Innocence of the Damned: Birth of Rebelion

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  1. Clang. Clang. Clang. That was mostly all he ever heard these days, aside from a bit of idle chatter here and there, possibly screams every so often. There was also a soft, but heavy thudding sound off in the background, but it was constant, and was easily over-looked unless you were right next to a Golem as it trod along.

    Daizha hardly did his share of work, most of the time he simply sat beside Draeg, making snide comments every time the man missed a blow, or hurt himself. Today, however, he simply napped while his friend mined away. Unfortunately for him, the nap was cut short by someone shouting.

    The clanging ceased, at least of what was coming from beside him. Others still mined in the distance, but this particular tunnel was theirs. He opened his eyes to see a rather crazed looking human. His head jerked back a bit at the sheer repulsiveness of him. "I-I'm sorry, but can we help you?" he asked, eyebrow cocked.

    The other prisoner did not answer, merely pulled a knife from the inside of his tatter rag of a shirt. He charged at the Vampire and his companion. With a rather agitated groan, Daizha gazed into the eyes of the strange man, whom was staring right at him.

    The man slowed to a stop, standing just over Daizha, dropping the knife. Some drool escaped the man's mouth, and dribbled into his scraggly beard. The vampire plucked up the fallen blade as he stood up, and jabbed it into the man's throat. If it were not for the fact that the man was clearly on some drug or another, be probably would have taken the opportunity to feed.

    "So rude." he muttered to himself.

    "You're telling me." Draeg said as he returned to his mining

    Daizhe prodded the man's corpse with his foot, now far to unsettle to get back to sleep. With a rather exaggerated sigh, he picked up his own pickaxe, and joined Draeg in his endeavour. Sometimes, his partner wondered why he even bothered, for all the fuss he made when he did.

    The soft thuds grew louder, as a Golem made its way over to remove the corpse. They were usually not very fast, though one rather daring prisoner had decided to see what they could do, and attacked one. He did not last long, though every prisoner seems to spin a different tale of how, exactly, he was killed.

    There was something else coming down their tunnel, as well. Another prisoner, though he hoped they were friendly than the last one. There had been more than enough excitement for today with that little episode. It was rare that anyone came with ill intent, usually they only came for his blood, or information. They were a hub for both, and that was probably the only thing that kept them in touch with the other prisoners outside of meal breaks.
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  2. Her tunnel was dark. It was a small tunnel, assigned to her to make her feel more uncomfortable. Instead she had made it her sleeping spot. A place where golems, or other prisoners wouldn't bother her. She was supposed to dig but refused to do so. It was too boring and it took her way to long to get to the other side, she also didn't want to destroy her place. That's what she at least thought. She didn't know if there was an other side, just that there was a side at the entrance. She wanted to get out. To where people were, a place that would relief her boredom. While in thought she slowly and absentmindely brought her arm to her mouth and started to chew. She knew that being in a small tunnel had it's advantages. For example; the golems where too big to get inside, so they only guarded by passing by the entrance. This way she could take her time enjoying the taste of her own arm.

    It didn't take long for many marks to appear on her arm nor did it take long for her boredom to return. The only option left was to leave the tunnel and find something fun. She had more often taken risks to find something enjoyable, as this wasn't her first trip outside her tunnel. Slowly she walked and almost crawled to the entrance, listening to the sounds far away and the ones close by.

    Listening to the golems walking around took too long for her as she waited at the entrance in the dark. Without her noticing she left behind bloodied spots on the wall. Wich were some of many, proof of her past trips. The next golem came closer and she knew she had to pass this one. Being ready to sprint away behind its back made her crouch, as to ready to jump. She didn't know where she would go when she left. Untill she saw that the very golem she was waiting for was dragging a corpse behind him. Curious as to where it went she ran in the direction the bloodied smell was guiding her. It was difficult to pinpoint because she had waited utill it was out of sight. The many other bloody smells, distractions and guarding golems didn't help either.

