating the girl who was supposed to be close to her. She couldn’t help it. Jealousy took over and she couldn’t understand why a girl who was mental could get more love than she could from her parents.

    Name | Age | Negotiator | Gift: Persuasion |
    She was always angry at the world because she learned the hard way that money was the ruler. It didn’t matter that she worked hard or had intelligence. Her life in poverty and intellectual curiosity made her an outcast. Since her morals had been broken she has lead a life of thievery trying to match the power of those with money.

    Name | Age | Suicide/Death Counselor | Gift: Empathy | Taken. |
    Her innocent eyes hide the pain she’s felt from losing her boyfriend. He committed suicide, and in despair she blamed herself. She was oblivious to his problematic mind and she nearly followed him to the grave. However, her attempt failed and she felt cursed, having to live with this guilt inside.

    Name | Age | Psychologist | Gift: Memory Eraser |
    He hides the scars from his memories of sexual assault by women. He cringes at the thought of sex and the jokes that he hears as he walks through the crowd. The fear of the embarrassment that females dominated him made him keep the secret as he tried to laugh them away.

    Name | Age | Detective | Gift: Psychometry |
    Blamed for a crime he didn't commit at a young age. Trying to save what he thought was the love of his life, by covering the accidental murder she committed on self defense against her own boss. She was much older than him and in an act of desperation she fled the scene while he was covering up her trail. Once the police arrived they found him carrying the body while in tears.

    Name | Age | Prison Guard | Gift: Controls Time|
    His father was in the mafia, he was one of the most powerful men, so he had no choice in the matter and was forced into working in the "family business". Always getting into trouble, always running into fights. It wasn't until he took someone's life when he truly fell into despair. In order to leave his family and his past behind he pretended to be dead.

    Lawrence McDaniels | 45 | Benefactor

    Alyssa McDaniels | 16 | Daughter of Benefactor

    Stephanie | 19 | Female Recruiter

    Klaus | 33 | Male Recruiter
    Character Skeleton
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    Name | Age | Gift
    "Insert character quote here."




    Appearance Description:
    [Include the things that the photo doesn't show - Including clothing style.]

    Room Number:

    Prior Occupation:

    Current Occupation:

    [At least one detailed paragraph.]

    [Describe the ability your character has been given.]

    Place of Origin:

    Date of Birth:

    [At least one detailed paragraph.]


    1. Have Fun
    - This is one of the most important rules of them all. Don't be miserable and make others miserable. Roleplaying is about creating a story with other writers and having pure fun.

    2. Respect
    - Please respect my decisions, roleplay and your fellow roleplayers. This is also one of the most important rules. I realize some characters wont get along, but don't kill someone else's character or beat the living shit out of their character without their consent.

    3. Characters
    - Make your Character realistic and interesting, please. Also, if someone has submitted a character before you did, make sure you read over their character sheet before submitting your own, just to be sure that they are not similar. Gifted people have flaws and weaknesses! Remember that. If you think anything different then this roleplay is not for you. I would love to have a few powerhouse characters but still, either they have a few flaws and weaknesses.

    4. Character Sheets
    - Fill out all of the desired areas that I have provided please. And wherever you see where it says a required number of paragraphs, I really mean that required number of paragraphs.

    5. PG-13
    - I am fine with a lot of things when it comes to swearing, gore and violence but when the clothes start coming off, fade to black or take it to the PMs. Also, since I don't know everyone else's limits, try not to be as descriptive with the gore, please.

    6. Posting
    - This is a literate roleplay and I am expecting at least three paragraphs from each person. Please be able to post at least two to three times a week. If I am going to be gone for a minimum amount of time, I will let you know and please show us and me that same gratitude. Also, for you speed posters out there, please allow at least three people to post after your last post before posting again. If your character and another character is going to have a long ass conversation, please get together and do a collaboration post. Please be committed and active in both IC and OOC.

    7. Commitment
    - Also another important rule. If you are accepted then please don't post one, or two posts then disappear. Stick it out till the end or just don't join at all.
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