RESOURCE WORLDBUILDING Inkarnate - Free, easy-to-use, fairly powerful map builder

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  1. Hey guys!

    So I was curious about mapbuilding because I'm planning on coming up with a map for an upcoming RP I have cooking in my head. I ended up looking online for an easy to use map builder, and after a little bit of time I came upon one called Inkarnate. It's in beta, but it's already got some pretty nifty tools. Here's the link: Inkarnate

    It also saves maps and allows you to upload your own textures (for example, if you wanted to upload color swatches to make political mappings).

    I created this in a few hours or so:


    The time I took to make it is deceiving. A lot of the time spent was tinkering with the editor, and scrapping an older map I was trying to begin with.

    A simple tip to make your maps look more authentic is to remember that most naturally-created landmasses don't have nice, round, smooth sides. So once you get about the shape, zoom in and take some time carving out the little details. It goes a long way.
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  2. Thanks! This is really going to help me a ton.
  3. Do you need to sign up in order to access the map?
  4. Oh hey I made one there too :D

    Dates from late November, early December 2016. They're removed some things since then ;__;

  5. I believe you do have to create an account yes! Otherwise you would not be able to save/download your created map.
  6. Yeah, I actually went ahead and signed up. It was a bit of a challenge at first but...

    I'm just gonna leave this pretty masterpiece here


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  7. boop

    A map I made before they updated it a month or two ago. Haven't played around with any of the new stuff yet.
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  8. Apparently I can't make large-scale things 8D one day I'll just make the whole goddamn continent / world.

    MY NEWEST CREATION (still things to be edited but it's mostly done)

  9. This looks fun, but as always, I have to ask before giving them my email...

    What do they use it for? Have any folks gotten spam emails from it?
  10. I don't know what they use it for, but as a person who has an account, I'm happy to say I've never gotten any spam. :)
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