    After going trough many tunnels she found the place where the corpse was left. There were no golems at this particiular place, exept for the ones dumping the bodies. It was the corpsedump where she had arrived at. Poena had heard of the place before but never went to it. She always got confused of rotting smells. And the smells from this place would make finding a way back trough the tunnels it look like walking through a maze.

    Her animal side screamed to get away, to get back it's senses, to be able to smell the surroundings. Her human side on the other hand wanted to identify the bodies thoroughly. In the end they clashed, as usual, making her only look for her 'playmates'. It was difficult to recognize anyone. Mostly because some corpses were old, others because they were too unrecognizable injured. Her sight didn't help either as it switched from her animal view to human view and back. It made a weird view that was sharp and blurry at the same time, with some places in colour yet some with almost none. It was that she was used to it but otherwise she wouldn't be able to see anything.

    After confirming that the prisoner who was dragged away was one of her playmates, she went in the tunnels looking for the culprit. As long as it wasn't exhaustion itself then she would make it her new playmate. A smile crept over her face while she followed the smells back to the origin.
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  3. He almost felt sorry for the poor man lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood. But it was their fault. He had made himself perfectly clear about the matter, time and time again, but they continued to test his patience. Foolish. Didn't they know when they were putting themselves in danger? In any case, their limbs tasted excellent. Well, the warm flesh tasted better than the dry, stringy ration-bits they gave him. Those tasted of old and dirt. The prisoner's flesh was wet, sweet, and fresh.

    Sevareth paced the tunnel that had been assigned to him. He was alone in there, as he had eaten his last tunnelmate. Soon the golems showed up, and dragged away the corpse. Sevareth would've eaten more of the man, but he wasn't that hungry today. Which was odd, for him, seeing as how he had gotten here in the first place due to his hunger. An odd creature was he.

    Bored with pacing around in the dull, dug out cave, he left. Almost immediately, he began stalking a girl, possible prey. He followed her quietly, making sure not to clack the jaws of his mask. And he was rewarded: she led him to the mother load of flesh. Piles and piles of dead, ready to be consumed. Oh, the joy it brought him to smell the blood pooled in the floor of the place! But that's not quite what he was here for. He hid in a shadow as she searched a body, avoiding the gaze of the golems. They creeped him out a little.

    After she continued on her way after confirming whatever she had to confirm, Sevareth continued following her. They soon came upon the tunnel of two men, likely who had killed whoever the woman had searched. Hopefully, they'll have more sense than the man who had just visited Sevareth.

    And not touch his rock.
  4. Silence. A gift of nature bestowed by the gods above. Silence was something she never received. Be it the clanging, the coughing, the crying, the screaming, noise always filled her head and cluttered her mind. No one was silent, not even the dead. Their voices moaned and whispered in her ear of the past, of lies, of truths, hard to tell the difference. She chipped away at her tunnel, eyes partly shut, a way to keep the dust and debris out of her eyes but an even easier way to cause accidents.

    Luna's tunnel mate spoke to her, or rather yelled at her, as his body lay dead upon the floor. His spirit was furious, why? She didn't care to ask, she assumed she'd done him a favor when her grip slipped and landed pickax square in his chest. Still, he cried out and complained and questioned her as if she had any answers. She continued to mine, no words to say, until a shift in the darkness caught her eye. Not a golem, not this time, something more alive. Someone she could liberate from the living and bless with death, but maybe she'd ask if it was alright this time.

    Her ax drug along the ground, eyes blinking rapidly to catch whatever light she could, watching as the souls that seemed damned to this place roamed on their accord. Luna acknowledged them, quite rude to ignore the dead, giving either a nod here or a small wave there, whatever she could without looking too insane. Then again who here was to judge who was insane or not?

    Only when she found her shadow did she stop, she felt her heart quicken with excitement, it seemed to be dead but alive. Someone who experienced death before, and lived to tell about it, was this strange shadow before her. A creature a Necromancer could truly love to know, a dead one, but one that had its own voice and thoughts was troubling. Controlling a dead creature was easy, controlling a dead creature with a voice and thoughts and dreams well... That was troublesome.

