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  1. Frost ran faster and faster the portal was just up ahead. He was almost there almost safe. Jumping through he heard the wind rush past his ears and felt slight dampness in the air. Then he tumbled out the other side his brother wouldn't follow him here. Still he went farther into the woods Before stopping to rest. Sitting on a fallen tree Frost prodded his sore lip wincing as it stung. And pulled his fingers away he found blood. Frost sighed annoyed and ran a thin hand up his pale face and through his black hair.

  2. Akarui sighed, bored of her asignment. She had made no progress in all the time she had been there. 'It's impossible.' She decided. 'How are you supposed to gentley nudge someone to good?' She sighed again, walking through the forest, invisable to humans.

    'I wish I wasn't in so much trouble...' Akarui thought. The others were being jerks, and giving her extra asignments because of a few mistakes.

    Akarui hadn't meant to knock over the sacred statue, or let that human see her, or give a human a hard push to good. Well...more to the ground...

    Continuing to walk, Akarui spotted someone. She didn't know who or what they were. She knew she should have paid more attention to her superiors. She walked over to him, and wondered if he could see her.
  3. Frost heard a noise and looked over it as a girl, no more than that she was an angel. "Crap." He thought. He'd forgotten that angels might be around and hadn't hidden any of his demonic features. But there was something weird going on. The angel hadn't said anything to him, hadn't tried to run him off. He thought about leaving but he wasn't ready to face his brother again just yet, and this strange angel interested him. He looked up at her with his icy blue eyes but said nothing.
  4. Akarui noticed him looking strait at her, and decided to be the first to say something. "Hello." She said. "Who, and if you don't ming my asking what are you?"

    She was wondering a lot about this guy, but those were the questions she decided to ask first. She bent down, to get a closer look at him, as she awaited his answer.
  5. Frost was taken a little by surprise. "Thought all angels knew what demons looked like. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she's a cherub or something." He thought, but as she bent down closer to him she had the unmistakable aura of an angel. "My name is Frost. But if you don't mind." He said using her own words. "What kind of angel can't tell a demon when she sees one?" He was sure this would get him attacked. Though he couldn't help asking. Besides whatever she did to him had to be better then what his brother did.
  6. Akarui jerked back, and stood back up properly. She had heard about demons before, she just didn't remember what she learned about them...

    Maybe she actually didn't learn anything about them, she had probably gotten to distracted. She did recognise the name demons though.

    "Well, my name's Akarui." She said, feeling the need to introduce herself. "And, I'm an apprentice angel!" She spread out her wings, and held out her arms.
  7. Frost squinted at her angelic pose. "Well since I'm guessing your not here for me why are you out here? Don't you have children to save or something? I didn't think apprentice angels were allowed out in the forest by themselves." He said though, she'd already proven she was no normal angel. Frost prodded at his lip again. It had stopped bleeding and it wasn't so sore. Which meant he should head back soon, his brother had likely calmed down . . .for the moment anyway.
  8. Akarui froze, and chuckled nerviously. "Heh, abot that..." She said. "I got bored of my current asignment... And, now I'm kind of lost..." She rubbed her back, and sighed. "How, about you?" She asked.
  9. Frost let out a laugh and grinned. "You know your not too bad, for an angel. Or would not to good be proper?" Waving a hand of dismissal at his own question he spoke again. "I'm actually hiding out here. I can get you back to the village if you like, I've got time." He extended his clawed hand toward her.
  10. Akarui sighed, "Maybe later..." She said, laughing a bit. "Like I said before, I got bored. But, would you like to take a walk with me?"
  11. Frost looked back the way he'd come earlier, but even if he really wanted to go back he couldn't while an angel was around to see. "Why not." Frost stood brushing his pants off. "So mind if I ask just what were you supposed to be doing that was so boring?"
  12. Akarui chuckled, "Showing a man the error of his ways, with as little force as possible." She said. "And, to my superiors, that's gentle, gentle, gentle..." She began walking, "But, enough about that, let's go..."
  13. "Where to?" Frost asked as he walked along Akarui.
  14. Akarui shrugged, "I don't know." She said. "Somewhere. I just need to clear my head." She walked quickly, and only glanced at her surroundings.
  15. "Well, then I know the perfect place." Frost promised chuckling a bit a his own words. "You guys always preach about mental clarity, so a couple years ago I decided it might help me understand just what goes on inside your pretty little heads." Frost chuckled again and without thinking took Akarui's hand with his own. As he picked up the pace a bit leading the way.

    They soon reached a secret little cave which Frost slipped in without even pausing to check inside suggesting he came he often. Inside was a beautiful mini waterfall with a pool below, there were also trees, and birds, and such. "What'd you think?" He asked with a bit of a haughty expression on his face.
  16. "Uh..." Akarui said. "It's nice?" She was still thinking about what Frost had said earlier, and it was confusing her. "I never preach..." She accedently thought aloud.
  17. Frost looked away from the waterfall. "You tire of your tasks, your rough with mortals, and you don't preach? You know what, I think I figured it out. I know what kind of angel you are," He tapped Akarui playfully on the nose smiling devilishly. "My kind."
  18. "Your kind?" Akarui asked, blushing a little. "W-what do you mean by that?" She 'drew' circles with her foot, as she waited for an answer.
  19. Frost took a step closer not even really knowing what he was doing himself. For a moment he was lost in her red eyes, she didn't look so high and mighty. She didn't look so angelic she looked more like him. His wings fluttering in time with his wild heart. "I mean this." He said pressing his lips against hers kissing her.
  20. Akarui's eyes widened, and she was about to pull away. But, instead she leaned in, enjoying the feeling of his lips against hers. She had no idea what she was doing, and her heart sped up.
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