Ink and Blood

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  1. Okay, new idea...

    MUST write at least two paragraphs in good English! I have trouble understanding posts when people don't proofread or use text talk.

    ***No one I have RPed with before. Would like a new person.***

    Would highly proffer other chari is a male, can have female deckhands and what not but I seriously suck playing opposite a female main. (won't lie)
    Looking for a pirate hunter. Could be a pirate working for the government or something of that sort...a privateer, part of the navy. Something like that.
    Did I mention paragraphs? Paragraphs! >.>
    Semi starting post below-Read at your own risk, ye be warned.

    The rain started it all.
    The faltering heartbeat of a blood captain, riding upon the winds of the ocean black.
    Blood flowed like water, or did water flow like blood?
    Creatures none would ever wish too see...climbed out of the sea.

    The port town of Hollowson was no novice to attacks from the sea however...none expected for the attackers to crawl from the ocean, their limbs too thin, heights far above any normal man.
    The creatures looked as if god himself had taken man and beast and stretched them into every grotesque form he could think of, then declared them a race.

    These figures were invisible against the darkness as they crawled upon the shore.
    So...why were there warning bells ringing on the wind?
    A warning sounding out both through the bells and verbally as men shouted to be ready for attack?

    That was because of the tattered ship sitting in the harbor.
    It's sails were shredded, mast partially collapsed.
    The creatures saw no reason to upkeep human necessities when they could just murder a crew and attain new food and items as needed.

    Little did the humans who were running to meet these creatures in the hopes of protecting their homes were uninformed...
    It was a diversion.
    Well planned out, time taken and things mapped to get the best possible outcome.
    Which was?
    The governor's son.

    As his forces climbed the beech Quil made his way into the governors manor, as he looked out one of the front windows he couldn't help but feel a sickly smirk pull across his dark red features.
    Hearing footsteps and shouting from down the hall his soft gold eye sparked slightly and then he was in human form, his previous bloodied form no where to be seen.
    Now where it had stood was a young man about twenty eight, his dark hair barely brushing his shoulders, the bangs falling just barely into his eyes but not daring to block vision.
    His clothing was a bit old for the period but extremely well kept, not a thread out of place.
    The coat was black and blue with intricate designs about the cuffs and collar.
    As two humans came into view he noticed one was smaller...

    Turning slightly as the two approached he smiled and bowed, his soft hair falling to cover his face for a mere moment.
    Then there was a sudden jerk from the taller male, seemingly a guard or something of that sort.
    He gasped and looked down, eyes wide with shock from the sight of what protruded through his chest and out the back.

    Quil's hand had lifted and was gesturing towards the man but it had turned black and extended, piercing the human through the heart.
    The small boy that had been walking with him stopped abruptly when he heard the gasp and noticed his guard was no longer moving.
    Turning back he gasped as well, eyes following the black weapon up the other man's arm to his face.
    He.....he was....
    His whisper was quiet and terrified but before he could turn and bolt away the same thing that had pierced the other man's chest was now wrapped around his slim wrist.
    "I am sorry, young man" Quil's voice didn't waver showing that he meant what he said...but.
    "This will hurt."

    It was a good thing the entire mansion had been emptied to a safe house behind it. The boy had, no doubt, been on his way to it as well. Too bad for him that he was seconds too late.
    The black that had grasped his wrist slowly started to climb and no matter how much the young man tried to struggle it was futile.
    Within minutes the inky blood was going inside his mouth and nose, rewriting how his body worked and dissolving everything that wasn't needed.
    As the transformation took place Quil scooped the boy up into his arms, smiling as the male's skin started to darken, dripping blood in a few places as the body rid itself of unnecessary organs and tissue by dissolving then secretion.

    Straightening with the shifting human in his arms Quil quickly made his way out of the building.
    He was spotted by several watchman once he'd gotten to the small water where he'd put a small dingy boat but they were far too late to do anything to stop him.
    Setting the screaming boy inside he quickly dissolved into the water, pushing the boat as his form road ontop of the water.

    That is how the governor's boy was kidnapped, though they did not know he was changed.
    For now the child with forever be a fervier, a blood monster of the ocean.

    Not but a day later there was a reward issued in every town along the coast for the safe return of the man's only son.
    He wanted that pirate who took him as well, dead or alive, though the latter proffered.
    Whoever brought him back would receive triple the normal riches of a kidnapping which equaled roughly three ships of gold.
    For any, even pirates, this was too much to pass up.
    Let the chase begin, Captain Quil Gavellen