    Perhaps it was her lack of forethought, but Luna approached the shadow to see another creature beside it. Oh, an animal! Well... I think it is... How odd... I should kill it. A woman it seemed with animalistic qualities was like a gift from the gods, a creature of nature, something an elf would more than likely associate with. But her elven life was gone now, no need to converse with something a Necromancer would not, but she couldn't help but want to give the girl a good pat on the head.

    As she came closer she noticed more creatures, one for sure she felt inclined to meet, another being who experienced death and lived to tell the tale. A vampire perhaps, or maybe someone like her, so many interesting things she found on this side of the mine. No one spoke, at least not right away, she wondered if they were hiding. "Hey," she whispered harshly at the male she saw as a shadow and the woman, keeping her face hidden under her hood, "are we hiding?" So used to speaking to dead things, she had little understanding or thought of how the living interacted. She prepared herself for lies, deceit, screaming, crying, attacking, about how the dead react.
  5. Daizha smiled as their guests came into view, which he now noted there were two of. Strange, he had only heard one set of footsteps, though to be fair, he had witnessed far stranger happenings in this mine. Then a voice came from where the two were not, now three people, that was quite impressive in his books. "Well, miss, that depends on whether or not you seek to be found." he said in reply to her. "Now, what can I do for you fi~ne folks?" he asked as he took a couple steps forward to get a better look at those before him.

    Draeg did not show much interest in them, as he knew if anyone was looking for him they would state so, but he was not so rude as to continue mining while the Vampire held conversation. They were an interesting group, that was for sure, although they reeked of the dumping pit. To be honest, though, some people who came here smelled far worse that this, so he was not horribly bothered by the stench. His fingers fidgeted with the scraps of cloth her wore out of habit, there were some particularly dirty spots that showed he fiddled with them quite a bit.
  6. Her smile fell from her face. Suprised Poena turned around when she heard someone whisper. For a moment she stood still from suprise when there were two people instead of one. She had heard neither of them and that concerned her, her human as well as her animal side. She wasn't the only predator in the caves. Her first reaction to them would be to growl, if the whisper wasn't answered by a voice behind her. She turned around at the sound, making the growl aimed at the wrong person. Not that it mattered. Clearly not comfortable with showing her back to the other two made her also take a few steps forward. She was quite close now, at least in reach for one of her leaps, and she could clearly see the one who was talking to her. It would have been difficult to see in the dim light if it wasn't for her animal eyes. The one talking was a tall thin guy with short black hair. He seemed... nice? Her smile spread across her face, clearly indicating that she wouldn't be bored for a while.

    Poena started talking with a light voice and quickly, as if she wanted to skip the whole conversation. "Well... I don't know what they want," Pointing with two hands over her shoulder to the others. "But I just want to know if you have seen my playmate." She gestured a hight a bit taller than herself. "An dirty looking guy around this tall, smells, gruffy beard and clearly on something." At this point she noticed that her hands were covered in blood from the dumping pit. Not being able to resist she gave it a lick, making a grimace appear on her face as the only result. "Yegh... old." While trying to wave the blood from her hands she continued. "He was my favorite, when I played with him he would always try to run. So fun, so fun. I guess you would have seen him one of you two killed him, the smell is coming from here." With that she pointed to the ground. The guy near the wall piqued her intrest. Her face became even happier and a weird sound left her throath. It sounded like a weird combination from the purring of a cat and the whining of a dog. The smell and sight told her that his reactions would be fun to play with. "I wanted to play with you but I think he will be better." She said as she pointed to the one fiddling with his clothes. She tried to sneak around the one standing in front of her so she could reach the other guy. Oblivious to the fact that she was clearly in view.
  7. "Hey, are we hiding?"

    The small voice came from behind him. He spun quickly, oblivious to the reactions of the woman he was following and the men in the caves. She was necrotic, energy and darkness clouded around her. The stench of death was thick. Necromancer. He bent his legs in preparation of springing at the newcomer, and formed his fingers into savage claws. The mouth of his mask opened as his did, revealing rows of sharp teeth lining a void of infinite nothing. He had been snuck up on! It soon made sense as he saw the elvish ears. Realizing she was not quite a threat, he tuned back in to the animal-girl and the men in the cave.

