Inner Melodies [A romance Soul Eater based RP]

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  1. So, I’m going to attempt to boot a chat based Soul Eater FFRPG. The goal of this is going to be that it’s completely open, no character approvals, no hassle. Just jump in and post. Literate folks only, please.

    There is only one rule. Consent. That means, you can only affect people in a way they allow for you to. This means if you plan to attack someone in chat, you should attack “At” and “toward” them to give them a chance to dodge. You’ll also want to explain where you’re trying to hit, how, and how much force you’re using.

    Example: Christie glared at the woman next to her. She could feel the rage the woman’s words had caused, and intent to see the woman just as hurt as she was by the statements Christie would wind back a fist with a punch aimed to crack her across the chin as hard as possible.

    Remember, if this were your attack, you may not hit her (though it would be wise to take a lot of the hits offered out, as /losing/ fights is what makes for RP. Not winning them.) and you might just find yourself over powered.

    I’d also like to remind everyone the purpose of this RP is dating and romance. If you’re familiar with the anime and terminology (and if you’re not, please watch a few episodes of the show before play so that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb) you should be aware that this will be focused in a school like setting for “learning” combat and completing weapons after collecting 100 souls and one of a witch. The goal is to have a highly social environment and let people meet naturally without prearranging couples.

    A few notes:

    -Please take sex to a private room (they are free and easy to make on Chatzy!)

    -Please watch your post times (try and reply in under ten minutes. Also, only post at people actively posting in the main room)

    -Please make sure you wait and read a few of the posts going on in room so you can react correctly to what might be happening around you.

    -Please always read all posts, even if they’re posts of people not playing with you. If you want a Private RP, again, make your own location.

    - No drama, I will be coming in to mod on and off. Long, insulting conversations over other’s RP will not be tolerated.

    - No OOC chat in main, PM people or make a private room to have those discussions. Only use OOC chat to clarify a post or to invite someone to a different room.

    - If you want, post your character name below in a reply to this thread to allow people a chance to find you on RpGuild for more RP.

    - Idle in room! People won’t think this RP is active unless they see the room full of people, so if you get in and there’s no one around wait it out. If you lurk around long enough there may be someone else who shows.

    -Post even when no one else is. If people are idling, they may be waiting for the box to light up while they do other things. So, if you wait about 15 min and no one posts, write an intro post of your own to kick things off. Faint heat never won the fair lady.

    - No under 18 characters. Ever. You may not be in this room if under 18 as it may move into very mature themes.

    Now, if you’re still wanting to play: Click here to join the Chatzy.

    OOC chat to just hang out and talk with other players: Click here
  2. Post a reply down here if you're joining to let others know there are people to play with, since it's chat based. Also I figured I'd give you all my first post into the room so you get an idea of how to play and what to expect from me:

    Ember Ronas was making the long walk toward the school. She wasn’t looking forward to being here. She didn’t really look forward to being anywhere, to tell the truth. For Ronas, life was more about taking it easy. She was what most would call a “pothead”. Distant, spacey, and not at all saved by the fact that she looked a lot like a ginger. Bright red hair, sea green eyes, a splash of freckles, petite and lacking in height (a stagger 5’2” folks!) left the miester often dismissed or laughed out of conversations when mention was made about her taking her own weapon and making it into a true DeathScyth. Plus, she didn’t have a weapon yet, and that really complicated the whole people-taking-her-seriou​s thing. So, she was left looking at her first semester at the academy, eyes watching the other students around with a frown that seemed to scream apprehension.
  3. We have members! Log in and check the posts (it does save them so you can post at people even if they are not around) and RP away!
  4. Got two ladies in and playing right now, any men wanna join in? Or lovely ladies?