Innocence Destroyed A Revenge Tale (F/M)

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  1. (Despite the mention of magic, elementals, mysterious beings, etcetera, this is a modern fantasy role play. The tower is a Light House. Emilia has been an assassin and magical enforcer of the spirit that saved her).

    This is the girl who was brutalized savagely by my character, Alex Connor

    My character is this man:
    Alex Connor

    Emilia Donovan fell in love with Alex Connor, a young, mysterious man seven years ago when the couple were sixteen. They both have a powerful spell cast on them to preserve their beauty, and bring them supernatural power and wisdom. Alex Connor cast a spell through sex to bring them both magical powers, but he enchanted her so that when he would rape her, and murder her, he would absorb her soul and all of her powers.

    Alex Connor lured her from her home one day, savagely raped her and attempted to murder her, and absorb her soul. The act of thieving her soul was not ignored and a mysterious creature offered her resurrection and a chance at revenge if she would agree to a request. Serve him for five years, and take Alex'es soul. Emilia Donovan received supernatural reflexes, strength and stamina, much higher intelligence, the ability to sense supernatural presences, and magical powers of thunderbolts, as well as other spells.

    Alex Connor has conjured powerful elemental monsters to come against her and while Emilia has hunted Alex, he has managed to fight back and corner her in a mysterious old tower. He will swarm the tower and repeat the past so that he may gain even more power, or she will kill him and complete her deal with the monster who saved her. If she fails, she may suffer in torment for thousands of years inside Alex as a part of him before finally being free.

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  2. Interesting story I'd like to help you make it a reality if you are still looking fore a partner.
  3. Yes please. :D Pm me or I'll PM you! :D
  4. Still looking.