    She said something about a playmate of hers, whatever that meant. Perhaps she was a different type of hunter, like the large cats. Large cats were delicious. Killing her now would be a bad idea, however. He was outnumbered, possibly outmatched. He turned with his back to the cave wall, staring at nothing in particular, using his peripherals to track the movements of both the cave occupants and the necro-elf girl. Tilting his head slightly towards the elvish girl, he hissed, "Obviously not, if they heard you."

    Sighing internally, he continued listening and watching.
  8. Luna smiled a bit, listening to the strange man speak, he seemed familiar in a strange kind of way. Hearing talk of the animal girl's play mate made her feel anxious, speaking of someone who may have just been killed felt almost too tempting. It was her nature to accept death as an elf, but as a Necromancer it was her nature to try and manipulate it and take advantage of it. But now, seeing as death had occurred and passed and the body was no where to be found, she knew she wouldn't have a chance to try and raise him back. "Sounds terribly wasteful if you ask me, did you at least do anything with him?" She asked at the two men, coming closer into view to see her new fellow prisoners.

    As if slapped behind the back of her head by a disapproving mother, Luna suddenly remembered her manners and quickly shook her head, "Ah! S-Sorry I'm standing here questioning you and your motives, haha sorry, sorry. I am Luna, I was working a few feet away or so, hard to tell distance after awhile. Nice to meet you all, I think, who knows I may despise you very easily and hate even the thought of you in due time haha!" She clasped her hands together, flashing her teeth as she smiled, giving a swift bow. "Yes, of course I am joking. Nice to meet you um... names?" She asked, keeping her guard up and eyes focused as sprits traveled by and grabbed her attention briefly, her eyes shifting from them to those living before her.
  9. The Vampire smirked a bit towards the strange girl. "Well, he tried to kill me, for some unknown reason, so I simply killed him before he could carry out his desire." He explained. Daizha shrugged when the strange girl took to Draeg, though the human looked a tad uncomfortable with her attentions, and turned his attentions to the Elven girl as she spoke. "Well," he replied, "I would have fed from him, but he was obviously intoxicated. I am hardly going to risk feeding from that."

    Draeg took a small step away from the creepy girl that approached him, raising an eyebrow as he did so. "Yes? May I help you?" he asked, a tad off-put by her appearance.
  10. Poena was a bit suprised at the lack of concern the guy was showing, she was sure they were playmates. It didn't matter for her, she had a new playmate. Now the guy on the wall got her full attention. The same weird purring and whining noise left her throat as she started to speak. "How you may help me?" She took a step closer when he took a step back. "You just have to play tag with me..... or hide and seek." With that a wide grin spread across her face. Oh, how she loved to play. "Whatever we play, I'm it!" That was her own signal that her game had started. Quickly she jumped to the guy and bit in his arm. She did not bite deep, she didn't want to ruin her playmate too quick, but deep enough to taste a few drops of blood.

    She loved to taste new things, even if she would regret it, just like at that moment. When she tasted the blood she released the arm immediatly and started gacking. "Yegh.... that was horrible, no humans for me anymore." She was a human killer not an eater, the taste was too disgusting, it didn't keep her from tasting them again and again. "Well.... no matter just have to keep using my hands." She put her hands up when she said that, clearly showing the long nails. At that moment she remembered a little thing the girl had said. Poena dropped her hands and turned to the girl, while still keeping an eye on her playmate. "You smell like Pa so I won't tell you my name. You will try to control me, just like him. When you try, I will kill you just like I killed him." After that little notion she turned her attention back at her playmate. She smelled the air a bit and something made her childishly grin. "Speaking about smell. Do you two sleep together? You smell almost the same." She wondered how her playmate would react to that.
  11. Almost surprised, Sevareth turned his attention to Luna, still keeping an ear on the animal-girl who refused to tell her name and had a mysterious "Pa" that tried to control her. She was oddly polite, for any kind of person, especially down here in the mines. "Name...?" the word rolled awkwardly off his tongue. It tasted odd to say, foreign, yet familiar. He had heard this word before. He knew what names were, however, he had never been asked his name. It took a moment, but he soon found the word he was searching for, the title he remembered along with his motor skills. "Sevareth. Sevareth Grihaia." Yes. That was his "name", he was sure of it.

    He sniffed the air. "You're necrotic. You smell of rot, and the spirits of death follows you." He shifted the height of his body to be eye as close to eye level as he could with the girl, and elongated the appendages that could be called ears. He looked like an elf made of stars wearing a mask of bone. Secretly, he wondered how the girl's flesh would taste, but judged better than to voice this thought. She was an interesting creature... most definitely worth keeping an eye on, at the least. The animal-girl, too. The odd man and his friend, maybe. For now, he would see how things played out, and then decide whether to eat them or not.
  12. Luna held back the urge to roll her eyes and stab the animalistic girl purely out of impulse. She was as many of her elven kin would call "special", however she had no want to be tied to her elven roots, seeing a part of her culture behave in such a fashion only made her want to kill her more. But the man she saw as a shadow, this Sevareth was everything she imagined her army could be. Undead, in a sense, walking among the living like it was nothing. Yes, that's exactly how a person of her Necromancer nature would raise their dead, make them just like this. She had many questions, about death and life and diets and feelings that this creature had, she could see he was no Necromancer but he would most likely make a great one. It was close enough. "Sevareth eh? What a nice name... Haha compliments will get you everywhere with me." She laughed a bit embarrassed at the words he spoke, sounding in mind flattering, being a Necromancer any words of her undead skills were considered praise.

    But seeing the other men, one human for sure, she gave a wave at them as she had seen the spirits do. They told her it was a greeting of sorts, many of her words and knowledge came from the dead, resulting in more blunt and awkward speech than anything. The spirits were rather kind, even if they were liars and tricksters, molding her into the creature she was. "Well, it is nice to meet you all. But I hope this doesn't sound too personal but now that we know names I suppose we are friends. Anyway, can I ask what you are, well all of you are? If it helps I'll state myself as a Necromancer, you know the ones who raise the dead and send armies against their foes haha... Um, but don't worry about that, I have no plans for army raising as of now. And if the spirits tell you different they are lying." She huffed.
  13. Oro was scrabbling around in the dirt. He had done a fair bit of work today, and was taking some time to finish up his true objective. The golems watched on as he clawed the dirt around him, uninterested in him as he wasn't threatening them in any way, nor was he completely ignoring his daily workload of mining. He had been doing this on and off since he had gotten thrown in the mines, the lowest levels, working hard to carve out pieces of the wall with his axe, keeping an eye out for any rare minerals, and scratching the ground and walls near these golems.

    If they, or anyone, had enough thought to pay any attention to what he was doing, they might have stopped him. As it was, it was too late. He had finished the last few lines, and now was recalling the lines he'd need in order to activate the magic. He observed his work and the goal he had been working for. Two golems stood guard at a large iron bound door, never moving, keeping all out. What was behind the door, Oro was certain of and it was his goal to get through and find it. Not it, Her. A dread queen that had ruled in ages past, and was now being held captive in this prison.

    From what he had read, she was locked in this mine long ago, and had been left here to rot. Roughly a hundred years ago, the current ruling body found this mine, and began work in it, harvesting materials for cities and more. They had stumbled upon the queen sleeping, and finding out who she was, had put measures in place to keep her in. But Oro had found her, and he was determined to free her.
  14. Draeg hardly seemed fazed by the girls bite, though it did hurt quite a bit, he was not prepared to show that kind of weakness, especially to crazy. The vampire did not take it so lightly, however. In one fluid motion, he had move into a position in front of the strange girl, hand reaching for her throat, but stopping short, as he realized it would probably be a worthless gesture. Judging from her appearance, he doubted that she actually breathed out of necessity. With a grumble he retracted his arm and backed off a bit.

    "Geeze, Dai, she barely nicked me, not need to get so protective." Draeg said, rolling his eyes.

    The vampire made no effort to reply, simply returning his attentions to the others, as well as recomposing himself. He listened as Luna and Sevareth conversed, choosing not to interject, deciding that if his input was desired, they would let him know. He had also come to the conclusion that the only person here with a real reason was the strange girl, and the others had simply tagged along for the fun of it.
  15. Poena stood still for a moment when Dai, as her playmate called him, reached out for her. She was just staring curiously at him, she could not comprehend why he had an killing intention around him. He hadn't seemed that concerned about her playmate before. Poena suddenly came to a simple conclusion, he was Dai's playmate afterall. Proudly she grinned at her own conclusion. "I shouldn't ruin someone else's playmate." With that her attention shifted to Dai after grinning once at her playmate. Dai had funny reactions, he wasn't planning to bother them yet he had interfered with Poena and her playmate. She wanted to know a bit more of his funny ways wich made her chuckle. Poena went to stand next to him and stared at his face. She knew that it bothered people when she did that, it was exactly the reason why she loved doing it.

    Her attention only shifted to the conversation of the other two when she heard interesting bits. She broke her gaze off of Dai to look at luna and anwser about her origin. "You are a necromancer? See, you are the same as Pa." She grinned playfully at Luna and tried to make her uncomfortable with just her intentions. "Pa made me, tried to control me and I killed him." Her eyes shifted for a moment to the shadow called Sevareth. He made Poena feel uncomfortable, he was a hunter and a good one at that, she just had that kind of feeling. She looked back at Luna. "That means no army for you if you are planning it." She had no real intention on talking further so she looked back at Dai to annoy him.
  16. Undead army? Why would one want to control the dead when you could eat them? This confused Sevareth for a moment, before he took into account that she was elvish. And a necromancer. Both of which were far different from himself and other caeleste. "I have no qualms. I shall tell you my race, as I have no fear. None here can kill me easily, not even-" at that moment, the very person he was about to mention had butted in, saying about Luna being like this "Paah" character. What kind of a name was Paah, anyway? Well, he had heard stranger. Like orcish names. Those names tasted as odd to his mind as their flesh to his tongue. "-her." he finished as she returned her attention to the occupants of the cave.

    "I am caeleste. I am humanoid. I am shape-shifter. I am mortal while immortal." He sniffed the air again. The scent of death around the elf girl was making him hungry. His jaws parted, and his night-black tongue flicked out, tasting the particles of flesh hanging in the air like dust. "I am hunger..." he snarled. He had eaten a necromancer once. Tasted like excrement. This girl would not be his meal. Besides, she made intriguing conversation. Oddly talkative and polite.

    He turned into the cave, staring wonderingly at the things inside. One was human, one was the animal-girl, and the other was... something more than mortal... he had to be watched. Stalked, like prey, to see his strengths and his weaknesses. He decided now would be the best time to test the necromancer. the others could be studied later. "Luna," he started, turning back to her, "could you, perhaps, give me a... demonstration of your curse-gift? I know a place with many dead."
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  17. Luna found herself distracted by the whispers of the spirits around her, some even giggling about little rumors about the various prisoners, she couldn't help but smile a bit. Only when her skills were called out and put into question did she regain her attention. "Ehhhhh... Well, I can talk to the dead. Well, ghosts anyway, spirits, maybe even demons if they would stop being so smug and saying 'I'm too good to talk to mortals like you' so rude. Um, as for raising the dead I haven't quite perfected it but--but I will! And when I do I'll be powerful.. But I can give talking to the spirits a try." She cleared her throat, looking about the room seeing various spirits as rather transparent faces or mere wisps of blue light, seeing some that interested her.

    "Okay... So, spirits tell me a secret."

    "I like watching this one sleep." A spirit whispered hanging around the animal girl, another nodding in agreement stroking along her face. Luna shook her head, the secret not really one she wanted to hear. "Is that a good secret?"

    "Um, well yes but... Do you have a different secret?" She asked, looking to a spirit hanging around beside the new friend she had made, this Sevareth.

    "Ask him about the rock..." One whispered, giggling at the words as if they were a humorous joke. "Ask him!"

    "Alright geeze... Um, the spirits have shared their wisdom and--and knowledge onto me! Yes, yes, they speak volumes and they tell me to ask... Uh, something about a rock?" She struggled to keep her stance of power and respect when speaking of inanimate objects, but the spirits had spoken and it was rude to ignore them. Even if most of them were liars.
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  18. She waited, her claws scraping the walls slowly, sharpening them in preparation. It was all that she could do, chained to the wall as she was. The magically infused bindings kept her from using her magic, or bringing her strength to bear, and ripping herself free. Her wings, membranes long ago tore off, were bound to the walls as well.

    She was patient though, she knew someone was coming to free her. Otherwise she wouldn't be awake right now, for she had slept for a undetermined amount of time since her capture. Maybe it had been a week, and one of her minions had come to free her, but she had examined the room after she had awoke, and knew that much time had passed.

    The rest of the room was in decay, but the doors that sealed her in were different than before. Made of a different material, some sort of metal. She knew not what it was, only that it stood between her and freedom. The door and the bindings. It would be taken care of though. Someone was coming for her.

    She thought back to when she had awaken, the whispers of magic that had roused her from her slumber, Daemonic in origin, and meant specifically for her. But something apart from the doors kept it away. Guards of some sort. Once she was free she would take them out herself. As she would find those who imprisoned her, and kill them. Or their descendants. Until then, Castellia, The Demon Queen, scratched the walls, waiting.
  19. The sound of so many picks had become monotonous and jarring. Her own was manageable, and the few other tunnel mates' were tolerable, but that morning Yarna's tunnel joined up with another one, and the constant clinks of varying loudness was unbearable. She couldn't hear herself think. And anyways, it was nerve wracking, being around so many other strangers. Only here, where each stranger could be innocent as a blade of grass, or a deranged murderer, when they got in. Not that it mattered much. Yarna was convinced that, sooner or later, everyone would go crazy. The lack of sun or fresh air was likely enough to drive anyone to madness.

    So, the half elf took a break to acquire the meager food that the prisoners were given, and watched the golems. There was one golem assigned to each tunnel, but with the two tunnels having just joined meant two golems around. So when Yarna saw neither one, she grabbed the cloak that had served as her bed, slung it over her bare, muscled arms, grabbed her pick, and started walking. She was avoiding the golems as much as she could, even though they weren't known to particularly enforce the work. Everyone was in for life, more people were always coming, and anyways, they would monitor each prisoner. Enough lazing around would result in being removed. Walking from one site to another was fine, but Yarna preferred not to risk it, anyways.

    The walk was a respite for her arms, and a highly appreciated one. Yarna was strong, but the endless mining was starting to take its toll. She started to drag the pick behind her, and tried to make some sort of mental map of the tunnels, but it was no use. There wasn't any sense of anything down there- not time, not distance, not anything. Just the sound of her own footsteps, the scrape of her pick along the ground, and then the voices of a few people. Including someone asking about some sort of rock. She didn't step out of the dark yet, but the half elf did life her pick and throw it over her shoulder and listen. She couldn't see the group yet, but she could see the light, and it was always best to know if you were walking into a dangerous meeting, or a murderous one.
  20. Daizha smiled a bit, turning his head towards the strange girl. "See something you like?" he flirted, though he knew the context of it would likely be lost on her. He then felt Draeg's hand upon his shoulder, his partner's way of letting him know he would be back later. He was probably going to get in line for that rot they fed prisoners, he usually went early to get in some socializing time with a few of his top customers. He always made a point of at least pretending to be friendly with anyone whom purchased his goods regularly, as it was quite good for business. The vampire offered him a nod of recognition as he passed.